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The Regency in England This period boasted Jane Austen and Lord Byron High society the gentry the working classes they all knew their place From coaches and curricles to Almack's and Regent's Park from lorgnettes and uizzing glasses to Drury Lane and Pall Mall it's all here from chambermaids to the Prince Regent himself Add Miss Ariana Forsythe to the intoxicating mix of fun and inspiration and what do you have? The first Christian Inspirational Regency on the market today Welcome to this delightful world and prepare to fall in love with Ariana and her cohorts From her home in the village of Chesterton to the very ballroom of Carlton House you will follow her adventures and journey of faith to the edge of your seat ending

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    Hmmm perhaps I didn't read the same book that everyone else who reviewed Before the Season Ends read because I certainly did not come away with the same fawning impression that the others apparently did I'm not uite sure why everyone who read this book and then subseuently reviewed it has given it high marks and glowing reviews Before the Season Ends is not a four or five star book To compare Burkard's writing style and language use to Jane Austen's is just laughable To even imagine putting Before the Season Ends on the same level as any of Austen's works is ludicrousHaving said all of that Before the Seasons Ends is not a terrible book and I didn't hate it It's a cute book about a Christian girl in Regency era England and her entrance into society That's pretty much it nothing profound or heart wrenching just a cutesy story The characters were fairly cartoonish the dialogue was stilted at times and after a while the book became tiresome I grew sick of Burkard's incessant use of the terms Paragon and gel; those terms popped up so freuently I felt as though they were only added to make the book seem authentic when in fact their use had the opposite affect It was also odd and annoying that in the middle of certain tragic scenes Burkard would suddenly give a detailed description of what Ariana was wearing For example after Ariana hears the story that Mr Mornay has fathered a child and abandoned it and the mother she goes to visit his Aunt Roylefrost but on the way Burkard takes the time to tell us about Ariana's pale blue walking gown including minute details unnecessary for the point of the story p 311Another issue I have with this book is the strange and often contradictory Christian message Burkard weaves into the story At the beginning of the story Ariana is blindly convinced that she has been called by God to marry a man of the cloth Mr Hathaway the local rector is decades older than Ariana and her parents are set against her marrying this much older man Ariana is so sure of God's calling that she is on the verge of accepting this man's suit until her father intervenes and the supposed man of the cloth Mr Hathaway starts a fistfight with her father That's right The rector the pastor the man of the cloth Mr Hathaway started a fistfight with Ariana's father How very Christian of himAriana is sent off to London to stay with her wealthy aunt for the society season She is concerned that she will be persuaded to forget her calling to marry a man of the cloth but she is sure that she will resist all attempts of her aunt to find her a society man to wed Needless to say Ariana does forget her calling to marry a man of the cloth and she becomes bethrothed to a society man HmmAriana falls in love with Mr Mornay only to decide that she cannot marry him because she suddenly remembers her conviction that she cannot marry someone who is not a true believer The basis of this conviction coming from a verse in 2 Corinthians chapter six verse fourteen Be ye not uneually yoked together with unbelievers An admiral conviction but it causes such strife for Ariana it just becomes silly when she continues to refuse Mr Mornay's and Mrs Bentley's attempts to set a wedding date Silly because Ariana is completely willing to overlook Mr Mornay's other failings How about the time Ariana encounters him while he's three sheets to the wind? Or the time when Mr Mornay conceals himself behind some draperies in the parlour while Ariana conducts what she thinks is a private conversation with her aunt? Or when Ariana hears the story that Mr Mornay has fathered a child out of wedlock and abandoned the mother and child? Oh wait that story turned out to be false except for the fact that if Mr Mornay himself believed that he fathered a child it would mean that he would have had to have been in the position of physically performing the act that would bring about a child So Mr Mornay's drunkeness lying subterfuge and carnal acts can all be overlooked by Ariana but not the fact that he is not a true believer which in this book means being a Methodist Mr Mornay admits to a belief in God but that as we know is not good enough It is not enough to simply acknowledge His existence one has to be a stellar Christian exactly like Ariana isThis convoluted Christian message is part of what turned me off of this book Even another character Mr O'Brien who is set up as being a man strong in faith is eventually turned into a cartoon character when Burkard writes about his repeated attempts to win Ariana's attentions and convince her to turn away from Mornay's affectionsThis isn't a terrible book but it's not as awesome as every other reviewer on this site has made it out to be

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    This is an edited version of a my 2010 review which I decided didn't make much senseIn Linore Rose Burkard's Before the Season Ends there were some similarities to Pride and Prejudice I particularly like how the author explained some of the customs and there was a glossary of terms at the back to define the words of the period All these years later I still remember the cute meet scenario between the hero and the heroine This is definitely a Christian historical romance

