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I thoroughly enjoyed this book it s ridiculously humorous and quirky Many girls in their twenties reviewing the book did not like the character of Lauren but I will say that I, for the most part, did She s as sharp as a tack, quick witted and I enjoyed every second of her conversations between her and her buddies She s also HUMAN, thank goodness, and believable to boot Yeah, she lacks ambition, but admittedly most of us do At least she has a job doing something she enjoys also, she loves the friends and family that God has put into her life The cast is just as human and believable as Lauren is, showing their faults, their strengths and everything in between I ve recommended this book to several people, and I ll recommend it to severalBravo, Mangum I could rave all day about how I could not put this down Many times in my life I have been depressed or anxious, and this book has been a fantastic malady for that, lifting my spirits and helping me continue on with my day Now, if I loved the book so much, why did I not give it five stars Well I wish I could give it four and a half, because that really is what it deserves A few quick cons the spirituality in this book seemed very forced and awkwardly shoved into the normally flowing plot It was the only thing that caused me to get bored and rethink my decision to buy the book or read it Not that I m not spiritual I am, very much so But Mangum could have done a better job of smoothly integrating scripture into the plot and into the characters lives I didn t see Lauren LIVING out the lessons she was supposedly learning on God s sovereignty Also, we understand that Lauren loves chocolate and coffee but does it have to be shoved down our throats every page I ll let you be the judge Needless to say, I ve read and reread this book many times since my freshman year of high school, and will continue to pick it up through the rest of my life. This was a funny read The story was engaging, and interesting I loved the main character Lauren She was funny, cool and just so sarcastic I thought the other characters are great as well I liked the story Can t wait for the rest of the series Overall, a fantastic read. I don t think I have ever laughed so hard while reading a fiction book Lauren was a great character and I can t wait to read another book about her I also like that while this book was funny, there was also a strong faith element There was a little leaning toward Calvinism which I personally disagree with but it wasn t so overwhelming that it detracted from the book. Typical Christian chick lit At worst, a rip off of material better written by Jane Austen, at best, pedantic and stilting, this is not a recommendation of mine Lauren s character readslike a 14 year old than a woman in her mid twenties Her possibly autobiographical for the author upbringing and lack of any sort of ambition and lackadaisical approach to adulthood make her irritating and her complete cluelessness about real life make her unbelievable Also, I don t know any young Christian women whose main concerns are making brownies for their singles Bible study and letting men know what great wives their friends would make.Perhaps Erynn will grow into amature voice with time, but this reads like my notebooks from high school, not reality To quote the Princess Bride, Life is pain, highness Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something My advice to this young author is don t try to pass off petty trials as true pain Wait until you actually know what pain is. I really enjoyed this in the beginning, but Laurie gotandirritating as the book went on She came across as very immature and unprofessional I can t count the number of times she shouted to someone else in the office Like, full volume, at the top of her lungs, written in all caps, shouted One of those times it was because her boss and best friend told her to be quiet so he could concentrate Her solution is to be even louder just to annoy him I get that she works for her best friend, but that was really disrespectful and rude She was also very judgmental, calling Hannah Barbie before she got to know her, just because Hannah wore business attire and high heels to the office She was also pushy and interfering with everyone s relationships This is a retelling of Emma, and while Emma can be pushy herself, at least she doesn t stalk couples who are out on a date Laurie did this several times and I kept wondering how why anyone would want to be friends with someone so pushy and nosy She literally goes to the same restaurant as the couple she s setting up and sits at a table behind a potted plant to better stalk them I didn t get the point of the fake relationship either Or why she was so against marriage I just didn t relate to her at all Her sense of humor was a bit over the top as well It got to the point where it seemed like she didn t take anything seriously, making jokes at really inopportune times This could have been so cute, and I have really enjoyed other books by this author, but this one didn t do anything for me. I d probably recommend this to someone in high school It s pretty juvenile, but it s cute I may read the sequel Nice if you want a cute obvious romance where you don t have to think too much. Original post at One More PageI have seen Miss Match first on my friend s bookshelf when she got back from her trip from the USA I have been meaning to borrow it for the longest time but I always forget to ask about it when we see each other Then when I got my Kindle, I have been eying the book in the store, thinking if it was worth the splurge Come Christmas, I saw it went down to less than 2 and so I finally got it for myself I started reading it soon after I finished the creeps inducing read that is Choker Miss Match sounds and looks like everything there is to your typical chick lit The pink cover with a girl and coffee cup is just the icing on the cake Miss Match tells the story 23 year old Laurie Holbrook who spends her free time making matches for her friends and family Declaring herself to be single forever, she s decided instead to match her friends, particularly Nick, their singles pastor and Ruby, her time conscious Type A co worker As Laurie works her magic , she makes new friends, learns a bit about how tricky relationships can be, and learns about God s sovereignty along the way.Wow, when I wrote it that way, it sounds like a book that I would pick up, read, enjoy all throughout and pick up life and faith lessons afterward It sounds like a book that I would write a long thoughtful review of, pointing out the things I would like to remember as a mental note When I put it that way, it sounds like something I would thoroughly enjoy and recommend to all my other girl friends.But.As much as I wished I could say I enjoyed Miss Match it saddens me to say that I did not.I m not one to give up reading