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A dead car a vacation to the Pacific Northwest that’s really all about running away and a bad guy face down on the steps to her rented cottage make Claire crave home than chocolate cake and great home cooking With only her beloved doggie as a companion even the promise of hopping a ferry for the beautiful San Juan Islands seems like an impossibility when everyone is trying to point fingers at each other Right in the middle of it all Claire has to convince the tight knit town that she’s not the murderer even if the clues tell another horrible story Originally published as part of a three book collection of classic cozy mysteries THREE CAROLS OF COZY CHRISTMAS MURDER If you've already got that book which has been newly edited and updated too this book would be a duplicate

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    uick readA Little Taste of Murder is a fun uick mystery with just a taste of the holidays to enhance the tale

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    This short story is a basic introduction to the main and secondary characters of Carolyn L Dean’s new cozy mystery series “Breakwater Bay” At the time of this review it appears to be available only as part of the anthology “Three Carols of Cozy Christmas Murder”As usual in a Dean publication there are timeline inconsistencies and uite a few proofing errors However only a few of the editing errors actually lead to the text “saying” the opposite of what she really “means” in the scheme of the scene Most are duplicate or missing words In terms of the star rating for me the story is too short to properly accommodate three major sub plots 1 Claire’s emotional and societal coming of age after being widowed almost a year and a half earlier; 2 the murder on her doorstep of a man who has Claire’s picture on his phone which makes her a suspect; and 3 a series of small and unusual thefts in the town Plotlines 1 and 2 are handled with good attention to psychological expectations and to police procedure It’s the third subplot that eventually runs the story into problems It’s fairly clear to the reader if not to the cops that solving the theft problem will lead to solving the murder And the little thefts themselves make sense in the long term However the events that lead to those “thefts” which lead to the murder do not make sense in the long run The clarity of motive just isn’t there; you keep asking yourself why did the guy do this thing or that thing but the author never gives you a clueIn spite of the continuing proofreading errors I have come to enjoy Carolyn L Dean’s stories The small town dynamics expressed in her stories mirror my experiences and the entries are a good change of pace following the likes of Ian Rankin Michael Connelly and Peter Robinson However two major felonies and a major crisis in personal self worth are just too much to accomplish well in only 80 pages Perhaps in future short stories Ms Dean might consider limiting her Rule of Three to just one major felony a misdemeanor and a minor personal conundrum

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    Home can be someplace you never even considered Terrific A sweet romance wrapped in a mystery Not being able to face Christmas on her own in the house that held so many memories of her dead husband She decides to rent a cottage on an island for herself and her dog Things start to go off plan when she breaks down and is stranded with no place to go and no transportation The local police officer takes her under his wing and things get even bizarre A dead body a new job a handsome man stolen jewels and friends than she can count Will she ever make it the cottage she rented? Will the killer be found? What will she do about her admirer? Will she ever go home? Great characters who pull you into the story and a plot that in some ways reminds me of Debbie Macomber with a touch of Murder She Wrote

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    Claire and her dog Roscoe are taking a trip to the San Juan Islands from Arizona Her car breaks down in Brightwater Bay and her life changes She is trying to get her life back on track after the death of her husband She opens her door and a dead man falls in Since she is a suspect she tries with the help of the locals to figure out who would murder the man He was not well liked so there are plenty of suspects As she gets to know the locals she starts feeling like living again Will she stay in Brightwater Bay or will she go back to Arizona? Will she survive the investigation?

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    Browsing for another new cozy seriesAfter checking out the first chapters of a few different series and finding them wanting I discovered Brightwater Bay It's a positive and edifying mystery I enjoyed the characters the setting and the plot An unexpected stop in a small town turns out to be just what a hurting and lonely woman needed I look forward to the next book

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    A sweet readIt’s been years since I’ve read a cozy mystery But with the stress of life lately I found myself longing for just that kind of an escape I found a link to this book from a FB group and I thoroughly enjoyed the read It’s a good story with likable characters in a beautiful little vignette of a town What’s not to love? I’ll be back for

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    A great new series I enjoyed reading about Brightwater Bay A cozy town close to the San Juan islands Claire’s story is full of mystery and she is surprised how much she loves the area Her Arizona home just doesn’t compare

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    Cozy mysteryGreat town people and mystery If you have to be stuck in a strange place at Christmas at least this town was a nice place to be I thought the story had a good flow The mystery was a part of the story instead of being the only one I enjoyed the book

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    Starting overI have read other series that this author has written and enjoyed them Enjoyed this book Looking forward to reading the next one and finding out about these characters

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    Love the new seriesI have read most of your books and was happy to see the new series I love the location and I am looking forward to enjoying the rest of the books so far Please keep them coming