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It’s not easy to go from peach pies to Provence A dangerous past life A new mysterious boss An old chateau with some very suspicious characters Jennifer was happy working as a baker at the Ravenwood Inn but when fate comes calling in the form of Gable Landon she’s ready to jump at the new career he offers Soon she’s globetrotting from Oregon to Bruges then on to Provence to assess a rundown property her boss might want to buy The charm of southern France and its food and landscape is almost intoxicating and it doesn’t hurt that she’s made a new friend a French bulldog named Orly What Jennifer hadn’t expected though was stone cold murder Clean language and only rated PG because hey there’s a murderer running around in this book

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    A Fun Cozy MysteryThis is the first book I've read by Carolyn Dean Imagine my surprise at learning that Jennifer the main character is from Carohe's first series Ravenwood Cove I must admit that in the beginning I wasn't able to get a hold on Jennifer's character but as I read on it all fell into place It was a fun and uick look into Jennifer's further adventures I loved the many characters and the description of the French countryside Other than the mystery behind a death being solved I really lifestyle ending It brought years to my eyes I also loved to learn that certain parts of this book were true and loved that Carolyn told the true story behind it I am definitely looking forward to reading Jennifer's further adventures and plan on starting from the beginning with Ravenwood Cove

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    A short read but high on eventsA great little read A plot that certainly had me guessing who the culprit was and going of on a completely wrong tangent Great characters that embodied the traits of their nationalities She has been offered a trail at a new job It involves travelling to a Chateau in France to find out the true value of a property that her employer is interested in Her cover an insurance agent The journey finally over she finds herself surrounded by the employees still left trying to keep the building and the winery from going to rack and ruin The she finds out about the place the uestions she has Especially once she finds the old Chapel where someone has been stealing offerings fron the saint enshrined there When she finds the body of the housekeeper she knows that much is going on Will she find out what? Does the owner know anything about it? What was the housekeeper doing with an old cigar matches a scarf and beeswax under her fingernails? Will she need her martial arts?

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    I like the author's writing style and I enjoyed the story I was however disappointed with how short it was The mystery was very basic and it was easy to guess most of what was going to happen Even though it was set in France there wasn't much detail on the surroundings culture cuisine etc I finally figured out Jennifer wasn't a new character and had been in a previous series Maybe if I had familiar with those books I wouldn't have felt the character was under developed But I enjoyed it enough to try the next installment

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    I am sorry to say that this was an extremely uninteresting and boring story Further the narrator of the audio version Jeanne Pilgrim Mayo didn't do a particular good job at enticing a listening audience First she was super slow okay I could've increased the speed of the narration but that sometimes sounds rather weirdly funny when it's not supposed to I have to say overall I am genuinely disappointed in this little book and I think I'd rather not read another book by this author

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    Loved the premise of this book What better location than Provence in a vineyard I live in wine country in Southern California so I really appreciated the description of the beautiful countryside and the characters that were realistic to an operational vineyard This was a very uick readfor mea bit too uick I would have liked this book to have been longer giving development to the plot and characters I did enjoy the story and look forward to the next adventure

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    I had just finished the Raven Wood series when I picked up the travel series I loved Amanda and John And having a lovely little town with everything perfect except for the occasional murder but Jennifer and the travel series is a step up I love the change of scene though I love the Oregon coast The characters are so much fun in the travel series too I’m really looking forward to of Jenna

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    Fun readIt is a good story with well developed characters I enjoyed the detour using a character from another series I’ve already finished The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is that the ebook needed some serious proofreading because the errors became a bit distracting

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    I didn’t get why it was important that the main character had been CIA trained It was made into a big deal when most of the characters n cozy mysteries with some self defense training would have done as well as the main characterIt was interesting to visit Provence and a big old house with history

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    Enjoyable and entertainingI liked this book Sweet easy read not to much tension When Jennifer and Sally went to the farmers market I was right there with them I liked the mystery and how it was solved Thankfully the author made sure that Jennifer isn't nosy Read and enjoy

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    Good StoryI enjoyed this story of murder and mayhem The setting was interesting and the characters a bit odd just my kind Fast paced and loved the ending Can't wait to read the next book