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    I was so very much charmed by the grumpy shapeshifting dragon princess protagonist and her unexpected human companion as they embark a fantasy road trip in an attempt to restore her honor. This was so just so much fun and I can't wait to read the sequels.

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    On a quest to recover the magical gem that contains her lost ocean home, the dragon princess Shimmer encounters a boy, Thorn. When he saves Shimmer's life in a fight, she rather reluctantly decides that he may accompany her as they pursue her enemy Civet. Though Shimmer doesn't originally feel that Thorn is her equal, because he's so much less powerful than she, she finds that they may have more in common than she thinks and that they can work together to achieve her quest.

    The characterization is excellent. The relationship between Shimmer and Thorn is particularly nicely done; overtly, one is powerful and one is comparatively weak, but they develop an equal, helping relationship. It's mostly from Shimmer's viewpoint, since she's the one whose quest it is and who has to change more in order to perceive Thorn as an equal, but there are some passages from Thorn's point of view which show how he sees himself as taking care of her, rather than the reverse. The villain, Civet, is also more three-dimensional than she at first appears, which made the final confrontation more complex.

    I really liked the setting. I've always had a weakness for fiction based on fairy tales and mythology, and this hit me in that spot, especially since it's a mythology that I've not read much of. I should read more Chinese mythology and folklore, really; I'd would be interested to see exactly what Yep did use of the tale he started with, about the Old Mother of the Waters, since he says his story grew and changed a lot from there.

    This is the first in a series of four (I think), and I'm already tracking down the other ones to read them.

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    I believe this was my very first favorite book that I found all on my own (i.e. not because I was assigned it in school or one of my siblings or friends got me to read it.) I remember really loving this book so much, but it had been so long since I'd read it, that I knew I had to try it again to see if it was still worth the read.

    And it held up! Blending Chinese mythology and a good old fashioned adventure story, Yep does wonderfully in this tale of Shimmer, the dragon princess out for revenge on the witch who stole her sea, and Thorn, the young, brave orphan boy who accompanies her. The character types you have probably seen before (the arrogant, older one and the well-meaning, intelligent younger one who wins them over) but still, the setting is so unique and the stories are so vibrant that it completely overshadows and negative effect, if there was any.

    I recommend it for anyone who enjoys a good fantasy, Chinese mythology, or just a fun adventure with exciting, different settings and colorful characters.

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    I found this a really quick read; less than 24 hours. I found the 2 main characters engaging: the proud dragon princess who has lost her ability to trust, and the brave, loyal, demanding boy. I am ordering the second. I think I might have read this 25 years ago, but it was really fun to read again.

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    I thought this book was great. It was a good story of friendship and courage. I especially liked the action in the book becuase it was very exxciting. Whats more, I liked how the young boy prooved himssel worthy to the mighty dragon. I also liked the description in the book.
    Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone.

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    This book is phenomenal and I'm struggling to find words to convey just how highly I recommend it. The main story follows the (mis?)adventures of a dragon princess and human boy and is totally original, interesting, and fun. The main characters are unique and loveable, with tangible character evolution occurring throughout the story. Laurence Yep is a wonderful narrator and an absolute genius when it comes to dialogue. It's rare to find a book from any genre where the characters banter and engage in such a whimsical yet believable way. I also want to say that I never caught a whiff of a "chosen one" trope anywhere in the book(!). There are a few serious moments that gently push the reader to consider abandonment, neglect/abuse, betrayal, and justice. The back of my edition, Harper-Trophy, recommends ages 12+ but, I mean, I would feel comfortable reading this aloud with all of my kids listening, and they're ages 3, 6, and 11. I was lucky enough to thrift the first 3 (of 4) books in this series, so off to start number 2!!

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    Overall I liked the story. However the style of writing is dated and wanted for concrete action verbs and nouns. Also, there was a thread that was dropped. At one point when Shimmer and Thorn meet Monkey, Monkey comments that Thorn reminds him of someone. But unless I missed it, I never found out who or why it seemed important. I kept expecting Thorn to turn out to be a royal prince, inheritor of some lost kingdom. Also, I'm not sure why Thorn's narrative is used for just two chapters. And lastly the story left me up in the air. It feels like there should be a sequel.

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    Another favorite from my junior high days, this novel (the first in what I later learned was a series that I regrettably have yet to read) is heavily influenced by Chinese folklore. The story, that of two runaways who band together to fight against a witch who cost them both their homes, is full of colorful characters, memorable landscapes, and even a twist or two that showed a young me that a villain can still be sympathetic.

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    Based on an old Chinese tale of a stolen sea, dragons and magic this is an engaging tale of an exceedingly grumpy dragon princess with serious attitude issues and a sensible orphan boy. Together they form an unusual friendship and have several adventures to find the lost sea.

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    It's honestly such a shame that this book isn't more widely read. It had a huge impact on me as a child; the storytelling is rich, the language is effective and perfectly digestible for the target audience, and the characters an absolute delight.