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Heinz Insu Fenkl is the son of a German American soldier who married a Korean woman when he was stationed near Seoul In this haunting novel he explores the coming of age of an Amerasian in Korea torn between his mother's world haunted by ghosts fox demons and the specter of Japanese occupations and his father's transplanted AmericaYoung Insu grows up in the chaotic streets of Pupyong a district in the city of Inchon the site of General Douglas MacArthur's historic invasion His mother trafficks in everything skilled in manipulating the black market to support her family Insu's arrival at the orderly American school does little to resolve the conflicts between the cultures in which he must live He may learn the language but his eyes will never be blue nor his hair yellow like his father's And always there is the memory of his lost half brother the baby that his mother sacrificed to marry his father who refused to raise another man's childWith its ghost stories folktales mother father conflicts strange joys and violent tragedies Memories of My Ghost Brother resonates with literary works like Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior Jerzy Kosinski's The Painted Bird and Gus Lee's China Boy Evocative and compelling and introducing a unique new voice in American fiction Memories of My Ghost Brother provides a rare beautiful and sometimes painful glimpse of the creation of one young man's identity

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    What can I say? This is one of my faves of all time I had the privilege of interviewing the author for my master's thesis and our conversation added an incredible amount of depth to an already complex and moving book This book is so haunting even so on a second read I don't often read books than once but this is one of those to which I turn now and again

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    This is a difficult book to rate Parts like the mythical stories are beautiful and spellbinding but the realistic parts often ugly and disturbing comparisons to The Painted Bird are accurate The author who is half American half Korean accurately and honestly conveys the multiethnic experience In the case of this book it can be painful to read about

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    Wonderful narrative Touching real eye opening But somehow the author makes it all feel like a distant memory I wrote my senior thesis in college on this novel and it is truly one of the better ones I've come across as far as I'm concerned It's ghostly funny and very human