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SECOND EDITION PROFESSIONALLY EDITED AND UPDATEDLife in the beach town of Ravenwood Cove is sweet and cozyuntil the most hated man in the area’s history moves back to town Buster Radcliffe’s fortune was made by selling jams and jellies nationwide but will sort of history be enough to protect him from enemies or just make him a target for murder? Amanda already has enough on her plate without having to deal with the uproar around Radcliffe’s return A new house under construction a thriving bed and breakfast that suddenly has disaster after disaster a handsome husband who’s gone on business a lot of the time and an estranged father that shows up on her doorstep When her life suddenly gets tangled up in mystery and Radcliffe’s plots Amanda has to dig up town secrets that could make her a target as well This is a clean cozy mystery rating PG because hey someone does die in the story

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    I can't believe I'm almost current on another series This time it's the 'Ravenwood Cove Cozy Mysteries written by Carolyn Dean Number 10 Jam Jellies and Just Desserts has us taking a big step forward and worried me that we might be ending soon but I've just learned #11 has been released The stories take place in Oregon and they're meant as light tales under 100 pages but full of great charactersIn this caper a man who left town years ago returns Citizens are angry at this guy for what he's done to them in the past He would buy land and homes out from under people to make a profit then run them out of town A perfect setup for murder right? Guess what happens he's murdered Poor Amanda finds the body again She was the one person to give him a chance since she's relatively new to Ravenwood Cove Except he tries to put her out of business too right before he's killed by a mysterious mineral Could it be from the house repairs he's having done on the place he bought to restore to former grandeur? Who has it in for him most of all and took it way too far?We get to know about Amanda's husband's family in this book Gable has also come home and everyone thinks he did something bad We learn the truth and why he looks guilty Is he? Perhaps you'll have to read to find out We also get a lovely surprise in the end with Amanda's future as well as a bad one when someone decided to leave town Her best friend? Employee? Pseudo grandmother? New parent she just found in the last book? What's gonna happen 35 stars for this one

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    Just DesertsI enjoy Carolyn Deans books but this one needed review A character they killed off in the last book begins this one in jail In fact it's mentioned than once in the book that he is in jail Also needed proof reading for grammatical errors I hate it when a sentence doesn't make sense

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    Hometown villain or hometown heroOkay the actual mystery is really downplayed and it is the actual events taking place in people's lives that is the main factor in this book With the reactions you might expect when two villains return to the town of their birthShe had never seen Gram so incensed as when she saw the middle aged man walking down the street He was the owner of the jam factory and had forcibly taken over people's land to expand his business Now he was back and restoring the old dilapidated mansion However that wasn't all he had plans to force her BB out of business and then buy the property on the cheap Plus the wayward son had returned to the dismay of James's family However when she goes to confront him it is to find his body Now the police are investigating a murder as the results show he was poisoned Splitting her time between the business her new home organising a baby shower and finding out that her right hand woman is leaving she is run off her feet especially as James is away Can they find out who and what poisoned the jam owner? Will the truth now finally be revealed about the painting that has split the family? Will she and her father ever reach a truce?

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    Welcome Addition to Series 45 StarsI enjoyed this new addition to the Ravenwood Cozy Mystery Series a lot I love the descriptions of the small town of Ravenwood Cove in Oregon and all of it’s characters It was nice to see how Amanda and James are handling married life The plot was interesting and unpredictable The ending was sweet with the promise of good changes to come The only reason I gave it 45 stars instead of 5 is that it needed proof reading to correct grammatical errors and at least one sentence that seemed redundant to me I look forward to reading about the changes happening in Ravenwood Cove in the next book

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    Okay pleaseI read all ten books in two days time do now I decided to give my review I was sure I've read this story line in the past and I still feel I have due to knowing the outcome before it's revealed So I went looking for my stored seat books and low and behold found this series The covers have changed but the series was than these ten so I'm hoping the author has for our heroin to do and the brothers love stories were also included especially Gable's story with Jennifer Waiting patiently

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    Who Did What?Another great uick read and a terrific twisted plot Carolyn has worked hard to develop interesting characters with various personalities Grandma Granger with her uick mind is the kind of grandma every town needs and there is plenty of gossip to start numerous conversations I would enjoy her books if she would pay attention to editing There are so many misspellings and grammatical errors that my attention was broken continuously as I would re read sentences

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    Oh wowThis book was wonderful I Amanda has a way of finding dead bodies bless her heart and poor James worries So much about herit had to happen while he was out of town on business With info being sought and clue by clue Amanda has the answer So glad she and her daddy are beginning to get to know each other and OH the ending you must read because it is perfect my adorable More to come I hope

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    i picked up this book on i liked the cover and i love reading Carolyn Dean's books This one did not disappoint me It was full of mystery and fun Amanda and James just finished building their new home and James was called away on business before they were able to move in While James is away Amanda finds Buster Radcliffe dead in his home when she went to see him about somethingSee how she unravels this mystery by reading this wonderful story

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    Greenwood Cove MysteriesI live in land locked Kansas I love my adopted state but the first time I visited Oregon Cannon Beach I fell in love I love this series because I can hear the ocean smell it's uniue fragrances and feel the calming waves After completely setting the scene I like a good mystery These are so well written I rarely identify the killer before they are revealed Dumb Click is hilarious And I love an opinionated feline

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    Far too many proofing and grammatical errors as usual but the ending chapters tried to resolve too many issues as well as open too many hooks for possible future entries Therefore while the majority of the story was well paced and well plotted the ending came off rushed disjointed confusing