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In this brilliant inventive tragic farce Deborah Levy creates the ultimate dysfunctional kids Billy and his sister Girl Apparently abandoned years ago by their parents they now live alone somewhere in England Girl spends much of her time trying to find their mother going to strangers' doors and addressing whatever Prozac woman who answers as Mom Billy spends his time fantasizing a future in which he will be famous perhaps in the United States as a movie star or as a psychiatrist or as a doctor to blondes with breast enlargements or as the author of Billy England's Book of Pain Together they both support and torture each other barely able to remember their pasts but intent on forging a future that will bring them happiness and reunite them with the ever elusive Mom Billy and Girl are every boy and girl reeling from the pain of their childhoods forgetting what they need to forget inventing worlds they think will be better but usually just prolonging nightmares as they begin to create or so it seems alternative personalities that will allow them to survive and conuer and punish In the end the reader is as bewildered as Billy and Girl have they found Mom and a semblance of family or are they completely out of control and ready to explode?

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    Oh God God God this is good Soooo goood This is silk in prose form A thorough back rub followed by a two week cruise on the Med with Sophie Dahl in prose form This is motherlickin’ awesome Billy Girl is a novel about a brother and sisters That plural wasn’t an accident Girl is the protagonist a whip smart but damaged teenager who set fire to her father for beating up her brother Billy The novel follows their attempts to reinstate their lost parents following this inflammatory snub Girl appears to suffer from a bipolar personality disorder her ‘retarded’ self working in FreezerWorld as the dowdy Louise What makes this novel so good is how Levy pulls us into an implausible and demented world of two broken and fucked up children lost in the shrub of a parentless wild and makes us laugh and vomit and weep and stare gawp eyed at the page in horror Her style is addictive than a chocolate covered brownie fudge cake At the centre of this chocolate covered brownie fudge cake is hair and spiders and worms Truly amazingAs the story progresses Louise materialises into a separate character an actual distinct entity and the novel opens up a box of hairy metaphysical goblins to gnaw your brain The whole book burns with the most energetic and hair tugging prose you’re likely to read about two teenage rapscallions living in their own psychopathic dream delusion Read this or I will hunt you down and kill you

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    My my my What to say? What to say? Perhaps only THIS IS NOT A REVIEW If it were a review I’d be able to recommend it or dissuade a potential reader I can do neitherBG came to my attention via a 5 star revelrous review by my favorite Scot who will remain my favorite Scot at the very least until I’ve met a second one I read his review ordered it immediately after all did he not turn me on to BS Johnson and Gilbert Sorrentino? and let it sit on my TBR shelf for an entire year—until I went looking for something that might be read uickly Its moment arrived and I read it But before reading it I noticed another GR friend’s review—an ominous 2 star er with an advisory “Recommends it for I couldn't” Uh oh Two well read GR friends with virtually opposite reactions Not wanting to be further predisposed I waited until after reading BG to read the second review OyAs luck has it they each reflect my feelings on this one I liked it sorta and didn’t like it sorta I liked the character of Billy and his constant bemoaning a life in pain Oddly enough a uote hit my feed today and there was nothing to do except to wait and to hurt — Mark Haddon I’m a Haddon fan I liked the odd brothersister banter that rings true I liked the author’s style—fast paced and blistering On the other hand I never did get uite accustomed to a comfort level with not knowing what was happening I still don’t know if there was one Louise or two And that ending? Someone needs to paySo on this one I’m Switzerland I can neither recommend or dissuade praise or condemn love or hate In general I liked it hence the 4 stars but that doesn’t mean rush out and get it If you really must read it I’ll say what I’ve said before get it from the library or borrow mine you know who you are

