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WHY IS BRIAR NOT IN THIS STORY.Yes, yes, I understand It might be interesting to read from Evvy s point of view After all, I really liked Evvy as a character in Street Magic But then again, this is not going to stop me from really wanting Briar to be in this book Although I promise I didn t base my review on his absence The story was interesting enough, with a bit of character development for Evvy which I enjoyed But that s it So the lower than average rating just comes from comparing it to other books in the series universe Definitely was nowhere near as interesting as Will of the Empress I feel like this could ve been better as a supporting short story Also, once again I find myself suffering from Did I Miss A Book syndrome In the beginning, I was confused as to who on earth Luvo was and when he became a part of the story Well, I know now but I feel like before this book there should ve been a book detailing Briar company s travels in Gyongxe That would ve been a hell of a lotinteresting to me But overall, I enjoyed this book. I think it s between 3.5 and 4, but not really a 4, so.It s not that the book is bad, not at all In fact, I d be interested in revisiting the book the way it was originally released, as an audio book perhaps full cast As it stands, I love the universe so much, and the characters and everything, that it s a good time, but it doesn t quite hit me where I live. An Audiobook First New York Times Bestselling Author Tamora Pierce Has Written The New Novel In Her Popular Circle Of Magic Universe To Go Directly To Audio Preceding The Print Version By At Least A Year Residents On One Of The Islands South Of Emelan Have Sent A Call For Help To Winding Circle Temple Their Plants And Trees And The Animals That Live Around Them Are Mysteriously DyingFrom Winding Circle Come Two Familiar Figures Prickly Green Mage Rosethorn, Whose Plant Magic Will Help Her Decipher What S Ailing The Plant Life, And Briar S Former Student, The Stone Mage Evvy With Them Comes The Eager, Nervous Dedicate Initiate Myrrhflower And Luvo, A Being Best Described As A Walking, Intelligent Rock All Are Pulled Into The Island S Mystery When Evvy Is Caught Up By The Wild Spirits Loose In An Immense Bubble Of Molten Rock Can They Evacuate The Island In Time Or Will They Try To Shift A Volcano Oh bummer I love Tamora s Tortall series, but just can t get into the Circle one This book in particular was blah If someone asked me what I thought of it the shortest and possibly best answer I can come up with is, meh Especially for the last 1 4 of the book It just lacked spunk or something I can t explain it I ll just re read the Lioness so I can remember why I love Tamora. Second in The Circle Reforged subseries and tenth in the overall Emelan universe in the fantasy series for middle grade readers and revolving around four very young mages in magic The focus here is on the former student of one of those mages, Evvy It s been four years since Evvy arrived in Winding Circle, and it s taking place at the same time as The Will of the Empress , 1 9 If you re interested, there is a chronological listing of the Emelan books on my website.My TakeWhat I loved about Melting Stones was the fantastical idea Pierce used for explaining how volcanoes formed Using Flare and Carnelian s actions to explain the earth tremors was brilliant It was a nice blend of science and Pierce s own magical world of Emelan It also helps to showcase how thoughtlessly impulsive Evvy is.Yep, Evvy is what I hated about Melting Stones She is so obnoxious and bratty Considering her beginnings as a slave and then a street rat, she is amazingly unthinking of consequences Oh, her intentions are good, but she is too impulsive To be honest, she actslike an eight year old.It is fun to see Myrrhtide evolve from the rude, fussy, disbelieving, envious mage to aunderstanding one Oswin sounded very innocent in the dark Azaze gives a decent meal to almost everyone What is making me nuts is that whole Gyongxe business Pierce kept referring to it in The Will of the Empress and now in Melting Stones, and I feel as though I ve missed an entire book It s rather fun getting Luvo s take on this outside world After two years, he still loves watching the glory of the dawn Makes me think of how much I take for granted.There s a important lesson in this for Evvy, and it s laid out by Rosethorn when she explains about the two classes of people the destroyers, and the builders Another lesson is that mages learn from their mistakes.The StoryAt fourteen and unable to hold back her temper, Evvy is on a punishment voyage with her mentor, prickly green mage Rosethorn, who has been called to the Battle Islands to determine why the plants and animals there are dying.It