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Nina Was Beautiful, Wild Adored By Her Younger Sister, Ellie But, One Day, Nina DisappearedYears Later, Everyone Has Given Up Hope That Nina Will Return, But Ellie Knows Her Sister Is Out There If Only Ellie Had A Clue Where To LookThen She Gets One, In The Form Of A Mysterious Drawing Determined To Find Nina, Ellie Takes Off On A Crazy, Sexy, Cross Country Road Trip With The Only Person Who Believes She S Got A Chance Her Hot, Adventurous New Crush Along The Way, Ellie Finds A Few Things She Wasn T Planning On Like Love Lies And The Most Shocking Thing Of All The Truth

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    This is a book that can be divided into two very different parts The first is a deeply felt, but not fraught, family mystery that includes a road trip with a cute and sweet boy The second part Well, I ll get to that.Two years ago, Nina snuck out of her late at night and never came back And her younger sister, Ellie, still misses her terribly, and can t let go of the hope that someday, she ll find her The book is written from Ellie s perspective, so it s a good thing that I really liked her I liked her for her sense of loyalty towards her sister, which made her running off with a guy she s just met to try and find her make perfect sense for the character Rash, sure, but I totally got it Especially because that guy, Sean, was sweet and seemed to understand her need to find her sister His brother died, and so he totally gets the void that the loss of a sibling leaves The romance between them was cute and felt very natural And though I was in some suspense wanting to know what had happened to Nina, I never felt like Ellie was chasing a dead girl, or that there wouldn t be an explanation that I could buy for her absence Maybe even a reasonable one And then, less than 100 pages from the end of the book, the narrative took a hard left turn into something very, very different view spoiler As it turns out, Nina is on the run because she s afraid of the younger brother of her boyfriend Little Brother murdered Big Brother to get close to her, and she panicked The really big twist is that Little Brother is Sean hide spoiler

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    It s been two long years since Ellie s older sister Nina has disappeared Pretty much everyone has given up any hope that Nina will return, but not Ellie Ellie can t bear to think Nina, her sister whom she loves and idolizes, could be dead Ellie desperately wants to find Nina, and when she stumbles upon a portrait of her, drawn by Nina, she s certain she s found her clue With the help of a hot and mysterious stranger named Sean, Ellie sets off on a seemingly wild goose chase for the whereabouts of her sister But Ellie isn t prepared for what she learns along the way, regarding her sister and her new love interest Sean In this suspenseful and fast paced debut, readers will be swept along with Ellie as she journeys and finds love, lies, and the strength of sisterhood.I was immensely impressed with this solid debut novel Weingarten shows a mastery of her skill with words, especially when manipulating the plot Ellie s cross country escapade was filled with humor and lust yet also disappointment, anticipation for the next clue, confusion, and danger I like how the story strings the reader along nicely and then twists nearly completely around In the back of my mind, I think I expected part of the outcome of Ellie s journey, but I was still shocked when it actually happened I also really liked the development of both Ellie s and Nina s characters Ellie is easy to relate to, especially in her sisterly affection, friendship dilemmas, and thoughts of self preservation, and this increases the reader s sympathy for her as well as interest in her story The reader gets to know Nina mainly through Ellie s memories and thoughts of her sister, and it creates an image of a wild yet thoughtful girl anyone can love Some of the minor details of this novel, though, were not as well executed as the plot and development of the major characters There were some details that never completely added up Also, Ellie s relationship with her best friend Amanda seemed strange at times, and their problems seemed to magically disappear at the end of the novel Other than these few aspects, Wherever Nina Lies was an extremely well written and enjoyable story.Wherever Nina Lies is very impressive for a first novel, and I hope Weingarten plans to write novels especially if they re as good as this one Readers will see this novel as a hybrid between two fantastic novels, How to Be Bad and The Year My Sister Got Lucky, and will not be disappointed in this fantastic story of mystery, romance, suspense, and, most of all, sisterhood.reposted from

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    What A Mess.I really wanted to like this book I really did But the whole thing was quite simply a mess First off, the plot was very unrealistic The way that the girls control their whole lives without any parents input is just ridiculous They run around and go to Nebraska without telling their mothers it d make sense if you read the book Second, this crazy boy, Sean, who is in love with Ellie just seems crazy from the start Any real person would understand that, but the author makes the characters seem so naive and just plain stupid Third, the ending is completely and ridiculously unrealistic That is all I can even say about this book The end.

