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Anne Lister 1791 1840 heiress scholar traveler and estate owner is known to us through her diaries an unusually vivid record of an extraordinary life She inherited Shibden Hall Yorkshire seduced a neighbouring heiress consolidated their estates effectively a dynastic lesbian marriage and developed the coal deposits there managing them with flair and energyIn her account of this remarkable story Female Fortune Jill Liddington analyzes the role of gender in Lister's invasion of what were at the time almost exclusively male domains The book is supported by generous selections from the diaries themselvesThe extensive appraisal of Anne Lister's life and the themes drawn from the diaries make Female Fortune reuired reading for anyone engaged in current feminist analysis It is an important text for students of women's studies gender studies social and cultural history and lesbian and gay studies

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    This has been my favourite of the Anne Lister books I’ve read so far It does a great job of putting both her and her diary extracts in context And it also edits her diary extracts of much of the tedious detail she tended to include Many of the entries were reduced to merely a handful of lines and days or weeks were skipped entirely Having read Helena Whitbread’s book first though I didn’t worry too much about what I was missingAnother advantage Female Fortune has over the other books I have read so far is simply that it focuses on a interesting section of Anne Lister’s life She has found the woman she wants to spend her life with she has received her inheritance so she is able to be active and pursue goals for herself and her property In Helena Whitbread’s book set in an earlier part of Anne’s life she felt stuck a lot of the time worried about money and longing for both love and independence which could get a little tediousI also liked the focus this book took when wading through the abundance of source material “This book disentangles Anne’s intimacy with Ann Walker and her strategy for exploiting Shibden’s economic potential; it measures how effectively friends neighbours and relatives in Halifax were able to signal their displeasure at this unorthodox relationship and its inheritance implications” Not just Anne Lister but the glimpses her diaries provide of the world around her and how people reacted to her and her unusual lifestyle I found this an excellent way into the materialAlso for fans of the television series Gentleman Jack this pretty much picks up where season one leaves off

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    Only for Anne Lister obsessive I wish Liddington had reinforcedher thesis of the intersection of public life property and sexuality throughout the diary excerpts rather than letting those stand alone and presenting her analysis before and after My other uibble is she clearly intended the work to give Ann Walker her due but she didn’t even acknowledge her clearly active interest in Anne Lister’s seduction of her Even when the text of the diary indicates her sexual initiative Liddington ignores it It wouldn’t have undermined her thesis of dynastic inheritance between the two women so why deemphasize it?

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    If you want to know about Anne Lister at the time of the HBO show this is a good publication of the relevant diaries 1833 1836 along with history and context There are a few different books of Anne Lister diary entries and this one has illustrations background and edits out the boring parts It also starts with Anne's relationship with Ann Walker and her coal dealings For comparison I read The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister to learn about Anne's relationship with M Belcombe and there was very little beyond love affairs in 1816 1824

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    This is a fascinating and incredible book It’s a must read for students of women’s history ueer history legal history English political history and so on It’s a wonderful mix of the primary source of a small part of Anne Lister’s diaries with helpful historical context from Jill Liddington I highly recommend the book and the HBO series “Gentleman Jack”

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    Arguably a much better publication of Lister's journals than the popular Whitbread version

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    Very interesting read Helps paint a picture of the era Anne Lister lived in Jill Liddington gives her views on how Anne Lister managed to live and act in her time

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    Super slow reading on this one Very interesting details on the final years of Anne Lister's life

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    realy like to read about Anne Lister and after the 3th book still want to read i dont want to wright spoilers so i don't just read the book