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This Is A New Kind Of Textbook For Courses In Introductory Linguistics It Makes Clear What Is Important Or Essential, And Omits What Is Not It Is Strictly Selective, Highly Structured, Focused, To The Point And Informative It Presents Material In A Way That Mirrors The Structure Of A Typical Semester Of Teaching, And Integrates Many Exercises Into The Text irrelevant review story series It s been such a long time since I was looking for this book couldn t find it anywhere, till the day you borrowed it from the uni library but living with you on those days was so magical that I couldn t spare it studying this book I remember skimming through the index while you were sitting there I wish that I could go back in time could watch you sipping your morning coffee, instead of losing myself even for a few minutes in those pages If Only I knew I never thanked you for the favor you re not here today so that I can tell you that I ve finally found what I was so fond of So Maybe it s too late but. Thank you for your favor I ve finally found read what I ve been looking for I wish you could ve heard it in person XXXP.S About the book it might not be the best linguistic book ever, but for me, the memories within are worth eventhan all the stars For the text, I d give 3.5. Grover Hudson, professor of linguistics Michigan State Uni., makes clear what is important or essential omits what is not in his comprehensive, linguistic textbook His book is strictly selective, highly structure focused, 2 the point informative That s why I think the book can serve as a study guide as well as the textbook 4 a course It includes 28 chapters talks about different fundamental points which can be presented in modern linguistics If u r the 1 who wants 2 start studying linguistics from a suitable source, u ll find it useful Try it now it was a bowl of tasteless LinguisticsI just had a horrible feeling when I was studying it, and unfortunately it s another essential source