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Nothing in her past had prepared her for a Colorado cattle drive—or Luke WeberLonging for a new start Crystal Clark arrives amid the splendor of the high country in June 1892 After the death of her father Crystal is relieved to be leaving the troubles of her Georgia life behind to visit her aunt's cattle ranch Despite being raised as a proper Southern belle Crystal is determined to hold her own in this wild land—even if a certain handsome foreman named Luke doubts her abilitiesJust when she thinks she's getting a handle on the constant male attention from the cowhands and the catty barbs from some of the local young women tragedy strikes And saving the ranch from a greedy neighboring landowner means Crystal must take charge of a cattle drive ready or not Can she rise to the challenge? Or will she head back to Georgia defeated?

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    Free Kindle download and I'm so very very glad it was free as it was hardly even worth the time I took to read it Honestly it felt like a first draft like the characters were still being fleshed out and developed and nowhere near being completely determined yet Their motivations seemed not uite there So the character's actions and responses could at times be baffling The story was predictable and ultimately forgettable I had to look up the blurb to jog my memory of the story for this review but the intent — the idea of the story — was good I think the manuscript needed time in the ovenDownloaded June 8 2010 Finished reading June 27 2010

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    A very sweet clean romance the uiet kind that allows the richness of developing relationships to evolve naturally without the cataclysmic hooks so common so often Brendan takes a young Southern belle from Georgia who has just lost her parents and plops her down in Colorado with a widowed aunt trying to hold on to a cattle ranch Her growth and experiences with life's struggles as well as with romance in the form of the uncommunicative cattle foreman are believable and tender A very nice way to spend an afternoon

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    This was a nice story but the story didn't flow very well It got hung up in descriptions which gave it a choppy feel I probably won't read the author again

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    I'm the author of the book and long after the page proofs were done and I finally received my copy it had been a while since I'd read my book I thoroughly enjoyed itforgetting I was the author It's a test of endurance and faith and some have called it amaturish but those that loved it got the story and the dialogue I wrote the story that God laid on my heart I do hope you'll consider book #2 The Jewel of His Heart

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    Hmmmwhat to say Really I wanted to give this one about 25 stars according to my ratings system I didn't have any problem getting through the story as I found the idea of a girl sent out to CO in the late 1800s after the death of her father compelling Also the fact that Crystal was determined to be strong and not shy away from the tough stuff made me happy as usually these books devolve into the weak female saved by the strong male However the writing was pretty awful I'm not a great writer but one thing I've heard over and over again is to show and not tell This book was ALL tell it seemed The only bit that could be even close to showing is the setting where the author clearly had a good grasp on the surroundings of CO The characters seemed slightly one dimensional and I never felt like I had a motivation for the way most of them actedThere was a lot of repetition in terms of characters feelings Luke just can't figure out why he is drawn to Crystal over and over and over and over which started to get on my nerves by about the middle of the book With all that repetition the ending seemed rushed and could have done with This is a Christian fiction book which I knew before reading I have seen comments elsewhere from people who apparently didn't know about that However I didn't find it overly preachy until maybe the end where it got into marrying an unbeliever for about 2 seconds That may put some readers off and could come across preachy I didn't feel that it did but for anyone who hasn't read the book and is considering it there is religion in the book The majority of the Christian fiction bit came in the dialog which I found endearing because it reminded me a lot of my grandma and little prayers that the main characters prayThat all being said I was rooting for the characters even though it was pretty obvious how it would end I did get caught up in the setting and the whole life in the wild west feel pretty easily which made the read much pleasant I'm not sure I would read this author again but it's certainly made me interested in novels like this with similar settings

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    Originally posted on Reveries ReviewsIncredibly cheesy and just a bit immature but good time wasterNot a bad little historical romance but it rambled in the middle and it felt a little all over the place I found it a little unbelievable what with Crystal to be so willing to join a cattle drive Um it takes a while to learn to ride a horse with any competence let alone cut cattle And I say this as a ranch girl with a bit of experience even if we don’t own any horses or go on drives I suppose she could have I just doubt she would have ;Kellyn Roth Reveries Reviews

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    Let me first say that I absolutely adored this book It is a refreshingly different historicalwestern Christian Fiction romance If you love romance cowboys southern belles or westernsI highly recommend Maggie Brendan's debut novel No Place for a Ladyyou will be blown away I couldn't believe that this was Maggie's very first novel; it feels like she's been sharing her stories for yearsCrystal Clark's father has recently passed away so she's decided to leave her life in Georgia behind and start fresh on her aunt's ranch Aspengold in Colorado When she meets Aunt Kate's foreman Luke she falls for him pretty uickly but tries to suelch her feelings once she discovers that he is not a believer Another complication arises in the form of April McBride April's father is a neighboring landowner who wants Aunt Kate's land any way he can get it while April has her heart set on Luke Crystal has to deal with some heartbreaking situations during her stay at Aspengold but in the end she comes out a stronger better person for enduring themLuke Weber is Kate's foreman but he's also the son she never had When he meets Crystal he thinks she is a typical prim and proper southern belle with no backbone Once disaster strikes Aspengold he finds out just how tough Crystal can be and even though Luke has not given his heart to God he discovers that God has not forsaken himI'm impatiently waiting for Book 2 The Jewel of His Heart to be released on October 1st I can hardly wait to find out what happens to Josh McBride April's brother I'm also looking forward to catching up with everyone from No Place for a Lady

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    I am going to leave this at three stars because I didn't finish the book While the author had a cute premise and did well with descriptions the characters were a bit laughable and I just couldn't get into the story If you are looking for a fluffy read this might be a good choice

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    After seeing all the negative reviews I knew I had to write my own I hate reading reviews before reading a book because I want to formulate my own opinion This was my first time reading a book from author Maggie Brendan and I must say I’m glad I picked up the book I’ll be reading of her books and definitely finishing this series I think the story of Crystal a Georgia belle coming to Colorado to stay with her aunt after her fathers passing was good Without giving spoilers I think the author really portrayed what life was like in those times Death miscarriages and trying to grow in a strange land was hard but not something that you had time to dwell on and sit around moping about for a long time Life had to continue on The Love story between Crystal and Luke was sweet The lovehate relationship and frustration with each other was great Yes it would have been nice to know a bit about Luke’s past but I did not think that it was taking anything away from the story I’m by no ways a writer I’m an avid reader who love Christian fiction and clean reads As I say in most of my reviews if Christian fiction and clean reads are not your jam then by all means don’t pick the book up But if it is then give the story a chance I thought it was a good one

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    This was Maybe the most boring thing I’ve read all year I’d give it 0 stars if I could