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I read this book after working on the opera based on it which, it turns out, has relatively little to do with the novel after all While the opera is boiled down to the story of two star crossed lovers, the novel puts the lovers on the back burner, preferring to concentrate its focus on creating a record of Scottish politics and daily life at the turn of the 18th century This is evident in the care and detail Scott devotes to describing, say, hospitality rituals, about which he goes on and on Contrasted to the very quick, to the point passages about the lovers themselves including a resolution that, compared to the rest of the novel, moves at a lightning pace it is very clear what the true intention here is.For all that, it is a beautiful novel, in turns haunting and witty, and fascinating as a history piece I highly suggest an annotated version, as Scott largely assumes the reader has at least a survey knowledge of Scottish Union politics, and large passages are written in thick 18th century Scottish dialect which, unless you re familiar with it, can be completely confounding. This Is A Story Of National Change And Personal Tragedy For Lucy Ashton And Edgar Ravenswood, Acts Of Heroism Are Thwarted And Love Is Doomed By Social, Political And Historical Division This Edition Restores The Action To The Years Of Uncertainty And Political Flux Before The Union Of Scotland And England In , Rather Than After, As Scott S Later Revision Had Placed It The Bride of Lammermoor is surprisingly funny It s about two Scottish families who, through the centuries, fight over the same fortune and land holdings One family wrests it away from the other branch and a century or so later another grabs it back and so on As the book opens Lord Ravenswood has just lost his father and his fortune It s reverted back to the Ashton s In his anguish Ravenswood decides to go back to the house he grew up in and confront Ashton but along the way some wayward cows get in the way and he not only doesn t kill Ashton but he saves his life and that of his beautiful daughter Of course love blossoms a la Romeo and Juliet until Ashton s stalwart lady, a member of the famed Douglas clan, stomps it out.I ve tried to read at least two other Walter Scott books and failed so I was thrilled with how much fun this one was The interactions between the Lord and his long suffering, loyal servant Caleb Balderstone were priceless The third section of the book is very sad however Donizetti s opera of the same name is based on that section. I truly thought my whole life would pass without any Walter Scott, but I picked up this paperback for pennies at a sidewalk sale because I m drawn to old paperbacks There it sat along with all my other sidewalk sale finds until I reread Madame Bovary, which contains a scene in which Emma and Charles Bovary attend a performance of Donizetti s opera Lucia di Lammermoor, which is loosely based on this novel Another novel whose occupants attend this opera is Where Angels Fear to Tread So then I watched, or half watched, half listened, to the opera on Youtube, and decided to read the book.I was expecting this to be all doom and gloom and drama, but au contraire, the mood constantly shifts back and forth from that to comedy There are parts that are extremely funny These are the parts not having to do with hags, sibyls, and apparitions, which I could frankly do without From the back of my edition John Buchan considered it the most perfect of his novels in one wayfor the sense of marching fatality is unbroken by any awkwardness of invention, or languor of narration and even the scenery had taken a less inanimate part and become like Egdon Heath in Mr Hardy s The Return of the Native, almost a protagonist in the tale. NOPE Because I love myself too much to subject my poor leisure reading brain to this interminable, meandering mess of endless verbiage Back when I was in school I had to force myself through unreadable and or mind numbingly dense books, whether classics or postmodern or Virginia Woolf, whatever labels you like, depending on the genre or course but that was then Now, I m an adult I can eat cookies before dinner one, or two, or ten cookies Seinfeld , I can watch baseball ALL NIGHT LONG, I don t have to finish boring classics if I don t wanna So take that, Sir Walter P And if the author himself thought his book to be abominable dreck, why should I care Clearly WS wasn t writing tongue in cheek like, say, Dan Ross This wall of words has been studied, dissected, footnoted beyond compare Good grief DNF Otherwise I ll end up checking myself into the hospital from a brain aneurysm That s the responsible adult thing to do, right pokes Lammermoor with a long stick Cloaks swirl, ladies go mad, rocks fall, everyone dies Full review coming Donizetti s opera, Lucia di Lammermoor, is based on this novel by Sir Walter Scott Published in 1819, Scott s narrative is set in southern Scotland and traces the tragic love affair of Lucy Ashton and her family s enemy, Edgar Ravenswood Lucy s father has, through shady legal maneuvering, taken possession of all the properties of the ancient and honorable