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Claire gets jilted at the altar—and a blast from the past in the form of her baseball playing ex”Lacy’s books are just so darn cozy and wholesome without being cloying” WendyTheSuperLibrarian book blog“Sweet faith filled romance” Publishers Weekly on SAVING JUSTICE by Susan CrawfordAbout Someone OldClaire Davidson wanted to be a blushing bride Instead her groom splits just before they’re supposed to walk down the altar at her hometown bed breakfast Cue her old flame and college sweetheart Jax Morris—the man who walked away when things got serious between them Seeing her ex boyfriend is the last thing she needs until she needs his help to track down her missing groomJax has it all His dream of being a MLB pitcher kept him alive during a tragic childhood Now he’s playing baseball for the Major Leagues expected to be Rookie of the Year and life is golden Except for the one that got away There’s still a Claire shaped hole in his heart He’s never forgotten the sweet small town girl who was his first love But Claire’s no runaway bride She’s not interested in a second chance with him—and he can’t blame her He wants redemption He just isn’t sure he deserves itWill Claire open her heart to Someone Old?Jilted in Sawyer Creek Four couples One crazy wedding weekend

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    225 stars Well developed for a novella I enjoyed this than I thought I would I’m glad for the clean content and for the angst that wasn’t dragged out too long I’m also glad for an H who didn’t seem like a manho He was also direct about wanting a second chance with the h I think I’ll read the rest of this series and see if this author is for me These novellas are just what I need after finishing a long and somewhat sad series

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    Absorbing angsty clean romance I became absorbed in this novella from page 1 I liked it but it was significantly angstier than Lacey Williams' other contemporary romances such as the Fairy Tale Cowboys series I kept hoping for humor and light heartedness as I read Still the writing was high uality and I deeply cared about the characters Jax and Claire They are both compassionate good hearted people who have gone through a few terrible things in their pasts I definitely want to read the next two in the trilogy because we briefly meet the characters in the future books and I want to know their story The novella has a small town setting It is also somewhat a sports romance because Jax recently become a major league baseball player although sports are not important to the story It is a second chance romance that occurs after Claire’s fiancee jilts her on the wedding day I recommend this novella to anyone who wants an angsty clean romance I received a free advanced reading copy from the author and I voluntarily wrote this honest review

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    I really enjoyed this sweet novella Even though it is short I felt very connected to these two characters as they fell back into each other's lives I'm looking forward to book two in the series

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    4 5 starsI purchased a copy of the clean novella Someone Old Jilted in Sawyer Creek Nicholas Claire and Jax by Lacy Williams and this review was given freelyEasy flowingironic short but satisfying This novella features a new group of people from the prior three books but is loosely set in Sawyer Creek and featuring the three Caine siblings and their rocky romances When her college boyfriend Dallas Coyote's baseball pitcher Jax Morris shows up just as her fiance Dr Nicholas Caines jilts her and hour before their wedding at the Sawyer Creek Bed Breakfast and her father passes out in the parking lot pediatric nurse Claire Davidson finds herself struggling with what is truly important and must decide who she really loves Contains the negative undercurrent of child abuse5 5 starsI purchased a copy of the clean novella Someone New Jilted in Sawyer Creek Shelby and Matt by Lacy Williams and this review was given freelyThis novella expands on the Caine siblings rocky romances and starts at the time of the almost wedding in Sawyer Creek but extends approximately four years with a happy ending Trying to recover from bad choices and bad press LA pop star Shelby returns to Texas for her brother Nicholas's wedding but the stress of her judgmental family results in a walk where she meets the frustrated Matt Kincaid who has been the unpaid ranch hand for his mother's Double S Ranch Contains the negative undertone of parental manipulation6 5 starsI purchased a copy of the clean novella Someone Borrowed Jilted in Sawyer Creek uinn and Wilder by Lacy Williams and this review was given freelyShort emotion packed with a fair amount of conflict but ultimately satisfying Starting with their awkward first meeting at Claire and Nicholas's engagement party six months prior that brought out moving company owner and affirmed playboy Wilder Caine's protective instincts for Austin radio host uinn this is an attraction at first sight story where the couple learn to trust each other revealing the loving and vulnerable people they have been hiding behind facades Contains the poignant themes of childhood cancer living with RA flares and the emotionalfinancial struggles of a teen trying to provide for his family7 The Bull Rider Sawyer Creek Homecoming by Lacy Williams5 starsI purchased a copy of the clean novel The Bull Rider Sawyer Creek Homecoming Tad and Misty by Lacy Williams and this review was given freelyShort fast paced and suspenseful with some drama this is the first of the series featuring the dysfunctional relationship between the three Starr rodeo brothers the Silver Starr Ranch and their struggling grandmother Misty Nelson finally finds the peace and friendship in Sawyer Creek she always lacked until returning hometown bull rider Tad Starr threatens her heart and the publicity surrounding him threatens her safety8 5 starsI purchased a copy of the clean novella The Brother Sawyer Creek Homecoming Tripp and Calla by Lacy Williams and this review was given freelyA short and fast paced novella of jealousy unreuited love realized healing and change Just when rodeo bull riders and rivals Tad and Tripp think they have convinced their grandmother to sell Silver Starr ranch and move Tripp's high school best friend and crush Calla Adams returns with her baby Ellie stirring up old feelings and causing Tripp to uestion his priorities 9 4 starsI purchased a copy of the clean novella The Prodigal Sawyer Creek Homecoming Luke and Jessica by Lacy Williams and this review was given freelyFast paced and easy flowing with some drama Luke Starr returns to Silver Starr ranch to run the ranch and help his grandmother while his twin brother's go on their honeymoons Survivors guilt and PTSD challenge his resolve to stay until his brothers return but growing feelings for Special Ed teacher Jessica Sadler challenge his resolve to go

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    Claire's heart is breaking and she is about to get another jolt Wow I can't imagine being jilted especially at the altar I was not happy with Nicholas and really skeptical of Jax showing up not really a fan of love triangles but I was very happy with how the story played out I will say I admired all three of the main characters often hard for an author to pull off IMO This was not only a romance but a story of forgiving an ex and family Great start to this series

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    This is a sweet novella about second chances rejection love and loss It was a very enjoyable book I fell in love with the characters immediately Their stories were relatable emotional and interesting This novella was well written and a uick read I would recommend this book and I look forward to reading the rest of the series

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    Super cute novella Fun storyline Charming characters Disclosure statementI receive complimentary books for review from publishers publicists andor authors including Netgalley I am not reuired to write positive reviews The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR Part 255

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    When Claire gets left at the alter she never expected her ex Jax would be the one to help her look for her fiance They time they spend together brings up old feelings and explains past mysteries Will Claire give Jax a second chance or will she reunite with her fiance? When she finds out why she was left at the alter will that chance everything?

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    This was a great cute clean read but wrapped up really fast I think that it could have worked well as a full length novel I really enjoyed this fun light read The story line was uniue and intriguing

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    I received this book through Goodreads Giveaways for an honest reviewSomeone Old was a sweet cute romance Although since it was a shorter book I felt there was not as much depth in the characters or situations