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As Bingtown Slides Toward Disaster, Clan Matriarch Ronica Vestrit, Branded A Traitor, Searches For A Way To Bring The City S Inhabitants Together Against A Momentous Threat Meanwhile, Althea Vestrit, Unaware Of What Has Befallen Bingtown And Her Family, Continues Her Perilous Quest To Track Down And Recover Her Liveship, The Vivacia, From The Ruthless Pirate Kennit Bold Though It Is, Althea S Scheme May Be In Vain For Her Beloved Vivacia Will Face The Most Terrible Confrontation Of All As The Secret Of The Liveships Is Revealed It Is A Truth So Shattering, It May Destroy The Vivacia And All Who Love Her, Including Althea S Nephew, Whose Life Already Hangs In The Balance

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    4.5 5 starsA satisfying conclusion to the Liveship Traders trilogy and at the same time, it also made me super excited to start Tawny Man trilogy.Ship of Destiny marks the conclusion to the Liveship Traders trilogy, the second out of five subseries in Hobb s Realm of the Elderlings series, and this was overall a satisfying conclusion I really have to give this praise to Robin Hobb Having read six books and one novella so far, whether I love it or not mostly love , I found all her stories to be unpredictable The book is filled with once again amazing characters developments, political turmoil, dragons, and a few great nautical battle scenes In addition to that, there are a lot of revelations to secrets that were hinted ever since the first book everything was resolved with no loose ends and the book also shed light on what to come in the future series I almost absolutely loved reading this one, there were a few things I disliked which I ll get into later but first let me dive talk a bit about the characters in this trilogy.I ve praised Hobb on her characterizations strength in all my review of her books so far and I envisioned you re going to see this as an occurring event Hobb is seriously superb in developing her characters, especially in this trilogy Almost every single character ended up playing a role that gave the story its own charm and none of the characters in this trilogy ended up the same way from their first appearance I mean it, every single character has gone through their own battle and struggles that changed them, for better or worse I had a problem with the serpents POV in the first and second book, they felt completely unnecessary, but in here it all finally made sense why they were necessary The only character that remains the same was Amber and there s a special reason for that.There s this phrase that s used countless times in many novels, especially in YA fantasy, she s unlike any other woman which ironically, makes the female characters mentioned the exact copy of all the other woman that received that description However, I can assure you that Malta seriously deserves the title of unlike any other woman This character s growth from the first book to the third book is a coming of age tale at its finest She grew from a highly spoiled brat and one of the most despicable characters I ve ever read into one of the most interesting characters in the trilogy And then there s the liveship, Paragon, which I can t stress highly enough how happy I am reading his story line and background One final thing on the characters, Hobb seriously isn t afraid to make her characters suffer When you fear to fail, you fear something that has not happened yet You predict your own failure, and by inaction, lock yourself into it Hobb has spent a lot of time building towards the last 250 pages and it was really worth it The moment of convergence where all the characters that have been spread out across the continent throughout the trilogy finally meet each other were rewarding to read This made the last 250 pages of this book incredibly compelling to read Unfortunately, despite my praises, I still can t give this book a full 5 stars.This book was in my opinion a bit too huge for its own good Don t get me wrong, I don t mind reading a tome, I absolutely loved and finished Oathbringer 450k words in five days and I still wanted from it But this one was simply unnecessary long There were at least 100 pages that of practically Hobb repeating things that have been stated This was evident in the first 300 pages of this book during the Bingtown political discussions, which went on for way too long Right now, I don t even remember half of the discussions that were discussed there because they were almost like fillers and it got super tedious after a while I ve mentioned this in my previous review and I still think that Serrila s POV was completely pointless in my opinion It can be cut off completely and it won t affect this trilogy at all Having read up to this point though, I guess I ll just have to accept that Robin Hobb has a trademark to ramble and being wordy than necessary, whether it s her own fault or the editors I have no idea These are all just minor issues I had, the second half and Hobb s prose made up for these cons and they were fantastic, otherwise, this would be a gigantic problem.For those of you who are wondering if you can read this without reading Farseer or not, you absolutely can if you want There s one major character from the Farseer trilogy that s here but if you haven t read Farseer, you probably won t know it s him, that s all you ll miss However, if you re willing to read Farseer, I strongly recommend to finish the first two book and see how you feel about it first If you don t like it, just read a summary of the third book, Assassin s Quest, on Wikipedia It will save you a HUGE amount of time and believe me, that book deserves to be skip, finishing that one almost made me give up completely on Robin Hobb, and this is coming from someone who actually enjoyed the first and second book in the trilogy.Overall, The Liveship Traders is still a marvelous and satisfying trilogy to read, it s so much better than the Farseer trilogy in my opinion Also, I m now super eager start Tawny Man, which from what I ve heard is the most highly praised trilogy written by Robin Hobb and I will definitely do that after one or two book break Although this trilogy fell a bit short to be included into my all time favorite trilogy list, I still highly recommend this trilogy for anyone who loves epic fantasy with a lot of characters POV and well written characters development.Picture My copies of Liveship Traders Series review Ship of Magic 4.5 5 stars The Mad Ship 4 5 stars Ship of Destiny 4.5 5 stars Liveship Traders 13 15 stars You can find this and the rest of my Adult Epic High Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at BookNest

