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Me propongo leer de principio a fin libros considerados malos Mi intenci n es encontrar al menos UNA cualidad buena en ellos y rese arlos objetivamente siguiendo 20 puntos a desarrollar brevemente Los puntos var an seg n el g nero del que se trate Si tienen ganas de No recomendarme otros librospueden comentar ac o AC Cualquier g nero es bienvenido Cuanto m s variado, mejor No recomendado por Majo Annalisa Townsend and her father are glad to be departing England for the Caribbean They need to move on from the recent death of Annalisa s mother, and what better place to do it than the little known Caribbean island of Mourning, which King George has assigned governorship of to Annalisa s father But on the voyage over, their ship is set upon be pirates, and Annalisa is discovered in her hiding place in the hold However, in exchange for letting Annalisa keep her necklace, a reminder of her dead mother, pirate James Sterling steals her ring and a kiss A year later, Annalisa has a forged letter of marque to help her hunt down James Sterling She wants to take back her father s treasure and restore his good name But Annalisa is not entirely prepared for what James might steal from her this time her heart.I found To Catch a Pirate to be an adorable pirate romance story The plot was a bit reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean, but I mean that in the best possible way The love and danger on stormy seas, hidden treasure, and sword fighting really drew me in I also liked how these fictional characters had encounters with a real pirate, Black Bart Roberts The main characters were rather well developed, especially Annalisa She is a strong minded and somewhat stubborn young woman who knows what she wants and will do almost anything to get it Sterling battles with his whole good pirate bad pirate persona, which is interesting however, sometimes when it seems he s entirely on one side, he ll do something completely surprising Some of the pirate encounters may seem unrealistic, especially because of the lack of loss of life, but it serves its purpose of simulating the dangers and excitement associated with piracy.If you re looking for a unique romance story, To Catch a Pirate should be high on your life Besides, who can resist a pirate story reposted from Once Caught, It S Harder Still To Let A Pirate GoWhen Annalisa Townsend S Ship Is Set Upon By Pirates In Search Of Her Father S Treasure, One Of The Crew, James Sterling, Discovers Her In The Hold When He Moves To Take Her Necklace, She Begs Him Not To, As It Is All She Has Left Of Her Mother He Accepts A Kiss In Exchange For The Necklace A Fair Trade, M Lady, He Tells Her Afterward, Before DisappearingA Year Later, With A Forged Letter Of Marque, Annalisa Is Intent On Hunting Down The Wretched James Sterling And Reclaiming Her Father S Treasure From Him But Now She S In Danger Of Him Stealing Something Far Vulnerable This Time Her Heart I picked up this book thinking it would be a historical pirate themed romance, which it is but for young adults Despite this set back, it was a cute PG romance The characters share a few kisses and that s about it The only mildly violent part of the book is when the hero is briefly flogged, but he seems to recover quickly after being rescued by the heroine Since this is a young adult romance, the heroine and hero are young 17 and 21 respectively The first line of the story is really good and made me want to readAnnalisa Townsend didn t know which terrified herthe razor sharp edge of the dagger pressed against her throat or the ruthless glare of the pirate who d shoved her against the wall with the harsh words, Hold your tongue or I ll remove it Annalisa and her father are on their way to the Caribbean with a chest of gold coins from King George Crimson Kelly and his pirate crew attack, steal the treasure chest, and set fire to the ship Meanwhile, Annalisa is hiding in the hold where James finds her He wants her dead mother s necklace, but she begs him to take her ring instead He kisses her, takes the ring, and leaves with the rest of the pirates Fast forward a year later and Annalisa is captain of her own ship and looking for James With the help of Nathaniel a young officer with a crush on Annalisa and her crew, they capture James in hopes that he will lead them to Crimson Kelly and the stolen treasure Annalisa needs the treasure in order to free her father who is being held under the suspicion that he consorts with pirates and helped steal the King s gold The two characters have not forgotten each other since their shared kiss a year ago, and so a romance blooms once they are together again There is one really good twist in the story, in which James does something to hurt Annalisa, but he tries to right his wrong and Annalisa easily forgives him If this book was supposed to befor adults, then I would have a few major issues with it But I think the story lives up to its intended purpose a light, cute, fun pirate romance targeted at young adults, but could be enjoyed by anyone. To my bemusement I often found myself forgetting that this book was a aimed at young adults and b about a seventeen year old girl Its easy to forget such when the girl in question is the Captain of what amounts to a Pirate Hunter s ship I could almost believe that at each next kiss they would succumb to passion.I was also a little bit taken aback at how fast Annalisa went from a pampered London debutante to this fearsome Lady Captain hunting down pirates and ruling over a crew of men Motivation to save her father certainly hastened her need to become fierce, but it fell flat for me Nor is it mentioned, that I remember at least, that sailors often feared having a lady on board because it was considered ill luck Lady Pirates er Privateers weren t unheard of in