turns out to be lucky for Starns and everyone else that Evvy is along It s her gift for stone magic that helps Evvy uncover the truth Now, with the island on the brink of disaster, it s up to Evvy to avert the destruction that looms ahead.The CharactersEvumeimei Evvy Dingzai is the stone mage Briar found in Street Magic , 2 6 Luvo is a volcano god who has manifested himself as an eighteen inch tall deep green and purple clear crystal bear He encountered Evvy on the Gyongxe trip when she approached his home in the Heaven Wind Mountains of southern Yanjing.Dedicate Rosethorn, a great mage whose gift is with plants, is one of Evvy s guardians at Winding Circle The other is Dedicate Lark whose gift is with weaving They all live at Discipline Cottage Dedicate Fusspot, oops, I mean, Dedicate Myrrhtide is a water mage whose assistance will be needed on Starns Briar Moss is one of the four young people who are now great mages.Moharrin on Starns is a small village on one of the Battle Islands Sustree is the port at which the Winding Circle trio land Oswin Forest is their escort and a man of all talents He s also a kind man for he has taken in all the pirate orphans including Treak who wreaks havoc, Nory who keeps house and order, Mereyem is one of the cheeky young ones, Lexa, Natan, Jesy who needs special glasses, and Deva Jayatin Jayat Holly is apprenticed to Tahar Catwalker, the village s mage and healer Spark is the horse that Evvy rides.Azaze Yopali is the headwoman of the village and runs the inn Some of her employees include Firouze and Mila Other people of importance in the village include Master Smith, the Master Herder, and the master miner Dubyine and Karove are part of a small, greedy group Squeak has kittens.Mount Grace is a mountain on Starns where the fire spirits live in a pool of flame Flare and Carnelian are two of the flame spirits, the children of the pool, who first encounter Evvy.Levit, Margret, Lore, Karl, Sotat, and Sustree are some of the other Battle Islands Heibei is the god of luck whom Evvy frequently calls upon.The Cover and TitleThe cover is not so much dull as drab I m guessing it s to reflect the state of the island with that volcano about to burst It s Evvy in her deep purple kerchief with strands of black hair escaping, the deep purple strap of her bag over one shoulder, and she stands in her black dress, facing an acid pool, dying grasses, and dead branches under a murky green sky.The title is what Evvy encounters, the Melting Stones so eager to to find escape. I love these Circle of Magic books The only thing that would have made it better would have been to bring Briar onstage. I just finished listening to Melting Stones I found it very interesting, and I especially liked the production This book was written for and recorded by Full Cast Audio, rather than being a printed book and then adapted to the audio version.Full Cast Audio, as always, did a wonderful job putting this book together I love audiobooks almost without regard for the narrator although there have been one or two so horribly narrated that I couldn t listen, in general it doesn t matter to me who s reading it so long as somebody is But I particularly enjoy Full Cast productions Having a different voice for each character especially artfully acted adds tremendously to the whole experience Audible doesn t for some weird reason carry the first, third, or fourth of The Circle Opens trilogy, which is why I haven t listened to them I think I would very much like to hear those on audio as well, so I guess I ll have to assault my local library for copies I listened to the second, thank goodness, because without it I would have been lost listening to Melting Stones, which is about Evvy, a character who just happened to be introduced in Street Magic I like Evvy, and Grace Kelly, who acts her role, got to narrate this production, because it s a first person narration Her style is lively and attractive, and her voice well matched to the mischievous Evvy.The story takes place as Evvy, having got in trouble at Winding Circle, gets taken by Rosethorn on a voyage to find out why the trees and water on a certain island are being poisoned It turns out that Evvy is very necessary on this journey, as a stone mage she and her friend Luvo, a bear shaped stone that is really the heart of a mountain, are the only ones who could deal with the real cause of the poisonous air and water killing the trees the volcano that formed the island is about to erupt.I especially like the way Evvy develops in this book She is, because of past trauma, selfish and self serving, unable to care about most other people except for Rosethorn and Briar Through the course of the book and some seriously courageous acts Evvy matures, realizing that she can let herself care about