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Spending Fall in Cornwall wasn't what Jennifer was expecting but then neither was a centuries old mystery and a present day killer A fortune in jewels A little girl with a mysterious past Townspeople who could be friends or could be foes When Jennifer agreed to discreetly snoop for details on properties and antiues for her globe trotting boss Gable Landon she didn't realize that she may have bitten off than she could chew A simple job undercover suddenly turns deadly when her presence digs up things better left dead and buried Clean language and only rated PG because hey there’s a murderer running around in this book

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    A home of her ownAnother great little read Okay the mystery part is so so but the human aspect of is awesome Love the way she stands up for herself Her next assignment is Cornwall and trying to get details of an old Manor house The owner is anti social and a loner Can she get anywhere? Figuring that her best choice is to get to know the locals she starts there With her puppy as an ice breaker she meets the eccentric people that call the village home and slowly but surely she starts to fall in love with both the place and the people Shame that her meeting with the owner left such a bad taste Until she sees him deliberately struck down by a car As he has no one she takes over his care Only to find the man accused of running him down in an open grave at the back of the manor Can she find out what is really going on? Will her employer get the manor or will the owner have different plans?

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    Cozy ReaderI chose this rating because I love reading all of Mrs Dean's books I am so glad that Jennifer is globe trotting I get to visit all the countries that she travels to plus get to know some interesting people with uirky personalities I can't wait to see what she gets into in her next assignment Keep Jenna employed

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    The author needs to do research if she's going to set books in EnglandNot entirely sure what a popover is but I suspect you're unlikely to be offered them in a Cornish pubAlso English people do not visit with their friends Just two of the egregious examples of American speech being inserted in English mouths in this bookNot a bad story if you can overlook that

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    Nice mysteryThis is such a friendly cost murder mystery Such a joy to read I hope the author writes in this series Jennifer is likable and nice I enjoy looking over her shoulder I'd like to thank the author for making sure that Jennifer isn't a nosy parker Thank you Read and enjoy

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    Jennifer arrives in Cornwall to try and obtain a falling down Manor house for her boss Gabriel She noses around for information Meets the crusty old man who owns the manor and stumbles across a corpseOverheard conversations and nosiness about the presence of a man on a property that doesn’t belong to him lead to a solution on the corpseI’m not really into this series

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    A great bookI really enjoyed this book I can't wait for the next one I love this new series There were plenty of twist and turns in the story I sure didn't figure out who did it until the end Thank you Carolyn

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    Really good read I love these books they are really well written and enjoyable to read the characters are really good and her description of a small village is brilliant

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    Good ReadI liked the character of Jennifer She is bright and spunky The story was perfect for a uiet winter’s day

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    Enjoyable I hope there will be in the series

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    Good BookI enjoyed the first book in this series and I look forward to the next Not too grisly but still compelling Please keep 'em coming