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How does the far right operate today? This volume presents a uniue critical survey of the online and offline tactics symbols and platforms that are strategically remixed to stake national and transnational cultural claims by contemporary far right groups in Europe and North America Featuring short accessible analyses by an international range of expert scholars policy advisors and activists the book offers a plurality of answers to practical and theoretical uestions about how and why the Internet has been crucial to emboldening extreme nationalisms in these regions and what cultural approaches civil societies should develop in responseMaik Fielitz is research associate at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg and a PhD candidate at Goethe University Frankfurt He works on far right extremism and social movements in Europe and is fellow at the Center for Analysis of the Radical RightNick Thurston is associate professor in the School of Fine Art History of Art and Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds He publishes regularly on the connections between contemporary art literature and media studies to issues of public language publishing cultures and innovative writing His artworks have been exhibited in Europe and North America and are held in public and private collections

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    Interesting collection of articles on different far right actors and how they use digital media in their discursive battle Worthwhile