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    Reviewed by Steph for TeensReadToo.comNina mysteriously left two years ago, and now her younger sister, Ellie, is searching for her lost sister Even though Ellie s good friends, Amanda and Brad, say she should just give up, Ellie simply can t This is her only sister She can t go on through life without knowing what happened to Nina So, after Ellie sees a drawing her sister did and a phone number on a piece of old cardboard, she starts hunting for Nina Early on, Ellie meets the nice guy, Sean, who agrees to help a total stranger find her long lost sister The two travel cross country, following clue after clue, in order to find Nina Only when her search winds to an end does everything spin out of control Is Sean really there to help her Or does he have an ulterior motive And what s the true story with Nina Will Ellie ever be able to find her sisteralive Lynn Weingarten writes a thrilling adventure of two teens traveling across the country in order to find a long lost sibling This book is full of humor, adventure, love, and devotion The author creates a palpable love between two sisters that jumps from the pages of this book Whether you have siblings or not, WHEREVER NINA LIES will be sure to grab all readers.

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    Oh My Gosh Talk about a plot twist This book is one of the most incredibly not cliche not predictable books I have ever read I have to admit, while reading it I noticed a lot of forshadowing about things but I read this in two days while I was braiding my hair and let s just say that it had me gasping I can say that it s a book for people who are looking to be able to relate to the main character hopefully none of your siblings have been missing for two years but at the same time not looking for some heavy reading book When Nina, Ellies adored older sister disappear drastically, Ellie can t help but hope she comes back Fast forward two years and everyone but her has lost hope After a series of clues that lead to another heart break and a recent lead that doesn t work out the whereabouts of Nina, her best friend thinks it s time to let go and for Ellie to go back to her normal routines Turns out though that the lead wasn t so off and that when Ellie goes on a last minute road trip with oh so sweet and mysterious Sean Closer then she think s she is to truth.

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    Nina, who is adored by her younger sister, Ellie, has been missing for two years Everyone has given up hopes in finding her, except Ellie One day she found a picture drawn by Nina inside a book, the first clue that leads Ellie to a breathtaking journey Along this journey, she meets a gorgeous, mysterious guy called Sean, who claims to understand her feelings Is this guy trustworthy Together, they travel to places looking for Nina At first, I thought I wouldn t want to read this book because I am into sci fiction fantasy novels But why not give it a try WOW Wherever Nina Lies is a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good book I love how the author creates the plot, the mysteries, the suspense, and the romance Whenever Ellie finds a clue of Nina s whereabouts, I get engaged into the story, anticipating for the truth to be revealed And guess what the truth is veryyyyyyyyy shocking, at least not what I d expected in the beginning All I could say was O.M.G this is insane, so unexpected.

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    Das Buch lies sich super lesen und auch die Geschichte war an sich gut Es war spannend, mit Ellie auf die Suche nach ihrer Schwester zu gehen und der Twist am Ende war zu einem Gro teil unerwartet f r mich Auch wenn man bei einer Person schnell gemerkt hat, dass sie komisch ist, die Verstrickungen h tte ich nicht erwartet.Ich finde es nur etwas schade, dass nie wieder ein Wort ber die Band verloren wurde Diese Episode der Reise fand ich mit am besten

