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The official companion book to the HBO series Gentleman Jack created by Sally Wainwright and starring Suranne JonesIn 1834 Anne Lister made history by celebrating and recording the first ever known marriage to another woman This is her remarkable true storyAnne Lister was extraordinary Fearless charismatic and determined to explore her lesbian sexuality she forged her own path in a society that had no language to define her She was a landowner an industrialist and a prolific diarist whose output has secured her legacy as one of the most fascinating figures of the 19th century Gentleman Jack The Real Anne Lister follows Anne from her crumbling ancestral home in Yorkshire to the glittering courts of Denmark as she resolves to put past heartbreak behind her and find herself a wife This biographical portrait introduces the real Gentleman Jack featuring unpublished journal extracts decrypted for the first time by series creator Sally Wainwright and historian Anne Choma

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    This book is a rather interesting and somewhat valuable insight into the life of Anne Lister The book is split into chapters with some rather tasty diary entries throughout It reminded me of a Jane Austen novel in a way or that might be just me I am aware of the TV series called Gentleman Jack and I've heard that this book follows it pretty well I'm not sure that I'll ever get around to watching it though Anne Lister was a phenomenon She was way ahead of her time and I love that She held much knowledge about her estate and she knew her sexuality and with this she knew exactly how she wanted to live her life This was uite a short read which was full of interesting snippets from Anne's diaries I recommend this for anyone that wishes to gather information about a remarkable headstrong female

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    As reading the diaries themselves as edited by Helena Whitbread is a bit too intensive for me right now I was happy to find this book It provides background for the tv series and has selected some of the most interesting diary passages I was especially fascinated by how Anne used the diaries as a ways of reasoning with herself I had to laugh uite a couple of times at Anne writing one thing and subseuently doing something that decidely illustrated the opposite I also enjoyed how reading the book immediately offers insight into some of the plot choices made by the series

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    As I’m thoroughly enjoying the BBC drama of ‘Gentleman Jack’ I felt compelled to read this companion to the series and I’m really glad I did It was an absolutely fascinating read which gave insight into the characters and the times although the TV series is extremely accurate and very well done Actress Suranne Jones who plays GJ sums her up well ‘She’s a bit Marmite this one’ but love her or hate her Anne Lister certainly made her mark I loved that AL defied the conventions of the time she was a ‘man in petticoats’ She was highly intelligent scholarly and boundlessly energetic She was interested in so much from classic literature to medicine and she attended and conducted dissections She was funny disparaging if necessary her relationship with sister Marion was rocky and she described her as the ‘cock of the dung hill she desired to be upwardly mobile was merciless and hard nosed in business an optimistic personality who believed in positive thinking before it was a ‘thing’ She travelled widely in Europe and died in what is now Georgia after a trip to Russia with Ann Walker She inherited Shibden Hall Halifax from her uncle and massively improved it managing its farms with great efficiency It was at Shibden that she met Ann Walker whom she would ‘marry’ The book recounts the affairs that she had up to meeting heiress Ann in 1832; her most passionate affair prior to this was to Mariana Belcombe who broke Anne’s heart when she married Charles Lawton The relationship between Anne and Ann was a strange one in some ways as for the first two years of the relationship Ann would not commit to them being together and to AL’s frustration freuently prevaricated Their relationship became sexual and this was described in the dairies AL felt that Ann was far sexually aware than she ever let on and certainly wasn’t an innocent It emerged later that she had some form of affair with Reverend Ainsworth The two women were yin and yang AL was optimistic confident and self aware whilst Ann was negative had no self confidence and couldn’t stand up for herself against vulture like relatives She also suffered from melancholy bouts of mania and other mental health issues However much to AL’s surprise they exchanged rings and took holy communion together in All Saints Goodramgate York a gorgeous little church which they classed as marriage in 1834 There is a plaue that commemorates this Ann then moved into Shibden much to her families chagrin although with the approval of AL’s When you consider the status of GeorgianVictorian women and that the word lesbian didn’t even exist their bravery in flouting conventions is staggering Add to that that they lived near a smallish town Halifax where everyone knew everyone else’s business it becomes even audacious However they had their supporters not least AL’s Aunt Ann so many Anns and I think the fact that AL was so impressive and could run rings round many of the local business men that must have helped This was a very well written book interspersed with extracts from AL’s HUGE diaries It not only gave you understanding of the central characters in this amazing piece of history but it also demonstrated what the times were like It was absolutely fascinating and a terrific read