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    You know that tv cliche of a bunch of really little kids getting asked what they wanna be when they grow up? And every kid answers something flashy like Movie star and Cowboy because it was the first flashy thing that came into their head? And then the story moves on as if there are no other thoughts in the heads of those children?Billy and Girl is like that I waited for the posturing to mean something other than off the top of their heads tv baby reflected sheen in their eyes I waited to feel as in love with the characters as the author clearly was I couldn't feel that It felt like reading a magazine or watching a tv adGirl has vague notions of romance She has even vaguer notions about her daddy I'm not sure where the Freezer World stuff comes in I'm guessing it is a UK euivalent of Wal Mart? except some tossed in message about unthinking latch key kids nursing on the teet of consumerism I thought it was lazy I wish that the multiple personalities had felt like well personalities rather than images to put on and play like a one girl girl band line upBilly was routinely and savagely beaten by their dad Girl loved their daddy but mama made her do lots of chores and forgot her name hence Girl Billy loves the mom but she couldn't have loved him much She lets him get beaten for one so does Girl and then both parents ditch 'em Girl takes out everything on Billy and Billy lives in fantasy land To be happy the other one would probably have to suck it A long series of vague fantasies like a two year old wants to eat candy all day longI don't want beep statistics I didn't want the bravado I wanted to feel like I wasn't hanging out with name dropping big talkers from my old high school probably These kids would be walk on roles in a Law and Order spin off show and felt like walk ons They just walked in and out repeatedly I didn't know anyone then Maybe that's how it usually is but why the hell am I reading this book for then? The world just isn't made up of we were abused so our every fart is special for all that happened to each other they might as well have been on the tv in the room for all they took notice of realityBilly's pizzas sounded absolutely disgusting One time my ex ate this anchovi pizza and just the smell made me feel sicker than I ever had in my life I can't think about it without feeling sick Nothing is disgusting to me Billy dumps the entire ocean on his pizzas I want to throw upNext time a book description names She's on a uest for the perfect cocktail as a plot point I'm not gonna read it Just not gonna do it If My baklava angel passes for fantastical endearments I guess What did I need to write a review for? I should just say it's a series of fantasies that want to say we hurt the ones we love without making anything near to a case for that I don't believe you hurt the ones you love I think you hurt people you can get away with hurting The rest don't stick around

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    Some fantastic prose here and some powerful explorationexhumationextrapolation of psychic pain At times unfortunately I felt the characters fell into simple cypher territory or became just mouths to speak some short gnomic sentences Nevertheless there are some breathtaking set pieces and I did enjoy the feeling of not uite having a grip on the reality of the text Definitely a talent though my wife who has read all of her books tells me some of her later work is better We shall see

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    Having now read most of the Levy canon this falls somewhere in the middle range not uite as good as her masterpieces 'Hot Milk' and 'The Unloved' but a bit accessible and better developed than 'Swallowing Geography' or 'Ophelia and the Great Idea' It actually most reminded me of the early work of another of my fave Brit authors Philip Ridley and had the author not been on the cover I'd have suspected it was his

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    Roughly seven years ago I snagged a galley of this from the discards pile outside the library of the local community college Apparently there was once a feminist leaning group at the college who did zines and classes on theory and stuff and this was part of their library collectionI have gotten better books for freeRead this one if you appreciate zaniness for the sake of zaniness There were a few good lines and Billy's narration of his conception to birth seuence was cool but the characters were super annoying which for a character driven novel spells troublePart of the trouble with this book is how dated it feels now Maybe if I had watched TV in the nineties I would care about this but I dunno

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    If like me you enjoy being bounced around on the biceps of brawny sentences that throw lots of slangy declarative punches and fragmentary jabs and hardly ever duck behind a namby pamby ualifying clause then you will probably enjoy this book where voice is king But beware this king is a dictator to whom all characters must bow by sounding exactly the same and not wanting much that is to this reader anyway deeply felt or believable except to have that king's royal tongue in their mouths

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    For a while it was hard to tell where this was going; Levy's icy sharp language seemed all that kept me engaged Then our unreliable narrators kept shooting themselves in the feet the bad life choices just kept piling up and we seemed headed for an ending in tears But not uite I think?

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    whoa this was wild tragic comedic Levy’s stories are so original

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    review comingumm I didn't engage much with the characters I didn't feel the plot stood up I didn't really feel any 'traction' So why four stars? Because I liked some of the writing and the satire was brilliant three and a half stars really but rounded up because it's Christmas nearlythought a bit about this the tale of kids trying to find parents Girl knocks on random doors to see if their mother lives within is blunt and a bit obvious; the 'Freezer World' consumer satire is funny and sometimes biting; the characters were knock about laugh a lot ones so when something serious like kidnap happens I didn't really feel the pain That's even though Billy is writing a book about pain he wants to be a doctor when he grows up Readable but a bit broad and flat for me