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    Spoilers included I can t imagine anyone is still reading this subpar book published in 2009, especially when Weingarten has turned a 180 later in her career, writing substantial, engaging YA such as Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls and Bad Girls with Perfect Faces, both of which got 4 stars from me and are worth reading, unlike this one But since I loved both of the aforementioned recent books so much, I expected a book along the same line, yet possibly less polished Instead, I got a dull, silly halfhearted attempt with a ton of drawings thrown in by some illustrator named Vicky Newman I guess I like when authors try to get a bit multimodal who doesn t like pictures but they ended up being distracting from the text which I guess wasn t necessarily a bad thing since I didn t really like the plot.When I was quite a bit younger, I watched the original Power Rangers, mostly because the OG pink ranger was one of the only brunette desirable protagonists available and even at nine I recognized Tommy, an adult male who wore belted black dress pants to practice martial arts in a park, was hot AF Another takeaway besides glimmers of sexual awakening was that the parents were completely aloof and never around, leaving the rangers to protect our world from Rita and Zed on a daily basis Similarly, but somehow even unrealistically than a giant floating head telling teenagers to save the world on school nights, Nina and Ellie have a mother who works so many night shifts that they both could be missing for weeks without her realizing it Then, there s Sean, whose parents also never check in with him because he was rich and even Amanda, who is able to fly to a different state to go to a concert because what the hell It s summer paraphrased, but the overall message is the same Sure, sometimes parents exist but are checked out when raising their teens, but to have all of the characters in the book have similar vacant parents is, frankly, just lazy writing Yes, 2009 was a simpler time right after shows like One Tree Hill, , etc where parents were too concerned with their own lives to bother parenting and viewers accepted it, but I found the parents in this book as unbelievable, and that s speaking as a girl who did not have a cell phone in high school and used to write my mom notes relaying where I was with no contact info, held onto our family TV by static Another early 2000 plot device in teen drama is being slut shamed via the girl s guy turning into an obsessive, dangerous freak after intimacy Yes, Sean was too good to be true with his wealth, floppy hair a la the 90s, and tunnel vision for Ellie, who Weingarten describes as not much of a head turner, but of course Ellie had to have sex with him before noticing anything was off I was pleased that Sean turned out to be crazy, as otherwise the book would be sending too many awful messages to viewers Latch on to the first hot guy who notices you, take off on a road trip with him without telling anyone, have sex possibly unprotected , and then start snooping enough to find her killed his older brother who dated your older sister and has also been searching for Nina for years which was, sadly, pretty obvious despite it not being revealed until 200ish pages in More early 2000s generic plot A sassy gay friend who helps the straight female protagonist in a pinch but asks her for homemade porn nonchalantly and has little back story except that he loves gossip and being called variations of Bradykins Not calling the police until the end because a hot guy can help instead And, lastly, the best friend who serves only to cause conflict when she has legit concerns about said hot guy , there s an argument involving Ellie kicking her best friend out of a hotel in the middle of the night, and the only glimmer of reconciliation readers get is them watching Nina suck ice cream off her fingers in the end.GAG I also couldn t stand Ellie, who had no interests aside from obsessing over her sister, iced coffee, and apparently mentally unhinged hot guys I knew I was in for a dull protagonist when I read I m not tall and I m not short, and I m on the thin side but I m definitely not skinny, I have curly hair that reaches to the middle of my back, it s light brown but gets blonder in the summer 12 1 I don t remember being as appalled by Weingarten s lack of understanding of punctuation such as how to use a semicolon to avoid a run on sentence with a comma , so I guess somewhere between this book and her latest, she learned and 2 I m so glad that authors of present day YA are moving away from the middle ground of writing a protagonist with no real defining features so as many readers can relate as possible Nowhere in the book does Ellie begin to define what she is.Now, the sub characters have far interesting descriptions, like the Jamies who have sex in the backseat, or the girl at the tattoo parlor who encourages her friend to get matching nipple piercings so they can be nipple twins Sadly, these people get little plot time.The most disappointing part of reading this was that Weingarten s later books are filled with lyricism, depth, and power, while this feels like fluff that I can t believe was published

