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Business has never been deadlierBlake Harley is a Skiptracer—a kind of bounty hunter—on the faraway construct world of Concourse Prime Hired by a corporate client to secure an overdue product he'll make some uick cryp and be on to the next job Easy Except this job is anything but simple The product is tied to the immensely powerful and ultra secret Hypertek leaving Blake with a choice be a good soldier or refuse to help MagnaCorp become the most powerful entity in the systemAnother problem everyone else in Concourse Prime is gunning for the product as well from the demi humans ruling its seedy underbelly to the CEOs inhabiting its gleaming superscrapers—people far sinister than HypertekBlake fights to survive while he wrestles with his decision In the end it’s just one big threat that could plunge humanity into an all out interstellar conflict What's the big deal?Don't miss Hypertek by New York Times Bestseller Mick Neilson the first book in a thrilling cyberpunk series It's perfect for fans of Altered Carbon Blade Runner and JN Chaney

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    This is the first book in a new series never an easy thing to be but it wasn't hard to understand this new world nor keep track of what is going on I found the plot interesting with many twists to the tale and several flashbacks to his previous life clearly signposted and adding to the story I did like some of the engineering found in this world and loved the snarky vehicle Sarcasm always adds to a story I find

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    Boy I'm sorry to say this book clearly wasn't written for me I expected a down on his luck kinda PI in this case a Skip Tracer Ya' know snarky with a bit of a noir style to it What I got was a protagonist Blake Harley whom I simply couldn't stand He's a man whose moral compass spun about like a drunken sailor he's got soooooo many regrets and each of those regrets was accompanied by a flashback and of course he seeks solace in a bottle The best character in the whole story was an AI that happened to reside in Blake's car The storyline might actually be about Blake's redemption but I'm not willing to stick around for book 2 in order to find outI found myself bored to tears throughout the first half of the book but there wasn't anything so egregious as to piss me off and make me toss the book aside So I continued to soldier on hoping things would improve which sadly was not what happened Don't get me wrong there's plenty of action but I couldn't connect with any of itI found Mark Boyett's voice performance as narrator to be the highlight to this otherwise abysmal book

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    This book had a fun sounding premise and a lot of good ideas So many good ideas that they really didn't fit all that well into the story leaving little time for character developmentIt's possible as this series continues that it will become less cluttered and manage to develop the very promising characters

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    Hypertek is set in a Dystopian future in which there is a very definite separation between the rich who live and work in a kind of luxury on Concourse Prime working for one of the ‘Mega Corps’ and then the rest of the population that just wishes that they could be thereAmongst this population is Blake Harley a Skiptracer A Skiptracer is a ‘Debt collection and Fugitive recovery specialist’ in Blake’s own words tracks bounties which can be people objects defunct contracts pretty much whatever if the Skiptracer is right They are part Private Detective part Bounty Hunter Blake Harley is just one of those characters you love immediately If they make a movie out this you just know that Bruce Willis or maybe in his younger days – a ‘Blade Runner style Harrison Ford’ would be playing the role Blake is a down on his luck cop who seems to have a knack for getting himself into situations that just go from bad to worseIt hasn’t always been this way though and that makes up a good chunk of this story as the book is divided into 2 parts a flashback seuence to a former point in Harley’s life and then ‘Now’ and how those events of before are intertwined with those of today It makes for a captivating and exhilarating ride as you are thrown from action scene to action scene and move from past to present learning and of Harley’s past why he is so messed up today why he has such a complex relationship with an individual called Rhyden as well as some other people in both past and present and how he got a prosthetic leg Hypertek is not just a book of Harley chasing the Grinch through Christmas Past it is a complex web of intrigue political games and a powerful emotional past that saw several lives destroyed and mistakes made Harley in the future is trapped by the demons of the past and it is in this future he is given a job to go and retrieve some sensitive information for one of the ‘MegaCorps’ but under the table as such they do not want anyone to know and in return he gets 20000 credits 50% up front which is a lot to him Of course without getting to involved as I don’t want to give away things and ruin all the fun for you actually kicks off into hyperdrive at this point as Harley starts to uncover things that are not right and it is from here that it becomes a full on thriller mystery and his past comes back to haunt him especially in the case of RhydenNeilson has put together a full on action packed thriller that is part Mystery part Thriller part Sci Fi bits of Political Intrigue Corporate Espionage a serious Morale Dilemma for our Main Character and it has so many twists and turns within twists and turns that just when you think you have something worked out you are suddenly Well I can’t really tell you you aren’t authorised until you have read that section of the book MegaCorp Rules sorryNeilson has gone to great length to craft two stories in two different timelines with the same characters and a few different that are intricately linked and as you read the story in the past you start to understand the motives of those in the future and also how it is going to impact on the future The really interesting part is that some of the characters don’t know either and you get to enjoy the journey together with some amazing conseuencesThis is a powerful story emotive but brilliant and Neilson has shown that he is capable of writing not just complex storylines but complex characters to weave through the stories taking you on a breathtaking ride There are so many genres involved in this story it doesn’t matter what you like you will get something out of this

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    My review is for the audiobook format It's from his past that we learn how Blake's life took a few wrong turns ultimately landing him in his current occupation as a fugitive recovery agent As a skiptracer Blake is offered a lucrative job hunting down an undelivered product for one of the many mega corporations operating on Concourse Prime Blake's pursuit of this mysterious object will lead him to some unsavory characters from his painful past and the object he seeks will expose his planet to a powerful technology that could incite a warOverall this first installment to the Skiptracer series wasn't bad There are elements of Blake's construct homeworld Concourse Prime that recall Harlan's World from the TV adaption of Altered Carbon I had to start the story over a few times before I felt connected to it enough to finish Maybe it's everything going on in the world right now that prevented me from really getting into the book Even so I did enjoy it and plan to continue on to the second installment It's certainly a welcome distraction from the endless pandemic related madness saturating our lives at presentNarrator Mark Boyett gives a flawless performance creating distinct and uniue personalities for each character He speaks with natural ease and exudes professionalism making listening a pleasureI reuested a promotional copy of this audiobook and have voluntarily written this review

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    A new and interesting sci fi world Relatable MC Can't wait to explore of this world

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    Fun action filled read with a relatable character some interesting world building and tech Loved the hunt for the bad guy and the denouement Would definitely like to read on in the series

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    Format Audiobook The wheel always turns review to follow