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This book has a delightfully sparkly cover, which left me hoping that it would contain a delightfully sparkly read It starts out with some small promise the POV of Dylan, spoiled Beverly Hills brat and Queen Bee of her high school s popular crowd, is energetic and amusingly shallow sort of like Clueless Cher, if without the wit of Amy Heckerling Jane Austen backing her up Unfortunately, Dylan s POV alternates with that of the titular geek, Josh, and I found his narration far less authentic First of all, Josh is a film nerd, not a geek as the title promises, but I was willing to adjust my expectations However, Josh s nerdiness seems confined to dressing badly and referring to movie directors none of whom produced any work before about 1970 kids these days by their first names i.e., I drove past a diner where Quentin sometimes eats That s not geeky or charming it s just obnoxious.Josh, while thus very far from this admitted geek lover s ideal man, is still a reasonably likeable character technically muchlikeable than Dylan and the book actually does a nice job showing, through a plot stolen from the aforementioned Clueless, Can t Buy Me Love, and about a billion John Hughes movies, how Josh and Dylan begin to trust each other and gradually become friends So for the most part, Geek Charming maintains the level of derivative, harmless, and mildly diverting fluff.However, there were several things about this novel that drove me INSANE For one thing, Palmer kept getting easily researched facts wrong, which really did not help her in the places where the novel was already tilting toward inauthenticity Like, for example, when Josh takes Dylan to one of my favorite L.A landmarks, The Apple Pan, a cute and for L.A standards, old restaurant on Pico Boulevard I was all, Oh, cool The Apple Pan until it s mentioned that Dylan and Josh are squirming around in their booth, trying to ignore another couple committing major PDA in a neighboring booth As anyone who has spent two seconds in The Apple Pan can tell you, IT DOESN T HAVE ANY BOOTHS Part of its charm is that there s just one long, three sided counter, with standing room along the wall for the endless wait for a seat not part of its charm Palmer supposedly lived in L.A., but even if she never actually made it to the home of the insanely yummy hickory burger and the best damn tuna sandwich around really , she couldn t look it up on the internet Also, I m pretty sure that at least 9 out of 10 Star Wars fans would agree that Chewbacca s nickname is spelled Chewie chewy is what you want your granola bars to be I was going to add to this list Josh s claim that Woody Allen originally wanted Annie Hall to be called Anhedonia I d always been under the impression that he d wanted the title to be Anne Hedonia, which would have been, you know, a joke But I can t confirm this, so I ll just have to be satisfied that my idea is funnier Palmer makes a bold choice by not going with the expected ending, but even there she really doesn t follow through I could understand making the point that Josh and Dylan don t need to get together and that they re better off if they re just friends if part of the idea was, as it momentarily seemed to be, that Dylan doesn t need to define herself through her boyfriend or even have one at all So why have her hook up with some random guy who s introduced on the second to last page Gosh, thank goodness Dylan didn t have to suffer through being INDEPENDENT. THIS WAS AN AMMAAAZING BOOK Until the end SO BASICALLY IN THE LAST TWO PAGES fwap ROGER COMES IN AND I WANTED TO TACKLE HIM not in a aw sweetie Kind of way,like a can you drive your car into a ditch that just so happens to be a portal to hell kind of way JOSH AND DYLAN FOREVS Freaking Amy looablue WAS LIKE yeah I like josh I don t share many similarities with him And I m not really a geek I ve never talked to himbut it s true love IDIOCY Also Asher and Lola can end up in the hell portal too LETS JUST HAVE A PARTY OF BAD CHARACTERS IN THE HELL PIT We can inviteRoger VIP Lola Asher Robin palmer oh, look at that, another VIP And um Satan party time asap just come nowPrice for entrance its free DHonestly, I think she ended it that way because she made a deal with Satan and now he wants her first unborn child The only way to escape this horrible curse is to give this book a horrible ending SO I DIDNT LIKE THE ENDINGThank you for your time and attention.PS I don t understand HOW it could end that way Like, don t publishers catch that crap and get rid of it so the readers don t have to be the pooper scoopers This book was awesome Such a fun read and I could not stop reading it until I was finished, unless I had to stop for whatever reason.Geek Charming is a cute entertaining read about Dylan, a stuck up popular girl who owes this geek Josh a favor there s of courseto this He wants to be a film maker and in order to get into USC he needs to have a film That s where Dylan and her two best best friends come in Josh and Dylan end up having to spendandtime together in order to get this film done They both have their reasons for being involved in the making of this film but in the end, who knows what will happen DThis book is not predictable, so don t go thinking that you know what will end up happening in the end, because you re probably going to be wrong, surprised and happy about it especially since there is such a great message behind it.I ll admit that I had a problem with the fact that the popular girl was so stereotypical, but I overall I can let that slide because it definitely did not get in the way of me enjoying the book or liking Dylan.The narration in this book alternates between Dylan and Josh s POV so the reader really gets in the mind of both of the protagonist I gotta say I loved knowing what each of the characters were thinking about certain situations I also loved the funny things each characters said I found myself laughing out loud at certain lines, so of course I had to share some of them read below for .I do not understand why it is that Robin Palmer s books do not havefans I love her writing This book was a really great, entertaining, YA book I highly recommend it Next I m checking out her other book when I get the chance read way below forabout this.Isn t that cover beautiful I especially love those shoes DQuentin Tarantino is mentioned in the book and I LOVE that He s awesome I can t wait for his next movie to come out it looks awesome it s called Inglourious Basterds that s how it s spelled Sweet If you haven t seen any of Tarantino s awesomeness you