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    Hannah ChamberlainMrs RomaniukReading L.A Book Review 828 January 2011 Searching For Nina Where Is She Have you ever lost something important to you Did no one seem to understand how you felt This is exactly what happened to Ellie, well, that is until she met Sean In Wherever Nina Lies, by Lynn Weingarten, Ellie Wrigley s sister Nina suddenly disappears from their home in Edgebridge, Illinois Ellie travels across the country, reaching one clue at a time, searching for her sister In the beginning of this realistic fiction and mystery novel, Ellie meets Sean, who helps her along the way However, Ellie makes several shocking discoveries about Sean and Nina This provides a nerve racking twist towards the end of the book One can assume that Wherever Nina Lies was written for teenage girls because it has an adventurous plot, there s a sufficient amount of romance, and a shocking secret is discovered It can be inferred that Lynn Weingarten most likely wrote Wherever Nina Lies for teenage girls because it has an adventurous plot At the beginning of this book, Ellie s sister Nina has already disappeared One thing after another, Ellie finds herself on a road trip to Nebraska with Sean, a complete stranger, to search for her absent sister Together, Ellie and Sean travel across the country following clues From Nebraska, where Ellie finds a clue at a small diner, they follow a bus to Denver, Colorado She thinks as the bus pulls to a stop, And now here we are in Denver, Colorado 111 Once in Colorado, Ellie visits a tattoo shop to ask about Nina Using clues from there, she finds herself on her way to Phoenix, Arizona She thinks, It is hours later now and we are in the desert in Arizona 173 as Sean sits next to her, driving the car She also describes the beauty of the desert After Phoenix, Ellie and Sean travel to San Francisco, nearing the end of their journey While driving into San Francisco, Ellie thinks about her new surroundings, I m staring out the window at the early evening sky, at the swooping red cables of the Golden Gate Bridge lit by a thousand tiny lights and the sparkling ocean beyond it 272 Here, Ellie describes San Francisco as looking peaceful and beautiful These examples illustrate the journey on which Ellie embarks to find Nina This book s plot is very adventurous because there is a lot of traveling and mystery solving Some of the most popular types of books among teenage girls are books that have adventurous plots Therefore, one can assume that Wherever Nina Lies was most likely written for teenage girls Teenage girls are the best kind of readers for Wherever Nina Lies because there is a sufficient amount of romance involved Before Ellie discovers Sean s secrets, there is quite a bit of romance between them that is created during the road trip When Ellie first sees Sean s face, she thinks, Our eyes meet and I feel something inside me flash 61 This demonstrates Ellie s belief that they had an instant connection Shortly after they meet, Ellie thinks, It s like here, in this car with Sean, is the only safe place left on the earth 71 This quote plainly illustrates Ellie s dramatic sense of security and her reasons behind it Later on in the story, Ellie thinks she s fallen in live with Sean She tells herself, This is it, this is what it s like to be falling in love 217 This quote couldn t state Ellie s feelings clearly She obviously cares about Sean very much Usually, teenagers enjoy romance novels than adults To break up the readers even , teenage girls are typically interested in romance novels than guys Since Wherever Nina Lies includes plenty of romance, teenage girls are its best kind of readers Readers can tell that Wherever Nina Lies was most likely written for teenage girls because a shocking secret is discovered When Ellie is feeling like the only one who cares about Nina s absence, she meets Sean He says that he s gone through something similar to Ellie s situation and because of this she begins to trust him Ellie embarks on a journey across the country to find Nina, and Sean accompanies her Reflecting on Sean s behavior, Ellie says, No on else I ve ever talked to has ever really gotten it before 70 This shows how Ellie can relate to Sean They build a friendship and during the road trip they share stories Sean seems to want to find Nina almost as desperately as Ellie Towards the end of the book, Ellie discovers that Sean hasn t been honest with her, and that he did know Nina Ellie learns that Sean is the reason why Nina disappeared and that he lied about having experienced the same things as her She thinks, My brain is spiraling out of control I feel my lips parting I can t breathe I look down 244 Books that involve the uncovering of secrets are especially enjoyable to teenage girls because they are suspenseful to read about and sometimes the girls can relate to the text Wherever Nina Lies involves the uncovering of many secrets, and therefore is most enjoyable to teenage girls One can assume that Wherever Nina Lies was written for teenage girls because it has an adventurous plot, there s a sufficient amount of romance and a shocking secret is discovered I would rate this book at two out of five stars because it was not very challenging to me, but the plot was definitely original In Wherever Nina Lies, Ellie makes several references to the times she spent with Nina before she disappeared Ellie makes it clear that Nina was very close to her When Nina randomly disappears, Ellie is heartbroken She feels so alone, even when she s with other people I lost someone close to me once and I felt the same way When I was little and we still lived in Alaska, my family had a black lab named Flag He was full of energy, but extremely disobedient We loved him anyway, of course Flag really was my best friend However, when we were preparing to move here, we found out that we would not be able to bring Flag with us Fortunately, we were able to give him to a close family friend who we knew would take good care of him, but I was too young to fully understand that when I said goodbye to him it would be for the last time When we arrived at our new house without Flag, I was crushed Getting used to not having him around was extremely difficult From completing this assignment I learned that when you predetermine that you will do your best no matter what on a specific goal, you will achieve it This is because Ellie decides right when her sister disappears that she will find her, and she does I think that I deserve an A on this assignment because I put a lot of energy into it I ve been working hard to complete it in the last few days For me, it was easy to come up with ideas to support my thesis However, it was difficult to find evidence to build my body paragraphs Also, this was a busy week for me, so it was hard to focus on this assignment while I was working on it If I had time, I would create a stronger thesis On future book reviews, I plan to improve by managing my working time better Speaking of working time, I was wondering how much time we are supposed to spend writing a book review.

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    It s been two years since Nina s older sister disappeared without a trace When Nina finds one of her sister s drawings in a donation box at her friend s workplace, she tries to track her sister down After meeting a handsome stranger at a party, they embark on a road trip looking for answers On one hand, this book was completely ridiculous A teenage girl meets a guy and within 24 hours, they are on a road trip across the country She doesn t know his last name and neither of their parents know where they are The plot is far fetched and Nina s actions are mind blowing On the other hand, this was page turner and while I suspected where the story was going, there were still a few surprises Overall if I had read this in high school, I probably would have loved it The mother in me kept thinking OMG if my daughter was doing this, I d kill her Grade 3 5