others, and that she wants to learn to build rather than destroy. I ve been a Tammy fan since I was 13 I ve always loved her work It s solid young adult and makes me feel good to read it.I started reading Circle of Magic when I was 15 and going through difficulties with my hip which had fractured and continually needed operations I latched right on to the characters, most of all the two main guardian Dedicates Rosethorn and Lark Briar was a favourite of mine as well The cast of characters supported me through a hard time medically and also guided me through picking my major at a vocational school I chose plant science in the end and am so deeply pleased to have done so When I saw this book at BN, I knew it would have Rosethorn and mentions of Briar I tucked it into my books to buy without thinking I m glad I did that as well I ve read through it and must say I quite liked it I thought the first person POV was refreshing it was originally going to be third person and that the character voices were distinct I loved meeting Rosethorn oncein her realm of plants and power Meeting Evvy and Luvo on a deeper level was also enjoyable The same went for the rest of the characters.I thought the story fit the ones Tammy uses for the ambient mages of the Emelan world The fact that we as readers given the first person POV got to interact with the heart of the main conflict was unique It brought the events beyond what they could have been if it had just been an ordinary natural disaster.I still want to hear the audio version, given that came out first I have yet to listen to the audio versions of any of the Emelan works I hope to. I absolutely adore Tamora Pierce, and was pretty excited when I saw that Will of the Empress was not going to be a stand alone book I really really wish I wasn t going to say this but I found Melting Stones a real let down I m too frustrated to write a proper review so I ll explain my feelings through a list The pros Got to learn a little about what happened in Gyonxe The stone magic was kinda cool Rosethorn was as sharp as ever The idea for view spoiler the volcano spirits, and how the Emelan version of a volcano is created hide spoiler Wow, what is wrong with this book I normally love all of Pierce s work but this one was a tremendous letdown I know the Circle of Magic series is written for a younger audience and has never really rated highly in my reads, but I really enjoyed the Will of the Empress which is miles better than Melting Stones First off, in the Will of the Empress Briar and Tris hint to events that occurred in their lives between the Circle Opens volumes and the Will of the Empress and I thought, well, Pierce might fill in that gap This book makes it worse I condemn this as lazy storytelling Instead of writing about Briar and Rosethorn and Evvy s travels in Yanjing and their encounters with the Emperor who apparently started massacring Temple dedicates and villagers for no clear reason Pierce attempts to tell the story half assed backwards through little snippets thrown out in conversation by Evvy This apparently covers Luvo the magical living heart of the mountain s sudden appearance in the narrative as though he s a long familiar character Would she just write the story and stop hinting at it as though it s past history Or refrain from mentioning it twenty thousand times until it is birthed entirely Personally, I think she s written herself into a bad place does she really want to write a book so full of murder, hardship and misery She s successfully mixed dark with light before Maybe she d rather play with safer stories As for the plot of the book itself Evvy, Briar s former student, arrives with Rosethorn and a water mage to an island riddled with strange events like water turning to acid and frequent earthquakes It takes tremendously too long to figure out that it s because of an inevitable volcano eruption Evvy is, by turns, petulant, bratty, thoughtless, and selfish Her confidence in her power only makes it worse Her character never blossoms or becomes slightly likable and the same goes for other characters that are in the volume, all of them are alphas who seem to bark commands and sneer at each other, and the tense situation of evacuating an entire small island doesn t help We never get an impression of what the island was before the weird weather or a good idea of the characters that inhabit it We meet Evvy so briefly in the beginning that she never transforms, the whole book is rushed and heavily packed with descriptions of science dumbed down to fiery magic magma beings that create plate shifts and cause islands to explode Magic is relied on too heavily in this narrative and so the characters get shunted aside for plate teutonics and textbook descriptions Really disappointed by this book.