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    Do you not see how strange and wonderful that is That all history balances on an affair of the human heart Well, this was a bittersweet story.Hobb started this right from the end of Mad Ship and we saw all the story arcs going in farther away from each other instead of converging, at least initially I was frustrated how all the story arcs were taking their on sweet time to reach the conclusion but once I finished reading this, I couldn t help but marvel on how beautifully she brought everything together Once again I will talk about characters that impressed me the most.Paragon beats every other character to be my favorite of the trilogy I didn t like him initially, after all he was a mad and a brooding ship, with a bloody history to tell Here not only he told the dark secrets from his past but also made us how at heart he was still a child and how he s connect to another child So much happened on his deck murder, rape, abuse, you name and Paragon has seen it all and yet he is still capable of forgiving that one person who cheated him in the end for someone else It was heartbreaking to see them together one last time Once again Malta made it to my favorite list That girl never cease to amaze me When all hope was lost she did something that not only saved her but also redeemed the whole of Bingtown and Rain Wilds It was because of her that we got to know the secret of Livships But her journey in this book was not so flowery, it was full of hard work, constant disrespect, and taking care of self obsessed man And she did it all Every time I thought yup, she s going to give up and jump the ship but she came back strongly and won my heart Last but not least Kennit I hated him but I also could not help myself and pity him I hated what he did to Wintrow, Etta, and Althea How he deceived Paragon I wanted to strangle him in that moment but could not The story of who he was, who he is now, and what he wanted to be made me tear up His was the darkest, saddest, and ugliest story Hobb was not kind when she told us about Kennit It was at times uncomfortable to read on but I guess that s what made Kennit such a complex character And then there was Tintaglia in all her glory She was magnificent and one of the most important character of this book I loved her but then who doesn t love dragons It was an amazing story and I had a great time reading it I will definitely be recommending it to friends.

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    I loved the ending of this because everything was resolved perfectly, and at the same time the events have far, far, reaching consequences These will no doubt affect the Six Duchies This made the ending so strong for me because I couldn t wait to read I couldn t wait to see how far Amber has and will shape the world in accordance with her prophecies It s all about the dragons The magic behind all this slowly began to reveal itself across the trilogy and, finally, in this book it was released The revelation of what drives the liveships was completely bizarre, but as the novel progressed it became clear how well established this outlandish idea was It s all so strange and wonderfully accidental The magic system is very well thought out to say the least If someone would have told me when I began reading that this weirdness was behind it, I would have laughed But Hobb is the master of her craft she makes the impossible magical she makes it real One does not need the size of a dragon to have the soul of a dragon I found myself liking Paragon and as the series developed He initially appears as a sullen brute who is about to explode with unbridled rage But the ship has a massive backstory He s a victim, a big one He has been abandoned and defaced he has been used and mistreated However, Amber saw into the depths of him she saw what lurked behind his wooden exterior, and she gives him the most ultimate gift Unsurprisingly, during the process she pays great homage to her greatest friend and biggest love Such a fool see what I did there It all came together in the end I love this pic The climax was everything it needed to be The characters all had one big clash at the high seas and in doing so Hobb expanded her fantasy universe tremendously The importance of a group of serpents, which I initially perceived as insignificant, became abundantly clear They re so central to Hobb s magic I always wondered why they were so drawn to the boats In retrospect it s all rather obvious But when I was reading I was rather dumbfounded I wonder how the rest of the world will feel when they find out, if they find out Do you not see how strange and wonderful that is That all history balances on an affair of the human heart Malta is, perhaps, the character that will go furthest in this Excluding Amber of course Her path has been intertwined with that of the dragons Her development was wonderful she went from an annoying brat to someone with real character she grew up Some of the other characters had semi predictable endings With her it was fairly surprising Overall, this was a good ending to a good trilogy I m looking forward to seeing how Hobb uses elements of this in later books The Liveship Traders 1 Ship of Magic A seafaing 3.5 stars 2 The Mad Ship A tumultuous four stars 3 SHip of Destiny A cresting fours stars

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    Another stunning trilogy by Robin Hobb How I loved the characters They are so vivid and real Althea and Brashen are to fall in love with Im no big fan of pirate tales, but Robin Hobb just enthralls me I just had the best start of the morning by finishing this book Woke up before 8 am on a day off Decided to read the last few pages fell asleep last night on the couch and there were cookies next to me.healthy start of the day Im still convinced everyone should just read Robin Hobb There isnt much to review it all speaks to its fantastic self.

