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The Companion To The Publishers Weekly Bestseller Angels Watching Over MeThis Inspirational Novel Follows The Story Of Leah And Her Friendship With The Amish Family She Met While Hospitalized For Cancer Treatment When Leah Takes A Summer Job Near Their Amish Community, She Is Happy To Be Near Ethan Again He Is Now At The Age At Which An Amish Young Man Is Allowed A Taste Of Non Amish Life Before Committing To The Adults Rules Will Leah And Ethan S Feelings For Each Other Overcome Family Obligations

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    I enjoyed this one much than the first one I liked seeing of the Longacres and the other Amish This one is incredibly sad, I forgot a lot of what happened I remember from the third book Leah still irritates me at times but not as bad as the first book She still seems a little silly and really doesn t think much She s been around the Amish enough to not be asking some of the questions she did Anyway, hoping to start the third one and finish it soon.

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    4.5 out of 5 starsLurlene McDaniels has a way of ripping my heart out and yet I let her do it every time

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    2 starsThis books is OK for me I will read and forget easily the book did not form an everlasting impression but is not boring also , but not exciting in any way.So 2starsSweet very sweet and spiritual wants me to believe in higher power and angels.This is a story about Ethan and Leah , about their love about how different both their lives are.Leah was diagnosed with bone cancer in last December and that s where she met Rebekah , who was sharing her room They both were helped by a woman named Gabriella, a mysterious figure After Gabriella touched Leah her cancer spots almost disappeared She started believing in angles and higher power Leah met Ethan who was Rebekah bother and her whole Amish family at hospital After taking six weeks of chemo as an precaution or insurance against the return of cancer Leah is at Nappanee for her summer , near Rebekah s Amish village Leah has taken job of a maid at small inn Nappanee,Indiana Leah visits Longacre farm and the whole family Mr Longacre , Mrs Longacre ,Ethan , Charity , Rebekah , brother Simeon baby Nathan , Elizabeth and their grandfather and Opa grandmother.Leah had fallen for Ethan, the Amish boy months ago.In the whole summer she visits Longacre s farm many times , she learns about Amish ways , about Rumspringa taking a fling where Amish boy turns sixteen, he is free to experiment with worldly things about how Amish believe Bible teaches that forbidden fruit becomes appealing Amish parents hope that if they look the other way, then their boy will eventually grow tired of the pleasures of the world and come back to simple ways Leah feels she is not welcome because she is an outsider for the Longacre s Amish traditions Leah has known about Martha who was supposed to be with Ethan After going through the ups and downs of the vast differences between them Leah likes simple life , but cannot imagine herself as Amish without running water, electricity , car or other worldly possessions.Ethan is shown as very strong character with his declarations like I am not this way, Leah Yes, I have tried out some of the things you ve said All these things are frowned upon by my family But I have never been with a girl I did not choose to be with And since I met you last December, there is no other girl that I want as much as I want you Knowing you has been special to me, Leah I like everything I do with you But Ethan is sweet too,when he gives the small bunny earring to Leah saying It is small It is cute You said girls like such things Ethan is young and confused too when he wants to see the world Sometimes I think about traveling all over the world But he can not imagine his life surrounded with cars , he want his land his farm animals.when he says Land is the greatest thing a man can own, but I cannot imagine owning a farm that grows nothing, has no livestock, and stores cars in a good barn I cannot imagine being stuck someplace where there is no land around me Where there are only cars and noise and too many people The land makes me feel connected to God and all that he has made Ethan is trying to change by wearing English clothes , eating fast food visiting hair salon cutting his hair , trying to learn driving , not going to church on Sunday, spending time with Leah, dating her, he is making many changes in his life He invites Leah to the camp out Takes care of her during the barn dance Goes with her to hospital to Indianapolis for her cancer followup testing and a checkup.Ethan shows without a doubt throughout the book that he cares about Leah.Ethan and Leah spend the whole summer together trying to understand each others lifestyle Rebekah meets with an accident and dies in the hospital At Rebekah s funeral Leah sees Gabriella and Rebekah Gabriella Rebekah Holding hands She tells about her experience to Longacre s , at first they dismiss her by saying may be as a dream or hallucination Oma believes her when Leah tells that Rebekah waved a hanky , cause Oma grandmother had tucked Rebekah s favorite hanky in her hand in the coffin No one could have known about the hanky except Oma grandmother.Leah has to return to school after the summer.After going through the ups and downs of the vast differences between them , Ethan tells Leah at the end that he loves her Leah also declare her love for him I love you too I have for months Ethan tells her We are going to be together, I do not know how, Leah I do not know when I only know we will Looking into Ethan s eyes, Leah believed him His word was enough.It was enough.Its a good ending where they declare the love for each other but still a cliffhanger , where we do not know what has the future installed for them I felt like the hero Ethan was doing all the work throughout the book Leah was just there observing his transformation Ethan was trying one way to bridge the gap between their lifestyles by becoming less Amish and English Leah is critical in so many way about Amish traditions their beliefs and their religion If she really loves Ethan the gap should be bridged on her side also we do not see that in the book this story Leah doesn t make any effort to go towards Ethan she just stands on her place and want him to come to her Maybe next book.will give some answers.

