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John Grisham S Five Novels A Time To Kill, The Firm, The Pelican Brief, The Client, And The Chamber Have Been Number One Best Sellers, And Have A Combined Total OfMillion Copies In Print Now, In The Rainmaker, Grisham Returns To The Courtroom For The First Time Since A Time To Kill, And Weaves A Riveting Tale Of Legal Intrigue And Corporate Greed Combining Suspense, Narrative Momentum, And Humor As Only John Grisham Can, This Is Another Spellbinding Read From The Most Popular Author Of Our TimeGrisham S Sixth Spellbinding Novel Of Legal Intrigue And Corporate Greed Displays All Of The Intricate Plotting, Fast Paced Action, Humor, And Suspense That Have Made Him The Most Popular Author Of Our Time In His First Courtroom Thriller Since A Time To Kill, John Grisham Tells The Story Of A Young Man Barely Out Of Law School Who Finds Himself Taking On One Of The Most Powerful, Corrupt, And Ruthless Companies In America And Exposing A Complex, Multibillion Dollar Insurance Scam In Hs Final Semester Of Law School Rudy Baylor Is Required To Provide Free Legal Advice To A Group Of Senior Citizens, And It Is There That He Meets His First Clients, Dot And Buddy Black Their Son, Donny Ray, Is Dying Of Leukemia, And Their Insurance Company Has Flatly Refused To Pay For His Medical Treatments While Rudy Is At First Skeptical, He Soon Realizes That The Blacks Really Have Been Shockingly Mistreated By The Huge Company, And That He Just May Have Stumbled Upon One Of The Largest Insurance Frauds Anyone S Ever Seen And One Of The Most Lucrative And Important Cases In The History Of Civil Litigation The Problem Is, Rudy S Flat Broke, Has No Job, Hasn T Even Passed The Bar, And Is About To Go Head To Head With One Of The Best Defense Attorneys And Powerful Industries In America From The Hardcover Edition Second time I ve read this one It really is a fun, quick and easy lawyer thriller legal drama. The Rainmaker takes readers into the underlying corruption of these large corporate insurance companies, pitting a law school student against an obviously much larger andpowerful opponent When his new clients inform him that their son is dying of terminal cancer and that their insurance company is repeatedly weaseling out of covering his treatments, Rudy Baylor realizes just how important the case is but when you re a penniless novice arguing with one of America s best defense attorneys, how can you win Meanwhile he s caught up in the competitive world of law struggling to make ends meet, working for a stereotypical ambulance chaser alongside a guy who hasn t exactly passed the bar yet, but still practices law anyway.As usual, John Grisham s legal thrillers are incredible and have the perfect balance of drama, humor, emotion and courtroom battles With many interesting characters on the sidelines as well as front and center, even if you re not really into law it s the kind of book that could easily engage most readers and get them hooked on the unfolding mystery and the evils of insurance giants What s great about The Rainmaker as well is that it doesn t immediately paint corporations as monsters, but rather as complex structures that have the potential to be good or bad in the right hands Rudy s struggle between law school and actual practice, that dry period of no money coming in, is something many readers can probably relate to, as well Any college grad will tell you, even if they ve never studied law, that student loans and scraping for cash and careers is never an easy pursuit unless they ve been lucky enough to have a high paying job straight out of school. Why did I like this book so much Because it showed the other side of lawyering the side that isn t romanticized in Grisham s other novels For once, there were no mobsters, no politicians with hidden agendas, no paranoid millionaires with money to burn, no fresh out of college rookies who land in hot water because they accidentally stumbled upon a secret that their storied firms had been keeping for years.Rudy struggles from the outset He s handed one opportunity after another, only to see it vanish in a twinkling He s forced to find work at the bottom of the lawerly barrel, haunting hospitals in the hopes of finding cases to prosecute That actually leads to a case that Rudy feels passionately about, and along with the storyline revolving around Kelly, makes up the majority of the book.I liked Rudy s idealism, his fear when having to go to court for the first time, his passion and fear for Kelly, and his doubts about his chosen line of work It was a refreshing change from Grisham s other novels, and a great view of how the not so fortunate lawyer grads end up. Good book, less than satisfying endingif I sayit will be a spoiler I thought it better than some Grisham books The struggles of a young lawyer as he faces thesordid side of life here Spoiler Below view spoiler This is one of those books that left me sort of worn out with the struggles of life It s not an escapist book as if you re having your own struggles going through the ones here will not exactly give relief The people here including our protagonist get regularly slapped down by life and even if they win they still seem to loseat least most times hide spoiler A very sloppy beginning and an even worse sloppy ending The beginning I found meandering There were just too many plot lines that contained no suspense or anything that grabbed me I couldn t even feel anything for the main character until close to the middle of the book The middle of the book, however, was fantastic It was engaging and fast paced I found myself not wanting to put the book down The centerpiece of the book, the main trial, was handled absolutely fantastically There were some detours to remind the reader of other weaker plot lines, but aside from that, I love it Everything culminating to the nail biting climax was exciting, well written, well paced, and filled with characters with real emotional attachment Then it all completely fell apart at the end The reader got a brilliant conclusion to the primary story line, but then the secondary story lines needed their own half hearted, and pointless conclusions The ultimate ending, without any spoilers, was a huge disappointment and seemed to negate just about everything great the book had going for it If I were to recommend this book, I would tell people to stop reading at the verdict because the absolutely pointless love interest plot picks up again and destroys everything good about the book. My favorite Grisham novel This is the best one in my opinion The only one of his books I kept Rest, I gave them away Because I have outgrown him OK, I lied I kept his Brethren novel too But you get my point.This was him getting as close to being a poet as he could Saying it in South Park the movie fashion Matt Damon got nothing on this book. One of my favourite Grisham books Great drama in the courtroom as Rudy Baylor, novice lawyer sues established, wealthy insurance company Great Benefit Their crime Repeatedly denying the claim of a terminally ill young man apparently just because they couldor so they thought.This book really brings out some important lessons that in the end, big dreams of wealth, success and power usually end up as just that dreams Those that do make it often find that the end result is not what they were seeking so they end up striving for , and , and ..and so it goes on I think it was Jim Carey who said that he wished everyone could be rich and famous so that then they would realise it wasn t the answer.I love the end of this novel as Baylor realises what s really important to him.There is some swearing in this book and some violence which in places is quite graphic There is also a domestic violence storyline and some mild sexual innuendo.Check out my John Grisham Shelf The Rainmaker, John GrishamThe Rainmaker is a 1995 novel by John Grisham This was Grisham s sixth novel It differs from most of his other novels in that it is written almost completely in the simple present tense 1998 1375 678 20 1385 156 9646982646 1387 9789646982642 1391 232 1375 664 9643282651 1385 9644182855 1381 664 1995 One of Grisham s books that I forgot I had read a long time back Very good