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    I don t know when I was last so gripped by a story I absolutely loved it.

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    This one is going down as one of my favourite fantasy trilogies Without a doubt This review contains some spoilers of book 1 and 2 Part of it is very typical Robin Hobb after 6 books I m allowed to say that right she makes characters so incredible real they become existing people I ve said it before, but it s just really true they become people for you to love or loathe But it s also remarkable how mean she is to them all she sends them through hell, leaves them there without food or drinks, and then kindly asks them to walk back barefoot Mean, mean There is however one thing she does in this trilogy she didn t do in the previous one for this one she took a trick of the fantasy writers tool box multiple point of view characters with storylines that are all coming together Not one catalyst but a whole family of them I thought the general world building was very well done The serpents, dragons, elderlings, pirates enough mystery to keep you on your toes until the very last chapter.Safe to say that i loved this trilogy It just has all the elements right Well developed characters, check Marvelous world building, check Solid writing, check Enough tension to keep you going, check A few unpredictable twists, check And so on.I want to end this review with Paragon While I m typing this, I have Mumford and Sons playing in the background a CD obviously, if they would be live in my living room I wouldn t be typing , and this song reminds me of him Now I ll be bold, as well as strongUse my head alongside my heartSo take my flesh, and fix my eyesThat tethered mind free from the lies memories In my mind, I see Paragon, waiting all those years on the beach for someone who will push him back into the winds Someone to restore him to former glory And at last, the waiting is over, Paragon is sailing again and I loved every second of it

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    I m just so grateful that this series exists It is phenomenal I enjoyed every hour of my life that I spent on these three books That is all.

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    I did it I finished it My reading of these three 900 page books has been quite a journey, but in the end I m glad I stuck to the end and got a great reading experience out of it This is the last book in the trilogy, so obviously I can t tell you too much about the story However, I can tell you that this last installment was quite breathtaking and intense With this novel, I finally felt a deep connection to all of the characters, maybe because I ve been following their journeys for so many pages I was a bit hesitant to pick up this third book because my reading of the second book was a disappointment I felt like the story became too silly and too dull, and that was after a great start with the first book that I rated 4 stars Nevertheless, I now know that I love this series because of its originality and its intenseness Robin Hobb rarely leaves you bored in this fantastic world of dragons, ships and traders I think I just read the second book at the wrong time This is definitely a great series for everyone Fantasy lovers as well as people like me who are not that much into fantasy, but who loves a fantastical read once in a while.

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    Of course This book is amazing.

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    Robin Hobb delivers a highly satisfying finale to an enjoyable fantasy series If you have read The Farseer Trilogy and are debating whether to read this trilogy next or skip ahead to the Tawny Man trilogy I can t recommend The Liveships Trilogy enough I think there are little tidbits throughout to reward those who choose to continue in publication order.One thing Hobb does well, is produce interesting, well thought out, multidimensional characters Many of the characters who are arguably good have their ugly side I m thinking here of Althea, Malta, Wintrow, Keffria and And Hobb forces us to look at the redeemable qualities of those characters who, if not totally evil, are pretty close I m thinking here in particular of Kennit, the pirate who would be king Up till about halfway through this book, I found Kennit for all his flaws and self centered ambition, to be a fairly likeable character A lot of that stems from the kindness he extends to Wintrow and his relationship with the liveship Vivacia However, come the second half of this book, Robin Hobb peels back the layers to reveal who Kennit really is What motivates him What has made him the man he is It was not a pretty picture In the second half of this book there were some truly jaw dropping, gut wrenching, and even sickening revelations that turned a lot of my assumptions throughout the series on their head Hobb takes us down some dark and ugly pathways relating to the past which we then see perpetuated in the present Hobb has a reputation for putting her characters through the mill, but this book took it that step further again and led me as the reader into some pretty uncomfortable places Still, for all the dark and uncomfortable places we are forced to travel there are also some glorious moments, Like the rise of the dragon Tintaglia, soaring and hunting and doing battle Also the growth of the mad ship Paragon, arguably the character who develops the most through the series I think overall the series finishes positively, however, to say this story has a happy ending would be over simplistic Victory comes at a very high cost to many of the characters Alongside the triumph there is also tragedy For those who overcome, the face of redemption is covered in scar tissue.Loved it4 stars