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Midge is not your typical ship s boy For starters, she s not a boy and her real name is Jasmine As such she is very good at hiding her true nature When she encounters a wielder a magic user she discovers her own abilities and draws the unwanted attention of the Guardians, wielders who ensure untrained wielders are taken care of Jasmine must get control of her power before she hurts herself and others So begins an adventure on the seas, with twists and turns, drama and perhaps a little romance Pick up this book and sail away to learn about Jasmine and her life on the seas. I thoroughly enjoyed WIELDER S PRIZE Typically in YA we have a female protagonist of around sixteen or seventeen, but Ms Cardy chose to mask her heroine as a ship boy, which adds a very intriguing dimension to the story Midge jasmine is very intricate and well rounded, despite her many disadvantages of ship life forever beaten by her father, and apprenticed to study cooking under him, her real longing is to become a crewman on her beloved ship, the Wielder s Prize, but sadly this may never happen for her With each passing day, her femininity is coming forth which triggers her father s anger He hates himself for inflicting pain on her, but he must conceal her beauty from the other seaman In port, three men attempted to capture her, but she dashed and hid from sight Just when she thought all was right, a seaman from the ship approached and asked her to accompany him to the saloon for a pint of ale She refused As she turned, the three men were there Once again she was trapped Dragged into the saloon, she was forced to drink multiple glasses of ale Once drunk, they kidnapped her.Jasmine awakens and realizes her fate, but she was not the only one imprisoned Several other crew members and her father were also abducted Without any chance of escape at the moment, they all agreed to join the crew.Finn, a wielder of magic enters the picture He senses something about Midge She believes he discovered her secret but the discovery for Jasmine wasn t that she was a female, his discovery of her was that she was also a wielder of magic but untrained and without a talisman a deadly combination.As Jasmine s adventure unfolds, she discovers many truths about the people she encounters and the truth about herself Ms Young takes on this turbulent adventure as erratic and unpredictable as the oceans they sail Will Jasmine survive her abduction Will she be discovered as a wielder and as a woman What happens when she realizes her power and does not quite know how to handle it These questions and are hidden in the descriptive and intricately woven passages throughout Ms Cardy s novel.For those readers who are seeking adventure on the high seas with a feisty and powerful young woman at the helm, then this is the read for you. Snatched From The Only Home She S Ever Known Aboard The Wielder S Prize, Jasmine Is Forced To Work As A Crew Member Of A Different Ship To Survive, Jasmine Must Dodge Her Captor Who Has A Personal Vendetta Against Her, Outsmart A Fearsome Magic Wielder Who Has Taken A Dangerous Interest In Her, And Get Back To Her Ship SomehowJust When She Thinks Things Couldn T Get Worse, She Learns She Too Is A Wielder An Untrained Wielder Who Is A Threat To Everyone On Board If She Can T Control Her Magic And She S Not The Only Out Of Control Wielder On The High Seas The Secret Of That Wielder Could Shatter Everything Jasmine Thought She Knew Time And Hope Is Running Out At Any Cost, She Must Get Back To Her Ship And Discover The Truth Behind All The Secrets Before Everything Is Lost A tense adventure that will keep you guessing with all of its wicked twists and turns You ll feel for Midge as the tension grows and the predicaments grow worse Highly recommended Life aboard a ship is no place for a girl it is bad luck for the ship, so Midge s father to protect her raises her as a boy There is a bit about family violence written very well but it weaves into the story as the life she is living is revealed and the discoveries she is about to make about herself It is very much a high seas adventure full of magic, discovery, and rolling hijinks It kept me turning the pages The characters are well written and you find yourself cheering and anxious for Midge If you like swashbuckling tales you will enjoy this This one was a really fun and exciting adventure a journey worth taking Highly recommended. A thrilling tale of adventure set aboard the high seas, and in a magical universe which holds plenty of secrets to boot Jasmine Midge is an engaging and likeable hero or heroine, I should say with plenty of attitude, and I found myself rooting for her throughout as she comes up against some pretty formidable odds and foes and it s hard to know who she can trust The ships and sea almost feel like characters themselves, and I felt like I was right there on deck facing the dangers I would have appreciated just a touch background on the various lands in this fantasy universe, but maybe that is to come with further instalments in the series An excellent debut I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I loved this tale of a girl who lives on the sea aboard a ship called the Wielder s Prize Jasmine has a rough life as a crewmate note a few scenes of physical abuse included, when she s beaten The magic threaded through this novel was fascinating, and the worldbuilding details were creative Wielding using someone s magic what a great term The characters had real emotions and weren t afraid to use them Things were well described In sum, this novel is a lively adventure, peopled with interesting characters and splashed with awesome magic I received an ARC of this book, and this is my honest review. This was such a fun story I could not put it down and so stayed up way too late reading it Among the things I liked best were 1 the conflicted, imperfect, but very likeable heroine and 2 one of the major spoilers, which was also one of the book s most squee worthy moments There is a lot of potential in the worldbuilding, and I hope the sequel shows us of that world and of how magic works in it I really enjoyed the sequences with magic in this novel and would like to understand how it works within that world it better In short, I m really looking forward to the next one and to seeing what the principal characters do next. A Wonderful SurpriseAdventure Battles Magic Dangers just below the surface This book was such a breath of fresh air, and I loved going on a voyage with these characters I read this in less than a day around lots of familial commitments, so it clearly had some great tension Looking forward to installment 2 It s been a while since I had the pleasure of reading a good swashbuckler A delightfully enchanting story of a girl, pretending to be a boy, on a tall ship full of men Jasmine, aka, Midge has lived on the Wielder s Prize for as long as she can remember The cook, her father, keeps her beauty hidden by giving Jasmine a couple of knocks to the face, which is disturbing When she s shanghaied to another ship, she encounters a wielder A wielder, in other terms is a magician, a wizard While on the Seahawk, Jasmine s true nature is discovered, and things heat up The reader will delight in a twist here and there that I didn t see coming, which makes Wielder s Prize an enthralling read I had the honor of receiving an ARC for an honest review.