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    Waring Spoilers Ahead Before the Season Ends was an enjoyable read and it got much better as it went on but then it well went downhill and made me madI stayed up into the wee hours finishing this book slept on it and now that I am awake again I am still disappointed This book held my attention and interest for so long and then I wanted to yell at itAriana is sent to stay in London with her Aunt for the season Her Aunt being overly wealthy is a childless widow who wants to present her niece to society This will benefit the three parties involved her aunt's invitations are not as plentiful as they used to be this will get her invited to of the Tons events Ariana will be able to intermingle with the best of society perhaps find a husband and see some of the sites of London she has hoped to visit For her parents they want to remove her from the ageing rector that has set his sights on her and her him thinking it must be her lot in lifeAt her first event a picnic she meets Mr Mr Mornay Mr Mornay is a bachelor who can make you or ruin you in the eyes of the Ton he is very handsome and rich Due to certain events that take place in the story Ariana and Mr Mornay are to spend much time together Which is the good part for me in this book the better part Now here comes my frustration she loves him yet she is unsure as to marry him Why? Because he isn't a true believer So she sends him to stay with her father so he can learn to become one I'm sorry but that is ridiculous I understand that this is Christian fiction I've read a nice bit of this genre lately and some of them a relationship won't work until they started going to church but this book this book got me frustrated I see a lot of great reviews regarding this novel and it was great book up until I wanted to yell and glare Because of these frustrations I CAN NOT give it as high a rating as I had thought I would end up giving it So my final rating will have to be 25 stars

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    I SO enjoyed this first book in the Forsythe trilogy and am SO looking forward to book 2 It's rare to find Christian regency novels and sometimes when you do the spiritual aspects of the story seem shallow or nonexistent Linore Burkard had a great way of bringing Christ into her story without being shallow but also without seeming preachy I really appreciated that the Gospel was given clearly and leaving no doubts that Burkard believes what she is writing I really enjoyed the style of writing especially when it came to the points of view in narration I get frustrated when two or characters are having a conversation but you only know whats going on in the thoughts of one and so the other characters aren't easy to read or understand; Linore writes in a way that she can in the narration jump from one persons thoughtsperspective to anothers without the reader getting confused and it's nice to have all the facts and know what each character is thinking and then if the other characters are confused you can rest assured and know a bit beforehand what to expect from each ; This written by some people could be annoying or predictable and Burkard is the first author I've read where this ability really stood out to me Well done The plot was great It moved along uickly yet coherently and it never lagged There wasn't too much extra narration around conversations and scenes and everything ran along smoothly The added mystery towards the end hinted at throughout but addressed later on though rather short lived added to the story well and I liked it not being drawn out Ariana's Philip's aunts' were both really great characters And I also loved Lavinia Ariana's best friend Mr Pellham was pretty awesome and threw in some great laughsThe book was super clean once Ariana is betrothed there's uite a few mentions of kissing upon greetingfarewell but these were never dwelt on or narrated ; and I highly recommend to all regencyJane AustenGeorgette Heyer fans There was intrigue mystery romance comedy misunderstandings faith parties tree climbing dilemmas and a sweet ending due to two loving and protecting fathers earthly and Heavenly

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    My Review It was a pleasant change to read a Regency romance without a lot of sexual tension and innuendos Burkard has the era down pat and it was easy to visualize the scenes as well as sympathize with the heroine I also found her characteristics true to a 19 year old rather than a wishy washy attempt to provide the character with teen emotions that weren't of the time and adult emotions that were beyond her age as so many authors do with girls of that age in different time periods Ariane is a determined 19 year old second daughter who has decided that her lot in life is to marry someone in the church Her family is well educated in the meaning behind the Bible verses and she has the intelligence to engage in theoretical theology while at the same time the faith in what she believes to be correct She knows the difference between being a real Christian and being a church Christian Because the only church man in her village is over 60 her parents decide to send her to live with her aunt in London who has offered to sponser their oldest daughter to a London season The aunt is not prepared for a young girl who knows her mind and isn't influenced nor really interested in the social circles and Ariane isn't prepared for an aunt whose only interest is the social life of the ton It makes for some interesting personality clashes and character development Burkard has spent the last couple of chapters detailing the thoughts behind the idea that becoming a Christian and developing a Christian lifestyle has nothing to do with deeds and all to do with inviting God into your heart She has done this in a manner true to the story and not preachy it doesn't seem out of place at all and I really don't think that someone not schooled in the idea would find it out of place with the story I give this book 4 stars

