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Fifteen Years Ago, The Mayor Of The Education City Was Presented With An Unwelcome Surprise By His Superiors Twin Six Month Old Boys As The Mayor Reluctantly Accepted The Two Babies, He Had No Way Of Knowing That They Would Change The City ForeverRaised In The Comfort Of The Mayoral Mansion, Umasi And Zen Are As Different As Two Brothers Can Be Umasi Is A Good Student Zen An Indifferent One They Love Their Adoptive Father, But In A City Where Education Is Absolute, Even He Cannot Keep Them Sheltered From The Harsh Realities Of The School System But When They Discover That Their Father Is Responsible For Their Suffering, Affection Turns To Bitterness Umasi And Zen Are Thrust Onto Two Diverging Paths One Will Try To Destroy The City The Other Will Try To Stop Him

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    Umasi and Zen are twin brothers who are alike in many ways they both suffer under the cruelty of the school system, they both have a father whose too caught up in his position as Mayor of the city to properly care for them, and they both are shocked when they realize their father is the one causing all of their misery at school Despite these similarities, Umasi and Zen are complete opposites Zen has never really fit in with the educational structure instead he decides to cut class and receive failing grades Umasi, on the other hand, is a straight A student who strictly abides to his teachers After learning of their father s betrayal, the brothers split up on two different diverging paths Zen utilizes his anger to form a rebellious group of students called the Truancy, while Umasi struggles to grow stronger in a city of chaos.Although my rating for Truancy Origins and its predecessor Truancy is the same, Truancy Origins was slightly better, for various reasons Fukui seems to be developing his skills as a writer and is improving gradually he s decreasing repetition, expanding his characters development, and of course, making his fight scenes even intense This novel would have been worthy of at least 3.7 stars if Fukui didn t possess one major flaw not streamlining.The plot of Truancy Origins was stronger then the one in Truancy That being said, it could have been even better if Fukui shortened up the book by about 50 100 pages and cut out unnecessary action sequences or random side story lines At times it seemed like a bad, rambling fan fiction with chapter after chapter being added simply to keep the readers entertained The story lost some of its fluidity because of its massive length, which hopefully Fukui will correct in his next upcoming book, Truancy City.

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    Honestly, this book in my opinion was a little better than the first one I had read Truancy about 1 or 2 years ago and after seeing Truancy Origins in the library I was surprised because I didn t even know that Truancy was part of a trilogy I know what you re going to say duh it s a trilogy where have you been At first, I was kind of hesitant to read it It had been so long since I read the first book that I thought that I would get completely lost in this one But I realized later that you can read the first two books in any particular order and still have a clear understanding of what s going on actually, I m glad that I read the prequel and reread truancy because it gave me a better understanding of the series as a whole.Isamu Fukui did an excellent job on this book and I believe that after taking about two years to write this prequel, his writing skills greatly improved I have to admit, when I first read Truancy and looked at the back, I was surprised that the author was only 17 years old I really enjoyed the stories of the two brothers Umasi and Zen and found that I liked both of them even though Umasi was my favorite You can learn a lot of life lessons from this book and it teaches you some amazing proverbs about honor, wisdom, ambition, love, fighting, humanity, and restraint which is intriguing seeing that it s all coming from a teenager I also felt like it expanded on the story and it s concepts instead of the excessive fighting that was displayed in Truancy The action scenes in here are brief but climatic a fighting style similar to Japanese manga It opened my eyes as well to notice how much Umasi and Zen reminded me of ying and yang This novel reveals the past of these mysterious characters creating a mixture of empathy, suspense and sadness until the very end.

