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LILLY HASWELL REMEMBERS EVERYTHING WHETHER SHE WANTS TO, OR NOT As Lilly Toils In Her Father S Apothecary Shop, Preparing Herbs And Remedies By Rote, She Is Haunted By Memories Of Her Mother S Disappearance Villagers Whisper The Tale, But Her Father Refuses To Discuss It All The While, She Dreams Of The World Beyond Of Travel And Adventure And RomanceWhen A Relative Offers To Host Her In London, Lilly Discovers The Pleasures And Pitfalls Of Fashionable Society And Suitors, As Well As Clues About Her Mother But Will Lilly Find What She Is Searching For The Truth Of The Past And A Love For The Future The Apothecary s Daughter by Julie Klassen isn t exactly my sort of historical fiction novel The writing itself was pleasant enough, I was very happy that Klassen did attempt to imitate 1900th century prose, which is always irritating for me since it is rarely used properly Lillian Lilly is the daughter of the local apothecary who is brilliant writer s words not mine , but like all girls in that time is striving for somethingIn addition, she is dealing with the shame of her mother s disappearance that is the subject of village scandal Previously unknown relatives arrive at Lilly s home because they wish to take her brother, Charlie, as their heir, since the could is childless Due Charlie being mentally challenged they do not, but still they are impressed with Lilly s intellect and decided to take her to London in order to find her a good match.Thankfully for Lilly there are several men who are willingly to fight for her hand in marriage A nobleman, the childhood friend, the second choice and the guy who seems to be just right Oh what s a girl to do Thankfully, before she can make a choice, she returns home and finds her father acting a damn fool due to dealing competition from rival doctors and apothecary shops Using her brilliance or as I like to call it, common sense, she manages to bring some common sense back into his mindset and also helps return their apothecary shop to its previous glory In the meantime three of our four love interests find their way into Lilly s life and manage to all look like the perfect men for her Which one does she pick I could honestly care less and that s the problem with this book not to mention it just seemed to go around in circles for no reason I don t care and if I don t care who she ends up with then it s all worthless The story line about the mother was somewhat interesting until it is dropped to bring up some twist with Lilly s father.Lilly herself didn t grab me as an interesting character Thinking back on the book while writing this there is nothing I can say stood out for me about her personality There was no fire, no passion, she was just there All together not a great book, not horrible, but certainly not for me and those who have my mentality.2 5 Stars. Me at 47% This book is so unconventional and interesting The heroine, Lilly, has 4 or 5 guys who are pursuing her and I can t tell which one she s going to end up with Me at 85% eyeroll This feels like a Regency era Choose Your Own Adventure story, only with men How long is Lilly going to string all these guys along Shouldn t it be at least a little apparent to me if not to her which guy is the right one It really kind of irritated me that I could see the story going in any of at least four directions, without doing violence to the plot line And when the guys finally started dropping out of contention for Lilly s hand, it still irked me, because it felt like authorial fiat rather than developments that were integral to the plot or the characters Oh, so and so just dissed the ability of women to work guess he s not the right guy Oh, this guy suddenly started acting all spiritual and suggested a prayer Better bump him to the top of the heap I like a few unexpected turns in my romances but this felt a bit ridiculous.The plot generally took a few random turns and a couple of big leaps forward in time that startled me and broke my concentration I kept thinking the author could have used the line from The Princess Bride All my father used to say at this point was, What with one thing and another, three years fourteen months passed Julie Klassen did do a lot of research into 19th century medical practices and the life of an apothecary, and those parts were different and quite interesting, but beware if you have a sensitive stomach and have qualms about reading detailed descriptions of how people were treated with leeches or lancets for blood letting, and suchlike pThere are some quirky POV shifts in this book It s 98% written in a third person POV for Lilly, but the beginning and end scenes are, for reasons known only to Klassen, written in 1st person POV But what was really odd was when when, after the 50% mark, we suddenly have a handful of scenes written from the POV of a couple of Lilly s suitors, just randomly dropped into the text here and there If you re going to switch POVs, do itoften, or not at all.The inspirational religious aspects of this story aren t too heavy in fact, they felt a little like an afterthought to me , but there is some discussion of prayer and God s role in our lives.I enjoyed the first Julie Klassen book I read a year or so ago, The Maid of Fairbourne Hall, but this one and The Girl in the Gatehouse were a little disappointing.Content super clean, except for a few medically disturbing scenes and some discussion of married couples who have cheated on each other For a book with so many men milling around the main character, I think there were a total of three rather chaste kisses in the book.2.5 stars. by Andrea Renee CoxI m so glad I reread this book It s a special story filled with twists and turns I liked that each of the potential suitors for Lilly had at least a few favorable characteristics The pace was spot on, ramping up and ebbing at the exactly right moments The setting was just as amazing as the characters and plot This is an all around great book.It was a little strange to wait until the halfway point to introduce points of view from two of the suitors Once I got used to it, both POVs flowed well, but it was shocking when they first cropped up.Content alcohol marital affairsI am eager to read another Julie Klassen book early in 2018 it s nearly Christmas 2017 as I m writing this Have you read one yet If so, which is your favorite This one s mine I was not compensated for my honest review. Another incredible piece of historical fiction with strong characters from second published authorJulie Klassen Without a doubt, Klassen is on my favorite author s list BothLady of Milkweed ManorandThe Apothecary s Daughterwere so enjoyable Each chapter starts with a quote of various pharmaceutical and apothecary means as well as a few others and it really sets the scene It is something she also used in her first book, and I truly believe that it adds an incredible important element to the way her story is told This book is divided up into sections that works quite well It is a long book and fabulously so, I did not want it to end The one qualm that I did have, is that the last section is very dark to me Everything that can go wrong is going wrong and it was a little much to experience all at once, when the rest of the book was muchlight heart ed I feel kinda like if there was sohappiness in there with the dark toward the end that it would have worked better Then it ends abruptly exactly as a perfect ending as it could be My opinion would have been to draw it out withdetails andhappy within the dark cloud, rather than having everything fixed in a last chapter and epilogue But then we readers cannot get everything we want when fabulous authors are limited to just 400 pages or so Good points and bad, my overall opinion is that the story is fabulous My favorite portion of all is where the name for the book came from It makes me teary eyed And you will just have to go read it to find out why Once again a winner from Julie in my opinion, and I desperately cannot wait forbooks from her in the future