books easily, especially ones I paid for myself Miss Match really proved to be a big challenge a first for a Christian chick lit novel I liked the premise of the story, and I was curious enough to see how the author would make Laurie and her matchmaking connect with God s sovereignty As a whole, I liked sort of romantic aspect and the relationships of the characters in the book I liked most of the supporting characters, particularly Laurie s sisters and her co workers But as much as I liked the others, I must say this I really, really disliked Laurie.It s hard to like a book when you don t like the heroine, especially if you spend 100% of the book inside their head Laurie first seemed like a nice person, but after a few chapters, I was getting sick of her She s bratty, almost self centered Her initially witty quips became annoying soon after you get past the first few chapters It makes me wonder sometimes if I said the same things when I was 23 and if I was that annoying, too Her characterization felt horribly inconsistent, like she was spouting random facts about herself as a reaction to the things people are doing around her and it seemed so abrupt that I never really had a clear picture of who Laurie was as a person The only thing I really knew about her in the story was her fondness addiction to chocolates and coffee I also find her lack of ambition particularly disturbing at her age, too At 23, I was already somewhat going through some major career and life decisions, while she s perfectly normal about her being where she was She didn t seem to act her age she seemedsuitable as a high school student.Okay, maybe her being annoying may be on purpose, but I found Laurie extremely manipulative, too, and it was probably the thing that had me shaking my head most while reading the novel Sure, she was being a matchmaker, and true to form, she was being meddlesome I kind of had a problem with the way her being meddlesome was justified by how she understood God s sovereignty Case in point spoiler warning ahead My father once told me there comes a time in every woman s life when she desperately desires to be married.No offense, Dad, but I think you were wrong.I think there sMost women desire matrimony but with the guys God has created for them My job is to be still and wait, knowing He is God.And occasionally pushing a couple together Just now and then of courseWhat does that verse in Colossians say And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to god the Father through him Matchmaking is a deed, right Thanks God.I find that particular conclusion a little off putting, especially since I found everything Laurie did in the book manipulative and self serving She pushed the two characters together and would not give up not because she trusted God completely, but because she couldn t fail this match since she s never been wrong about her matches Does that spell God s sovereignty It doesn t seem like it The rest of the spiritual aspect in the book also felt like it was forced and shallow.They say it s based on Jane Austen s Emma, but since I haven t read it yet, I can t say how accurate it is However, I d like to believe that Emma wasn t a Mary Sue, unlike how I found Laurie Holbrook Nothing sucks the fun out of reading than being in a Mary Sue s head Someh It s been five days since I finished reading this book, and I still can t shake the annoyance I felt over this character There are twobooks in the Laurie Holbrook series and they say it gets better, but I think I m going to pass for now Maybe if I read this book before I ve read some good chick lit with strong, non Mary Sue characters, I would have liked itsince I didn t really know better then Or maybe, if I read this one when I was younger, I would have enjoyed itBut right now, I just think Miss Match is disappointing. Wow I absolutely love this series I was disappointed with Sketchy Behaviour as it was SO unrealistic Like, I really don t think John X would get THAT angry over a painting Oh wait I m not writing a review on that book Anyway back to the review, I do not remember that last time I couldn t stop reading a book, I mean I read the AMAZING Circle C Adventures and Milestones and those were good just not in the same way If you love Emma like me then you should definitely pick this beauty up Special thanks to Marklessgirl, Sarah Holman and Lindsey from BFCG for convincing me to read this from their reviews Note This book is very clean, I was able to let my 11 year old sister read it Review by Gigi HoffmanLauren Laurie Holbrook is a chocolate eating, coffee addict with a knack for matchmaking After she successfully matches her older sister, Laurie goes on a mission to matchmake everyone else too, starting with people at her work Laurie works at a photography studio run by her best friend since forever, Brandon Brandon is aserious person, a great balance for Laurie s wacky, mile a minute self The camaraderie between the two is fun, the prime brother sister relationship, but with quicker andhumorous retorts When the atmosphere at work spoils, due to a cranky, neurotic coworker, what else is there for Laurie to do except matchmake Say, with Laurie s laidback singles pastor Then, Brandon hires a much needed secretary for the studio To Laurie s chagrin, it turns out to be Hannah a flawless blonde with gorgeous hair, a great style, and a bubbly personality Brandon invites Hannah to their singles group, and although Laurie does not like Hannah butting in, it doesn t take long before Laurie s disdain for Hannah fades Laurie discovers that behind the natural beauty, Hannah is a sweet girl with a good sense of humor and similar tastes in movies In fact, Hannah would make a good match too And although Laurie is content to be single and doesn t want to get married, she meets Ryan at the singles Bible study and they become fast friends With all the possible matches floating around, it doesn t take much for Laurie to get in some crazy situations And the only thing better than watching her get into them, is watching her talk her way out of them Laurie s love for classic chick flicks adds to the story, and anyone who enjoys Pride and Prejudice, While You Were Sleeping, the Princess Bride should pick up this book Laurie frequently quotes lines from movies like these, and even though she s just a character, it s easy to hear her corny British accent when she quotes Pride and Prejudice or see her friends roll their eyes at her imitations Anyone who loves coffee, chick flicks, or humor has got to read this book. Lauren Holbrook Has Found Her Life S Calling Matchmaking For The Romantically Challenged And With The Eclectic Cast Of Characters In Her World, There S Tons Of Potential To Play Connect The Friends Lauren Sets Out To Introduce Nick, Her Carefree Singles Pastor, To Ruby, Her Neurotic Coworker Who Plans Every Second Of Every Day What Could Possibly Go Wrong Just About Everything