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    MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THOSE SPOILER PRUDES WHO THINK THAT ONE SENTENCE FROM THE BOOK IS GOING TO GIVE AWAY THE WHOLE PLOT As you may well know, I am a sucker for dystopia, and Truancy is no exception Truancy Origins helped me to answer most of my questions I really enjoyed this book The fight scenes are awesome, the dystopia makes me geek out, the cliffhangers are intense, and the connections to the first book tie everything together nicely such as Jack being Tack and Suzie s dad However, the one thing that keeps me coming back for is Fukui s characters Some people claim that Fukui cannot write, but I beg to differ Truancy is one of the only series where most of the characters are not stock characters Even the Mayor, Zen s Zyid s enemy, is not all bad Fukui is really capable of showing the good and bad of all people You cannot tell who the real good and bad guys are sometimes He also develops his characters nicely Most of his main characters are dynamic and round Can you say that about most YA books these days Also, you begin to doubt that the education system is really bad until BAM You read something that makes you shiver That is what I love about Fukui s writing, it makes you think The only thing that I would have changed is I would have given details about how bad the education system is before Zen started the Truancy I will have to say that I liked the first won better, but this was a great and neccessary part of the Truancy.Overall 4.75 out of 5 starsNormally, I would say the cover is bad, but it serves its purpose I m sure that Fukui didn t really care about making a beautiful cover.

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    Well, I had a student lend this to me sorry Sruthi and I may have given it one star, but it was written by a 15 year old, and I respect how well done it was for someone at that age I thought there was too much action and not enough backstory I liked that Umasi eventually redeemed himself even if it was through negative means However, I didn t really understand WHY the government was so terrible or WHY Zen was so upset The overall language to me seemed kind of forced and disjointed Sorry Sruth, but I shall never tell a lie about a book

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    Overall I did like the book As most literature that is geared toward teens lacks the symbolism and literary rubbish that I hate For the most part it is a book that is composed of the angst that teens feel toward the education system and how they manipulate students in order to maintain power and authority It is very well written considering that the author was only 15 at the time It was a very interesting read to observe how two people identical twins reacted to their surroundings and how they became twisted as they reached beyond the threshold and into the abyss The two character, Zen and Umasi are as different as can be, which in reality is not very realistic nor do I like this plot point However overall the book was interesting enough Unfortunately none of the books that I have read in the recent past have really pulled me in, not even Catching Fire This book leaves an aftertaste of slight disappointment even though I do acknowledge the youth and inexperience of the author.

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    This book was only better than the first book was, as it answered most of my questions, but at the same time, giving me new questions which will be answered in the third book, which sadly is not out yet But this book is about the history of the two most mysterious characters in the original book, about whom most of my questions were, and the farther I read, the questions were answered, so, once , I could not put this book down Some of the characters from the previous book were also included, like the main character, however, he wasn t really in the book, but it answered some questions, and there were even characters incorporated into the book, making it only better All in all, this is the best book I have ever read so far I can not wait for the last book TWO BOOKS

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    I actually enjoyed this book than it s predecessor Which I believe was released first However, this book is a prequel to Truancy.The book was quite easy to read and very descriptive A little hard to visualize what this city would look like and I kinda wish there was some sort of map or something to show the districts I was, however, able to visualize my own images to go along with the story and the fight scenes were very imaginable I really enjoyed the way the various characters are introduced I wish I read this one first, so I could get the story in chronological order rather than in the order of publication It helps everything make a little sense.I think there s one book to this series so I m looking forward to seeing how the story ends up playing out

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    When I finished Truancy Origins for the first time, this is the first thought that popped into my head Oh my gosh how is it even physically possible that a book can be this good. I m not joking Truancy Origins is a must read, with well written action scenes, a compelling plot, and amazing characters Isamu Fukui has really outdone himself this time, writing a sequel even better than his compelling debut, Truancy.

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    This is one of those books that explains some of the things written in the one before it I did not realize it, so I read this one before Truancy I am positive that changed my experience, but not in a negative way I think you could read tham in any order Just know the author s intent is for you to read this one after the first one I just totally love the evil twin good twin thing he worked out in here It definitely shows how bad people can have very good reasoning and how you can agree with them on many levels Again, if you un home school, read it

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    In the City, The Mayor rules all, including the school system, but he s troubled He has just discovered that the higher government has assigned him to take care of two twin boys, Umasi and Zen He is worried because they will have to be put into the school system and treated like all the other students Unable to let them know, the boys live life like all other children, until one day when they discover that their father was behind it They both run away, Zen to form the Truancy in order to destroy the school system, Umasi to stop both the Mayor and the Truancy.