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Aladhra doesn’t run from anyone not even the Collective On the outskirts of earth’s solar system rule number one is to stay out of the Collective’s way They are ruthless and powerful and rule with an iron fist They have no patience for Ridgerunners—the pirates and smugglers who thrive on the edges of their reach But Aladhra’s crew the Pack would rather run straight towards the Collective guns blazing Even wildly outmanned and outclassed they would sacrifice everything for one shot at toppling the corrupt regime When Aladhra and the Pack get their hands on next generation technology they set out to end the Collective once and for all But the Collective knows they’re coming With a bounty on their heads that no Ridgerunner could resist the Pack is surrounded by enemies including former allies What chance does one ship have against an entire solar system?

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    Daring escapades Intriguing technologies Characters both noble and despicable Micky Neilson has crafted an exuisite sci fi adventure with Ridgerunners that embodies all the things that make this genre so appealing In the first chapter the story pulls you in as if it were an event horizon irresistible and powerful and once you've crossed the border all you can do is hang on and enjoy the ride There were scenes that reminded me of all my favorite science fiction shows from Star Trek and Star Wars to Battlestar Gallactica and Babylon 5 Yet with great aplomb this work is fresh and original and entirely beguiling If you like sci fi of any flavor the purchase button is right there I'm hoping to read of Neilson's work as soon as possible Thanks for all the fun

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    You know I’m getting to where I really like Micky Neilson’s novels The werewolf novels were filled with action adventure and strong characters both male and female Ridgerunners is the same Space pirates with the coolest tattoos ever battles betrayals and it’s hard to say without spoilers A really good read I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a good scifi tale

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    This is an exciting novel that the combines creepiness of the dystopian novels like 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 the drama of techno thrillers and the drama and world building of Firefly This novel has an evil empire known as the Collective A government that controls the solar system It has space rebells and pirates some controlled by the Collective and some not It also has a compelling story centered around a government that controls the news I found this story to be exciting The characters are not completely villainous or good Each has their uniue flawsI want to read the seuel if the author writes one

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    A rousing space pirate adventure with shades of Serenity Seems like it might be setting up for a seuel and if so I'll be eager to read it

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    It was okay for a very slight twist on the plot of SerenityThe characters were thin the plot predictable the writing needs polishing and the world building unoriginal Okay but not great