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I read a little bit of this book almost every day I can usually find a sentence or that resonates with me on that day The ancients believed that this book was a representation of the voices of spirits It is thousands of years old I don t know how to use divination with it, but I feel like it is a reliable friend who always gives good advice pertinant to my situation My favorite line today is, Everything that gives light is dependent on something to which it clings, in order that it may continue to shine 119, trigram 30, The Clinging, Fire This is how I feel about books Books are the things to which I cling and which allow me to contribute any portion of light to the world ie not dwell entirely in despair and darkness. The introduction by C.G Jung was quite helpful in making sense of these ancient divination texts as reflective tools So helpful that I tried it several times with the simple coin method and could see what he was getting at Intellectually, however, the most interesting thing was the suggestion of a radically different sense of time Emotionally, I had been brought up with the ideology of evolutionary progress while intellectually I subscribed to the notion of time as the essentially neutral schematization of change Here, in the I Ching, was a formalistic approach to time In other words, as in astrology or even in Marx s conception of epochs, periods of time have a characteristic entelechy. I find it strange when people quote this book I ve seen multiple philosophers, writers, History Channel documentaries, heck, even Sean Connery in Zardoz quote the I Ching Don t they realize that the I Ching s advice is directed towards the specific hexagram casted in response to a specific question Its advice is catered to those who ask it its words cannot be pulled out of context and applied to any life situation willy nilly The results could be disastrous Take these two quotes, as an exampleIt is worthwhile to cross great rivers It is not worthwhile to cross great rivers So is it worthwhile to cross great rivers or not Without casting, who would know You could choose the former, and cross that great river, and all get dysentery and get swept away Most likely safe to cross, huh Shoulda flipped some coins first, yeah, good ol Chingy would ve told you to take the toll road around it, that way you could ve made it to Oregon with some surviving family members. At one point in my life while semi transient, it was necessary to leave a portion of my library behind So I left a box of books on a corner in Berkeley My I Ching the Blofeld translation was amongst these Some ten years later, I was browsing a bookstore on Haight St and found a copy of the I Ching in the dollar discount rack Opening it to the inside cover revealed a very familiar ink stain green ink, which I suppose I had spilled on it, back in high school So what are the odds of anyone finding again the exact same copy of a book long abandoned and given up for dead Don t leave me, don t leave me again it cried Needless to say, I took it back home resolved never again to forsake It must have been karma, man I originally got my copy somewhere around 1969, and bought it specifically because it was smaller, portable, much less expensive, and an easier less thick translation than the Wilhelm book I think in many ways it s a lot better, since Wilhelm s focused on the yarrow stalk technique yarrow stalks being not an item one can find at hand nor in your usual downtown suburban Woolworth s and Blofeld s gave instructions on how to use coins any three coins of a similar value would do, but pennies being most common, are easily fished from a pocket and available even in most dire circumstances the kind you d like to ask the I Ching how you can get out of And of course, the I Ching, once you begin using it get its idioms, isn t exactly the kind of book you ever finish reading I have used this little Book of Changes for about 15 years I m on my second copy and it has never, ever, ever steered me wrong unless I ve ignored what it said, which has been far too often Sure, you may think that throwing three coins in the air six times can t tell you anything, but you d be surprised at how accurate the I Ching is I ve read other I Ching books and this is by far the most accessible Written by the head doctor for a major circus go figure , it is unpretentios and always, always wise with imagery you can understand The I Ching is NOT about telling the future in case you were hoping it was it s really about how to live and it fits into any religion or no religion If you approach the book seriously, you ll get a lot out of it. As a skeptic I have a hard time reconciling logic reason with my experiences concerning this book The I Ching is like Chinese astrology that uses coins instead dates You throw the coins and get a nugget of wisdom that speaks to your life and its problems Logic would immediately say this is preposterous and I tend to agree, even now The only problem with my conclusion is that hundreds of coin throws have shown me the I Ching is anything but random.A friend introduced me to the book and how to throw the bones At some point I started throwing the coins without his help, and my errors were the first clue that logic alone was unable to comprehend this book The I Ching is based on a binary gate, a broken or unbroken line, formed in trigrams and hexagrams It s easy to interpret results the opposite of what they are, reversing a line or the order they are interpreted So I would ask the book a question and throw a hexagram which vaguely commented on my issue To double check my work, I would read the various hexagrams that were opposite or perpendicular to the true hexagram It was then I found out that, as vague as the true hexagram was, the other hexagrams didn t comment on my question at all Many smart people have read the I Ching simply as a book of wisdom For this purpose I highly recommend it as one of the best works of eastern philosophy available Like astrology, the I Ching divides life into archetypes, forces that play off of each other in creating the basic human experience The I Ching philosophy is a model and like any model some people will find it hopelessly vague, but this should never be your excuse for avoiding this kind of writing The wisdom does not arise from what names the I Ching chooses to throw your experience into, but rather how it divides these experiences and how such archetypes balance off each other The I Ching focuses on change specifically In the end, I realized the secret to the I Ching s success was in making it s philosophy personal I can read Nietzschean philosophy but because I don t personally ascribe to his logic it stands apart from me Yet in taking my life into account whenever I read the I Ching, it s had a profound effect on my thinking then all of my favorite philosophers combined The accuracy of the book becomes irrelevant, the important thing is the thought process through which the I Ching takes you. The I Ching, Or Book Of Changes, Is One Of The St Efforts Of The Human Mind To Place Itself Within The Universe It Has Exerted A Living Influence In China For Years And Interest In It Has Spread In The West Set Down In The Dawn Of History As A Book Of Oracles, The Book Of Changes Deepened In Meaning When Ethical Values Were Attached To The Oracular Pronouncements It Became A Book Of Wisdom, Eventually One Of The Five Classics Of Confucianism, And Provided The Common Source For Both Confucianist And Taoist Philosophy Wilhelm S Rendering Of The I Ching Into German, Published In , Presented It For The St Time In A Form Intelligible To The General Reader Wilhelm, Who Translated Many Other Ancient Chinese Works And Who Wrote Several Books On Chinese Philosophy And Civilization, Long Resided In China His Close Association With Its Cultural Leaders Gave Him A Unique Understanding Of The Text Of The I Ching In The English Translation, Every Effort Has Been Made To Preserve Wilhelm S Pioneering Insight Into The Spirit Of The OriginalThis Rd Edition, Completely Reset, Contains A New Forward By Hellmut Wilhelm, One Of The Most Eminent American Scholars Of Chinese Culture He Discusses His Father S Textual Methods And Summarizes Recent Studies Of The I Ching Both In The West And In Present Day China The New Edition Contains Minor Textual Corrections, Bibliographical Revisions And An Index This book has changed my life than once It s an old friend now, dog eared and battered from travels on five continents, a bit salt stained from time at sea In the 1980s I created a software version on a floppy disk In 2014 I upgraded that to an app for iPhone, Kindle, iPad, Android, and Apple Watch It s my spelunking buddy in the caverns of the sub conscious, my wise father, my Sancho Panza, my mystic magician You might enjoy this piece I wrote about the I Ching in WIRED My Quest to bring Hippy Mysticism to the Apple Watch. Mind blown The Book of Changes has changed me significantly and substantially. great to practice and brood my hero Dotan Naor in my thrillers use it when he wonder which path to take to solve a case.