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    Anne Lister is a 19th century lesbian who managed an estate wooed women eschewed corsets and other restrictive clothing as much as possible and kept a detailed journal This historical account includes many excerpts from recently transcribed and decoded journals and letters I took great joy in the euphemisms in particular The author does not shy away from Anne's less positive traits such as merciless tenants dealings but celebrates her achievements and verve correcting some inaccuracies her name has picked up along the wayI should say the journals were written in a detailed code and the author also did uite a bit of the transcriptiondecoding work once they were opened up for scholarly inuiry

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    Anne Choma’s Gentleman Jack The Real Anne Lister is an excellent companion to the HBO and BBC adaptation Supplementary and expansive there is no hint of any partiality in this fascinating biography that succinctly tells not only of Lister’s liaisons with a lot of women but also her insatiable hunger for education despite women’s almost lack of rights then Her detailed diary entries are not only a time capsule on 1800s lesbianism but an intricate look at mechanics of societyAnne Lister of Shibden Hall who is perhaps most well known as the “modern lesbian” with libertine outlook on gender and sexuality also suffered from flawed beliefs and uestionable intentions Although she was at peace with her religion and sexuality she was conservative in her political interests she’s a Tory Blue in fact and had manipulative selfish tendencies over lovers and the lower class As is the norm with white male businessmen in this era there was no surprise there Her need to climb up over the social ladder was a little off putting though she eventually grew out of this Despite these shortcomings her courage to live her life as herself unapologetic is admirable; her experience of heartbreak and want of a lasting partner one after another palpable her gentlemanly manner uite endearing that it is difficult with her string of lovers not to be charmed and smitten Although her family was refreshingly accepting she didn’t escape the lingering snide and taunt of narrow minded bigots Heteronormativity corrupts and forces itself upon same sex relationships ie rigid ideas on gender roles Branded as an oddity her lack of conformity on femininity with other expectations on gender in tow she made up for her travel enthusiasm and vast knowledge on a wide array of subjects This biography also tells and concludes her love story with Ann Walker who was as commendable and magnificent for her own bravery Their romance is a gut wrenching and gushing tale of communion and affinity A “marriage” hailed as the “first same sex marriage” in the UK this is another fragment of the continuing persistence and presence of the LGBT community throughout history And I uote EM Forster “It comes to this then there always have been people like me and always will be ” Today Shibden Hall stands proudly in Halifax Yorkshire and the church where Anne and Ann took their wedding vows through the holy communion bears a plaue that commemorates the event Gentleman Jack The Real Anne Lister is not a diary anthology It often inserts excerpts from Lister’s diaries which are then discussed at length by Choma; historical context included Side by side with the TV series this is a brilliant addition but as a stand alone I wouldn’t think this will suffice at all Don’t forget to see the TV series because writer Sally Wainwright never disappoints and is a gift that keeps on giving

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    Very pleasantly surprised to discover how closely the TV series sticks to the primary sources

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    This was such a fun read I've watched the TV show a couple of times and really enjoyed it so when I saw that there's a biography that ties into the show I had to pick it up No regrets there It starts off by going through a brief introduction of Anne's life leading up to the show then it sets off from there I didn't feel like I was reading a summary of each episode which is how I felt with The Crown Volume 2 but like I was actually getting the historical basis for it and a grasp of what they made dramatic and some things they left out All I can say is that I'm really excited for season two whenever it comes out and that I hope they do another volume for the rest of it

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    Anne ListerGentleman Jack is dedicated in her diary keeping and hunting for love True love This woman is new to me and the life she led was extraordinary and off the beaten track She was fiercely Anne Lister and kept careful track of her time spent on this earth and in self preservation created a code to keep track of her sexual expressions mild and wild She was curious and inuisitive and held back no experiences in satisfying her need to seek out answers as it related to her body and the bodies of others even dead onesThis is a good read for a start I think I was pleased that real biographical information is shared in this movie tie in I thought I was getting a book not a movie companion piece so that disappointed me a bit but I was satisfied by the book's end I was launched on a google fest to determine about fiesty Anne and how she maneuvered in order to rearrange the world according to her desires She was brilliant and fought her battles winning winning all the way to 2020 Not bad at all3 stars uncoded

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    DNF 20%

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    What a remarkable woman single minded confident in an age when women had virtually no rights and there wasn't a word for lesbian she was way ahead of her time I wasn't aware of her until the show aired but she is fascinating as are her secret diaries written in her special 'crypt hand'I listened to an audio copy of the book which was excellent