should at least check out Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Vol 1, Kill Bill Vol 2, and the episodes he guest starred in on Alias DHere are some of my favorite lines from the book I wondered if she really was that rude, or if she had some sort of medical condition where the filter between her brain and her mouth had been broken since birth Are you sure i asked I had to give him credit having once had a teddy bear that exploded in the washing machine when I was four, I knew how traumatic seeing an animal s intestines could be If I ve learned anything in my seventeen years, it s that life isn t easy all the time Parents get divorced, guinea pigs explode under your watch, and you can t get up the guts to talk to a girl you have a crush on Who needed caffeine when you were energized by love cuuute line Joshie, please, like sneaker commercial used to say Just go for it You mean Just do it hehe they re talking about the Nike commercial DYOU WILL ENJOY READING THIS BOOK IF YOU LIKE a fast paced and entertaining read lots of humor geeks reading about spoiled stuck up girls and geeks speaking in their POV narration similar to the one in Flipped by Weldelin Van Draanen narration like the one in When It Happens by Susane Colasanti Read my review here Single White Female movie I haven t seen this one but it s mentioned in the book and I m interested 24 it s mentioned here I LOVE that show Jack Bauer is oh man awesome Absolutely Maybe by Lisa Yee This book was similar to it in the way that there s a guy filming and trying to get into the same film school, USC Look at my review of that book here movie geekness galore Woody Allen Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw one of my favorite plays EVER She s All That movie Le Femme Nikita if you don t know what movie this is and want to find out , don t even think about it unless you re over 17 Pretty Woman movie I want to start this review off by saying how adorable this book is See those sparkles on the cover There are actual real sparkles on the physical copy What can I say I m a sucker for beautiful presentation On to the real review now With this book, what you see is pretty much what you get The synopsis makes Dylan look like the stereotypical popular girl who wants it all and Josh the stereotypical geek boy who fumbles with his words.That is absolutely true, which is part of the reason why I found this story so entertaining It s not the kind of tale I could be reading every day, because it s not one to be taken seriously and I fear I ll lose a many IQ points if I stick to these kinds of books alone, but it is an easy story to read between classes or during your work break.Or on the bus I can t read anything serious or that takes too much of my attention on the bus or in the metro, because of the noise I can t seem to concentrate but reading this was absolutely fine because of how simple and mindless it is.And yet it s not too simple that it doesn t seem to be going anywhere or like you ve read this story before a thousand times I actually quite liked the premise Josh wants to get into a film school so he creates a documentary about popularity that follows Dylan who is reluctant to help but slowly warms up to Josh I m not entirely in love with these two main characters and definitely not with the secondary ones, but I did quite enjoy their surprising interactions glam girl geek boy AWKWARD and while they both have much to learn, especially Dylan, none of them are despicable I ll be honest, I wasn t expecting to enjoy this one at all after not being able to finish Cindy Ella from this same author, but it shows that sometimes it s not about the style of the author but the concept itself This worked for me that one didn t An overall imperfect but enjoyable read. I tried to get into this book Really, I did The story idea was adorable, so I was really excited to start.And then the characters showed up, and I had to stop Because oh man, were these characters annoying Dylan was the most whiny, obnoxious spoiled brat I ve ever read, and perhaps she would have toned down a bit had I kept reading, but I couldn t get beyond her cloud of self obsession to enjoy it And Josh was just dumb He felt like a bunch of nerd cliches rolled up into one person with no actual personality Puffing your inhaler all the time That doesn t even work If you need that much Ventolin in your system, you should probably be in the hospital I couldn t care about these characters, or wish them to get together, because they were both obnoxious shadows I would much rather stuff in a box and not deal with.Yes, I ll probably watch the Disney channel movie, because like I said, the story idea was cute But the book Definitely not so much. I have seen the movie before I read the book and that might be why I was slightly disappointed in the book Because the movie ending was very different form the book one and I preferred it as clich as it might have been I like clich s They generally work I liked the writing, the pace and the switching POV I really enjoyed the friendship between Dylan and Josh But overall the story seemed to gear up towards something and then just fizzled out It was a little bit like a Woody Allen movie It started in the middle and went nowhere leaving you wondering if someone ripped the last ten pages out of your book. Geek Charming by Robin Palmer is about a girl named Dylan who is at the top of the popularity chain Dylan makes Regina George look like Eleanor Roosevelt Anyways Dylan makes a promise to let Josh, one of her geeky classmates, make a documentary about her and the other popular people.Read the rest of my review here 3.5 The Ideal LA Fairy Tale For Fans Of Once Upon A Time And LA CandyInspiration For The Disney Channel TV Movie, Geek Charming Dylan Shoenfield Is The Princess Of LA S Posh Castle Heights High She Has The Coolest Boyfriend, The Most Popular Friends, And A Brand New It Bag That Everyone Covets But When She Accidentally Tosses Her Bag Into A Fountain, This Princess Comes Face To Face With Her Own Personal Frog Self Professed Film Geek Josh Rosen In Return For Rescuing Dylan S Bag, Josh Convinces Dylan To Let Him Film Her For His Documentary On High School Popularity Reluctantly, Dylan Lets F List Josh Into Her A List World, And Is Shocked To Realize That Sometimes Nerds Can Be Pretty Cool But When Dylan S So Called Prince Charming Of A Boyfriend Dumps Her Flat, Her Life And Her Social Status Comes To A Crashing Halt Can Dylan With Josh S Help Pull The Pieces Together To Create Her Own Happily Ever After Fun to read.Wanna be a film geek to after reading this book.