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Nixon I'm a fighterIt's the only thing I've ever excelled atBeing the best takes than skill and strengthAttitude and focus keeps me at the top of my gameNo distractions are allowedNot from a family that doesn't understand meAnd especially not from some woman who walks into my gym and turns my whole damn world upside downBrooklyn​Nixon Viper Bennett is a cocky bastard who thinks he's God's gift to women and has the reputation to go with his inflated egoHe's also an amazing fighter and I'm in desperate need of his helpI have to learn to fight and uickI will not take no for an answer and if necessary I can have a bigger attitude than his egoIt's a matter of life and death MineThis is a hot and steamy bad boy fighter romance with a happily ever after ending and no cliffhanger Originally published as the Imperfect Chaos serial series Mine Yours Ours Rewritten and newly edited with tons of new content Below is a trigger warning for those who may need itThis book contains graphic scenes depicting domestic violence and may not be suitable for some readers

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    Brilliant loved itThe one thing Nixon concentrated on was his training and cage fighting but when he had a new client for personal training he wasn’t expecting BrooklynBrooklyn went to the gym to learn how to defend herself when Nixon turned up the bloke she last night in the car park nicked named the Viper he was a good trainer Nixon went to touch Brooklyn but she flinched they got through the session and set another one up but he couldn’t keep her off his mindBrooklyn spends a lot of time looking over her shoulder looking to see if anything out of place but it catches up with her eventually After their spat Brooklyn hadn’t turned up for training nor at work when he went to her apartment a man opened up stating he was her husband Nixon was furious no amount of hitting the punch bag helped him god help his next opponent he was waiting for Seth his next big opponent to start mind tricks with him as that is what he does Brooklyn managers to leave her apartment by putting sleeping pills in her husbands food She goes to the warehouse where Nixon was showing her self defence moves and tells him not to come to her apartment any but he gets angry and hurts her with his words but she needs to keep him safe she knows Nix would kill her husband if he got near him and she couldn’t have that on her conscious When Brooklyn gets back to her apartment her husband is awake holding up the sleeping pill box he is enraged and Brooklyn knows she is in deep trouble will she make it out alive noes the time to use the moves Nix taught her as she is done with being the punch bagIt takes Nix a while to calm down and when he does he knows he should of not let Brooklyn go bit by the time he gets to her apartment the sight before him was Brooklyn holding a knife and her husband deadBrooklyn stays at Nixon’s place where she ends up staying as this is where she starts to build her life with Nixon