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    I enjoyed the Regency setting especially comparing Ariana's small town with the elitist circle in London even the party given by the Prince Regent himself It all seemed authentic It was obviously very well researchedI must say however that overall I was disappointed in this book With such lovely endorsements I was expecting something a little polished and deep While flavors of Jane Austen did a few times whisper to my reading tastebuds they were too mild and subtle and I wished for a bolder flavor of Austen since she is my favorite author of all time Burkard overused one word that Austen used which began to annoy me every time Aunt Bentley used it “Gel” a special pronunciation of “gal” was only used by Austen by one character Mr Darcy's formidable aunt Mrs Catherine de Bourgh She used it in derision of Elizabeth Bennett whom she deemed inferior I was struck with this negative connotation every time Ariana's aunt Mrs Bentley used it with reference to ArianaThere were also several circumstances I felt weren't realistic We're introduced to Ariana as a hard headed somewhat man crazy girl with a strong faith strong enough to only entertain suitors who were members of the clergy However a change in scenery merely moving from her small town to stay with her aunt in London is enough to help her forget her former conviction to marry in the churchAnd the time spent detailing all the fine clothes of the upper elite seemed like the author just wanted to showcase all the research she did into the Regency era which is understandable but sometimes I felt it went too far for Ariana's supposedly tomboyish tendencies climbing trees racing friends jumping into a carriage without assistance The research took too much attention away from the story at times This uote summarizes Ariana's apparently newfound comfort in clothes “A girl could hardly remain gloomy when sporting a beautiful new evening dress” And the very last four paragraphs of the last chapter made me cringe and roll my eyes when I realized the entire story was ending with remarks about Ariana's wardrobe This is a very shallow ending to a story that was interested in the character's eternal destinies Also the psychic distance was never clear for me with a bit of head hopping between her parents' thoughts and feelings in the first three chapters never to be heard from again until the very last chapter to bouncing between Ariana's and Mornay's observations within the same chapterAbout Mornay his character was so complicated that I was never sure if I liked him or not Perhaps it was only gossip that tarnished his reputation as a bit of a ladies' man though arrogant and antisocial and maybe his character never really was But this is the kind of “hero” I distrust and I never was sure when he was being sincere Except for his good looks I'm not sure I understand how Ariana could have fallen for him so hard knowing he was not a fellow believer Are looks really that important to a tomboy one who is supposedly so convicted about marrying into the church?About the minor characters though Mrs Bentley was definitely not my favorite character she was most intriguing introduced as Aunt Bentley but called Mrs Bentley through the rest of the book was confusing Her complicated relationship with Mr Pellham also added interest But I wished there was less about Mr O'Brien and about Ariana's friend Lavinia I hope we hear from her in the rest of the trilogyThough there were several humorous lines some of them made me roll my eyes I think overall that the uality of writing was good It just wasn't my favoriteFavorite uotes“the art of keeping up a lively banter Ariana found was both fun and challenging She could not always hold her own but it seemed that Mr Mornay's favour had preceded her and if she momentarily faltered for a smart reply she was kindly helped along by various hosts or hostesses Ariana discovered too that silence accompanied by a knowing look could be response enough to satisfy a company”

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    NOTE I read and reviewed the original paperback book Linore told me that there are some changes to lines of dialogue in this edition but the story is the same A wonderful elegant story that will shock and surprise you up until the end Linore writes especially well about what true Faith and Salvation means in such a heartwarming and honest way She captures the style of Jane Austin's time and style so elegantly and beautifully Writing in such an intelligent and exuisite way Before the Season Ends is a wonderful book and I can't wait to read the seuel This book is filled with situations that you wouldn't really want to find yourself in unless you have a Mr Mornay yourself I know that he would have made being in some of the scenes Linore paints worth it to me LOL This book is a must read and I suspect that the whole series is as wellMy songs for this book is Find You On My Knees by Kari Jobe and Leaning On The Everlasting Arms by Alan JacksonJohn 315 16ASC

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    I love the Regency period and especially love the clean stories This one was definitely Christian as well and almost got a little too preachy toward the endAriana's aunt offered to put the eldest daughter of her brother's into society but the eldest Alberta was as good as engaged so he sent his second daughter Ariana I loved the ins and outs of the season and enjoyed learning a little bit of this time period Phillip is a great character feared by many; impatient with debutantes; gruff yet tender Ariana is pretty spunky considering her station in society It's crazy to think that one had to act and do things a certain way to be acceptedI really enjoyed it overall and will read the others in the series

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    93014 I started reading this one last night different cover and realized I had read it alreadythe MC is really silly at firstI can't remember but I assume she gets better 10309 This was a clean regency period book I did think that the last uarter of the book was kind of slow and I found myself trying to hurry to get it over with If I could have shortened it then it would have been 4 stars

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    Up to 34 of the way through the book I loved it couldn't put it down It was like a cute version of Jane Austen or Elizabeth Gaskell I would have easily given it a 5 stars but all of the sudden it turned born again christian on me and it irritated me It's not the religion in of itself that bugged me I just found the main character to be overly pious and judgmental If the book had ended when they had gotten engaged it would have been so much better