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Really enjoyed the story but was bothered by the execution somewhat.Princess Ni Soung s father is the lord of the region Phong Quay is the leader of the rebellion against him When Ni Soung is sent out from the palace she is warned by her close friend, Akiko, not to go She knows something is wrong but just can t bring herself to defy her father s wishes As expected, she has been used as bait to draw the rebel leader into the hands of her father s soldiers She is taken hostage by Quay s rebels and this begins the story of their journey on the run from her father as well as from each other They are immediately drawn to each other Soung just KNOWS that there is something familiar about Quay something in their past that she cannot remember, something that she has blocked in her memory The story is rife with secrets and hidden agendas that Soung knows nothing about It is a sexy love story with a back and forth between the two lead characters Unlike some similar stories of relationships I ve read, these characters seem pretty strong no whining or mamby pamby self introspection every chapter that was great On the downside, there are grammar problems throughout the book that made for a bumpy read The wrong words are used i.e., sorted for sordid Dialogue was occasionally too modern with current slang and figures of speech for me Some adult language seemed misplaced to me as well I d probably give this a 4 5 rating if the book was edited for the grammar and word usage issues though.I do recommend this book I liked the setting, the characters, and the basic storyline all in all. This is book 1 in a 3 book series This first book Book of Quay is so entitled because in this book it is Quay who knows the most about what is going on although he is not the most forthcoming He struggles the most throughout because unlike Soung he understandsfully everyone s motivations and the real, deeper implications of her being back in his life He is the one who is struggling the most with the emotional and psychological damage from their shared past as well as how it has colored their present Soung, while having inklings, has yet to fully grasp the full picture In book II Book of Soung, it is Soung who is keeping Quay in the dark Most of what happens is happening to her while Quay is the one trying to put the pieces together At the same time, Soung begins tofully grasp that which Quay has known all along She learnsof who he truly is and who they have been to each other Book III Book of Choi, is the final book In it, everything is revealed about both Quay and Soung everything that led up to them becoming Cat and Qin, everything that led up to the Emperor s obsession with Quay, everything that led up to the initial betrayal which pulled them apart and the aftermath of that betrayal In short, everything that landed them where they started in Book I. A very good book Really loved reading it. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review as part of LibraryThing s Members Giveaway program Plot spoilers may follow I m struggling with how to best summarize this book and I ll probably fail, so I m going to leave that to our queen and just review it Lol Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this book It had this constant underlying sense of sadness, I suppose at what had been lost on both sides, and even though the happy ending girl in me wanted to have seen everything resolved during Quay s chapter, I like that it was dragged out and wasn t fully resolved just yet I m so curious as to what the Quay Qin history is and exactly why it had to be that way, and I think the author did a great job of weaving snippets of past conversations into the plot so that we d understand without knowing all I think revealing bits and pieces of the past that way seems to makesense for the constant sense of danger surrounding them rather than it all being laid on the table at once before anything has the chance to be resolved, because then it would be too overwhelming I think there needed to be a bit of resolution as well as a littleemotional maturity from Soung before we can fully explore the Qin Cat backstory It was an interesting twist that Soung couldn t put the pieces together because she d blocked it out and refused to look at the similarities between the Qin she remembered and Quay It s definitely not the typical reason that I read when the heroine has amnesia I think what stuck out to me at the conclusion of this book was how many questions I had, just how many things had been left unresolved Now whether these are loose ends that are tied up in Soung s chapter or they were forgotten I m not sure, but I had a lot of questions about how things came to be Even though this is technically a historical romance, I enjoyed that the conversational style was as modern as it was I usually don t like it, but I think it gave both Quay and Soungpersonality to hear them speaking as informally as we do today The fact that neither of them spoke in thestuffy conversational style that is typical of most historical romances made me like the book a bit better One thing I really liked about reading this book was the internal conflict going on with both Quay and Soung, but I thought the conflict going on in Quay s mind because he knew everything was a bitlayered Since this was Quay s story, I think his past should have been delved into a little further I felt that this wasa peek into both of their pasts and backstories than it was primarily Quay s I heard a bitfrom Soung s point of view and I think that s why I initially was confused on how to summarize this part of the book, since it was supposed to be Quay s I would have loved to learnabout why and how Quay became who he was Something that jumped out at me was that even though the summary of this book noted that Soung was going to be caught in the middle between her father and Quay, I didn t get much objection from her father after she was caught up with Quay and the rest of the rebels I expected a lotof a push pull between the two after Soung s capture and I didn t really get it I noticed a few grammatical errors throughout the book and they didn t detract from the story at all but I d suggest another scan by a proofreader just to make sure theobvious ones are caught I think the story itself was excellent, I enjoyed the way it was told, and it had a healthy mix of witty and tragic, action and suspense The main characters all have a story to be told, whether it is a large and important or small and minor story, and I m looking forward to hearingabout them Our queen LOL did a good job of making something appealing out of each character, even if the only bit of appeal about the person is my desire to see them get theirs Even the characters that I mistakenly called throwaway characters had their place, their moment in the spotlight, and I like that this book isn t full of filler characters I cannot list the loose ends in this chapter as a complaint because I don t know yet if they ve been addressed in the second chapter With that being said, my primary complaints would be that I didn t feel I got enough of Quay s backstory and the lack of seeing Soung actually in the middle Otherwise, I have no complaints with this chapter of the Rebellion series and I m eager to read the Book of Soung next Intrigue, Deception, Betrayal What Are A Few Knives In The Back Between Two Lovers Qing Dynasty, ChinaSome Wounds Cut Too Deeply To Ever Truly Heal, To Ever Be Forgotten For The Rebel Phong Quay, Princess Ni Soung Is One Of Those Wounds A Remnant Of The Most Painful Chapter In His Life, A Pawn In His Never Ending War With His Greatest Enemy, The Emperor Ni Fehn As The Han Rebellion Against The Emperor Intensifies, Princess Soung Becomes Caught In The Middle As Bait In The Emperor S Most Brazen Bid To Date To Bring Phong Quay Down, The Princess May Just Find Herself A Casualty In The Battle Between The Two Men A Battle Between The Past And The Present, Between The Truth And Lies, Between Love And Revenge Rebellion Is A Steamy, Romantic, Historical Saga Set In Qing Dynasty China That Is Centered Around A Feisty Princess With Repressed Memories And Her Tempestuous Relationship With Her Roguish Kidnapper