Ravenswood family, leaving Edgar as the family s role and impoverished survivor Intent of revenge, Edgar unwillingly falls in love with Lucy and establishes an uneasy reconciliation with her family, but when he is called to the Continent on political business, Lucy s family convinces her that he has been unfaithful and pushes her toward marriage with another.Scott s writing is compelling, and his sense of pace and drama cannot be resisted Lowland Scots dialect is captured well, although it might take the reader a number of pages to become accustomed to it Scott s characters are strongly drawn, and the principle protagonists evolve subtly and convincingly Peasants are used as contrasting character elements, often almost as a traditional Greek chorus, and three old hags in particular parallel Shakespeare s device in Macbeth To a reader previously acquainted with the general plot, the ending will seem inevitable, and the unfamiliar reader will be kept guessing until the last few pages.Scott s ability to use general historical events as a frame for fictional narrative is masterful, and he is rightly often considered the founder of the historical novel It is easy to see why his reputation, long in eclipse, has begun to rise again over the past few decades. Around the time of the union between Scotland and England 1707, great changes are occurring in that ancient an often unhappy land of the north, rebellion is always beneath the calm surface, in uneasy Scotland Rivalries, family blood feuds, and just plain hate political contests between Whigs and Tories for power, but with a polite face shown Edgar , the son of the late Lord Ravenswood, his downfall caused by Sir William Ashton a devious lawyer or a honest man, depending on your side of the aisle, bribery was common in that era s legal courts Of course brooding Edgar, after a few duels, seeks vengeance against the the destroyer of his family s fortune, estates and honor, he lives in a ruined , like his life, haunted some say castle with only one old wily servant left, Caleb Balderstone, in Wolfscrag A tower above the pounding surf of the North Sea always seemingly ready to collapse into the yearning waves below , in the Lammermoor Hills of the southeast part of the country Chance can complicate situations, Edgar hunting on his small estate, saves the life of Sir William, his neighbor, and his pretty daughter Lucy, from an angry, wild bull Why Family honor maybe, but that question is never answered clearly, except the fragile, meek Lucy, is fascinated by the handsome stranger, and he also feels warmth towards the alluring lady His sworn enemy s daughter, the former Lord Ravenswood, his father had lost that title , supporting the losers, during the Glorious Revolution, would not understand either, if he were still alive Edgar finds out from friendly, grateful, Sir William, that the deceased, had borrowed many thousands of pounds sterling, and was unable to repay him The almost Gothic romance between Lucy and Edgar, is mostly in secret walks, Lady Ashton, the mother, despises poor Edgar outside the homes of the rivals, by an antiquated fountain, the site of their first inauspicious meeting They visited blind, old, Alice, in her tiny decrepit, as much as she is, hovel, on Lucy s father s land The woman had for many years been a valuable servant of Lord Ravenswood s, but Alice opposes the marriage between the happy couple she predicts disaster in the future uneducated people have accused her, of being a witch When the old woman dies , Edgar sees her apparition , and is very shaken Witches, unknown things felt, or thought seen in the woods, rumors of the supernatural are spoken in the nearby village of Wolfshope but this is the age of the believers, in evil spirits Lady Ashton makes arraignments in Ravenswood Castle, Edgar s former home for a worthy husband for her young daughter, wealthy but coarse, Francis, Laird of Bucklaw Sir William is afraid of his dominating wife and the engagement is announced, while Edgar is attending business for his rich, influential relative the Marquis, who is trying to get his land back, on the continent Lucy has written many letters to him, as he has too, but her cruel mother has not let them pass Will Edgar come back before it is too late A popular Opera, was made from this novel One of Scott s best books.based loosely on historical events. Seriously gothic fans, listen up This is your ultimate indulgence This is ridiculously over the top The characters actually swish their cloaks and make dark, portentous pronouncements Wolves really howl at the moon, the dudes really live in broken down castles Ladies go mad Men lose their inheritance and swear revenge Old family feuds Star crossed lovers Though let s note about that that they make no sense and the hero seems to be Eh, well, she s a chick, she loves me I m pretty cool, I should have known that would happen I am therefore obligated to love her in return Point of honor This book is ridiculous I laughed at it for half of it and loved it for the rest It also spawned an opera called Lucia di Lammermoor, for those inclined in that direction The mad scene there is beautiful.This was a surprisingly good time