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    I read Lurlene s books in middle school and they were what started me on my love for reading After I got my hands on one of her books, I absolutely devoured the rest I so badly need to do a re read.

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    love this series one of my favorites.

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    Another favorite Thank you Lurlene for being an amazing Author Reread this series Love them

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    Better than the first in the series Should have known someone was not going to make it out of this one.

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    Againit s been ages since I ve read this book but it s still one of my favorites of all time The entire series is wonderful and it was about time I reviewed it Even after almost a decade since I last read this book, I still remember it with great clarity, having read it so many times back when I was a pre teen.The series got even better with this second installment of the trilogy where Leah goes to the Amish community for the summer to be near Ethan It s interesting to see his world and learn about him, and do it with Leah as she continues to get an education from this whole other world The sadness of this book is all the than the first one spoilers there s a major death in it , and it s hard to imagine how everyone can be so strong in dealing with the pain.The Amish are a very interesting people This is the only series I ve ever read in dealing with a subject people so heavy, but it does leave me intrigued for I m quite shocked that I ve never read anything else on the subject.One book in the series, and it ll be my favorite of the trilogy there s actually an interesting story behind it but you ll have to read that review to know what it is Like the first one, I ve been meaning to pick this one back up to read but I still have to get through the many others I m knee deep in at the moment Just make sure, if you check this one out, to remember to have tissues

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    Lifed Up by Angels is the second book following Angels Watching Over Me This book was very good And by reading this book after the first it was even interesting This time Leah spent the summer in the Amish environment She developed and even stronger relationship with Ethan, as well as with Charity and Rebekah She also learned about the Amish then she ever imagined.I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning about other cultures, it is a shock Also, this book is very drama filled and heart renching And if anyone has read the first book, they definitely should read the second Although, if you are into action or fighting, this is not the book for you If you are usually annoyed by love and gossipRUN AWAY from this book, FAR AWAY This not only was an amazing book to read from my perspective, but it was also a HUGE learning experience I fell into the pages of this book, and did not want to put it down once I finally got into it I also was so interested in learning about the Amish even after reading it They are really just normal people that live differently, almost like people who are rich I also came to realize that they have feelings and love in their heart than anyone who lives a normal life, usually.Not only was this a great book, and series But, I would definitely read them again

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    Lifted up by Angels is the sequel to Angels Watching over Me by Lurlene McDaniel After finding out that Leah s bone cancer is deteriorating and that she might have a chance to be completely cured after the chemotherapy, she spends her summer in Indianapolis with Ethan and his family Meanwhile, her mother and stepfather are on vacation at various locations such as Hawaii and sending Leah postcards During her stay with Ethan, she finds out that since Ethan is seventeen, he get a period of time where he can try out the English ways and decides whether he would remain Amish or become English Compared this book to the prequel, this book was less intense and depressing However, the ending of this book took me by a surprise because it ended with a death of Ethan s younger sister, Rebekah, who brought Ethan and Leah to meet in the first place Further, Rebekah got ran over by a truck and it was tragic now her father had to end her life since she was only brain dead It is heartbreaking to see how Ethan and his father had to make a coffin for Rebekah and read how Leah morn over Rebekah s death.