the good ol days, but Lady Pirate Hunters The chemistry between Annalisa and James kept me riveted however It was amusing to read as James would just keep pushing with his cocky answers and arrogant nonchalance while Annalisa struggled to remember that flogging him till he screamed served no purpose The ending wasa stretch of imagination, but at least sweet Realism has no place in romance after all. A really enjoyable Pirate book, it s kinda like if Pirates Of The Carribean hadromance blah only read this because it was recommended onas something i d like if i liked princess at sea by dawn cook. and they weren t similar at all the protagonist in this is described as being strong and independent, but circumstances and the way she reacts to them proves otherwise then everyone starts congratulating her on how well she took things not realistic enough, but i suppose that s what comes from reading a young adult novel T the developing relationship between the protagonist and her anti hero wasn t very developed either. when he betrays her, and she forgives him at the drop of a dime he does come to the rescue, but no woman would be able to just fluff her hair and say, well, it s okay that you chose money or the promise of over me i m over it then, there was also the overdramatized ending. which i suppose is appropriate, considering it s YA fiction maybe i m of too cynical a mindset to read this type of ending without a few guffaws i suppose the shallowness of this book is due in part to the length, so i guess that s okay. but not worth owning, for me at least kind of too bad, i was looking forward to another dawn cook. Do you know how long I have wanted to read this book 7 years And that s not like some of the other books on my to read list that are there but I don t really care about I have actively sought this book for 7 years and I ve finally found it and read it andAnd it was adorable And fluffy And I m sure full of a bunch of things I d have less tolerance for if I just stumbled upon it like the first kiss that has her going weak in the knees instead of furious that a stranger is kissing her Or the abrupt year of suddenly becoming a ship captain But you know what Those things don t matter.It was cute It was fun And now I ve finally read it.And gosh darn it, I still love, love, love that cover. ToCatch A PirateBy Jade Parker226pp New York, NYScholastic, Point 6.99ISBN 0 439 02694 6Argh, me hearties Set sail to the west and find treasures the treasures within the book, Ahargh Magical Love Just those two words after I finish the book To Catch A Pirate , magical love It makes me think about a prince who comes for the princess, but is actually a pirate stealing a girl s heart in a good way It gave me a tingling feeling inside and made me believe even for a short moment that love like this really does exist in life Jade Parker made the book thrilling I didn t want to put the book down for a second, so I didn t accept the fact that the book ended I was never really into romance love kind of books because I thought there was just too much drama in it To Catch A Pirate was just sitting on my bookshelf catching dust, so I decided to give it a try It was the blurb that captivated me, it really got me interested in the book The first few pages in the book was breathtaking and encouraged me to continue reading Jade Parker made the romance just right, there s not too much and not too little, it wasn t all dramatic like Gossip Girl and especially Romeo and Juliet It was the day when Annalisa was traveling on the Horizon that changed her whole life around She didn t expect that a pirate ship Phantom Mist would attack her father s ship and it surprisingly seemed that it came out of nowhere A pirate named, James Sterling caught Annalisa walking around his father s ship and pinned her to the wall, threatening to cut her tongue if she talks He caught his eyes on Annalia s gold necklace around her neck Annalisa knows what he wants, and begs him not to steal the necklace that was left from her mother before she died So instead he stole a kiss from Annalisa and ran off Still Sterling s captain and his crew stole a treasure box full of treasures that Annalisa s father is suppose to guard Failing to guard the treasure, he was sent to jail unless the treasures are returned to the king Annalisa wants to seek for revenge on Sterling, so she learned how swordplay thinking that one day she ll turn Sterling in After some time she did found Sterling and locked him in her ship, but she soon learned that she fell in love with him Confused with what she should do to Sterling, turn him in or set him free There was also action fighting and drawing swords, which makes the book exciting The author described the sounds of steel clashing together and how enemies make their next move She smeared out both romance and adventure throughout the book to make it evenly perfect Both love and action was very well described, showing not telling To Catch A Pirate made me think a second time about romance love books I didn t really expect that I would really like a book that has to do with love It s probably the few ones that I actually like Now Annalisa has to make a choice, but she doesn t know what who to choose over, the treasure or her unclear love for Sterling This was a pretty good teen romance My daughter bought it at a book fair and read it before I did, so I wasn t sure about sexual content, language, violence, etc However, when she offered it to me, I had to assume it wasn t TOO bad My fears were completely unfounded no action beyond some passionate kisses no offensive language, and a minimum of violence, considering it IS a pirate adventure Very safe as a recommendation for a budding romance reader not of the same caliber as the Twilight series and certainly not as in depth, but a decent quick read for a newbie.