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Noam Chomsky S First Book On Syntactic Structures Is One Of The First Serious Attempts On The Part Of A Linguist To Construct Within The Tradition Of Scientific Theory Construction A Comprehensive Theory Of Language Which May Be Understood In The Same Sense That A Chemical, Biological Theory Is Understood By Experts In Those Fields It Is Not A Mere Reorganization Of The Data Into A New Kind Of Library Catalogue, Nor Another Specualtive Philosophy About The Nature Of Man And Language, But Rather A Rigorus Explication Of Our Intuitions About Our Language In Terms Of An Overt Axiom System, The Theorems Derivable From It, Explicit Results Which May Be Compared With New Data And Other Intuitions, All Based Plainly On An Overt Theory Of The Internal Structure Of Languages And It May Well Provide An Opportunity For The Application Of Explicity Measures Of Simplicity To Decide Preference Of One Form Over Another Form Of Grammar These are undergraduate notes for linguistics students in the 50s But as everyone knows, the theory outlined here has important philosophical implications What Chomsky really demonstrates here is that English is transcendental there are an infinite number of correct English sentences And infinity goes beyond experience So any speaker of English will necessarily have encountered only a small subset of that infinite range, yet will be able to judge that novel sentences like colorless green ideas sleep furiously are correct, whereas others furiously sleep ideas green colorless are not Now how is this power, which we all evidently have, acquired That is actually not the topic of this book The topic of this book is what is the most SIMPLE theory of grammar that is ADEQUATE to the data The most simple theory, it is argued, will involve transformations of elements in UNCONSCIOUS representations of sentences, transformations governed by RULES of which we are not aware, and therefore are not learned a fortiori are not taught us on the basis of conscious experience The task of the linguist is to discover these rules, which, since they are not cultural, must be a part of our genetic a priori programming, modified to suit the form of language we empirically encounter and automatically learn as infants In other words, Chomsky s Syntactic Structures is a supplement to Kant s table of the CATEGORIES, and serves as a direct proof that Kant s theory of the unconscious SCHEMATISM of the categories is a generally applicable psychological model which inadvertently refutes every continental philosopher since Husserl, and every analytic philosopher except Fodor. Hari ini kita membaca buku ini, tidak ada banyak perkara yang membuat kita teruja kerana sakin banyaknya kajian kajian terkini yang kita telah baca berkenaan Ilmu Linguistics Tetapi 60 tahun lalu, penulisan inilah yang telah menghadirkan satu gesaan baru untuk menghubungkan antara sains dan ilmu Bahasa Bagi menerangkan perihal pengolahan sintaksis dengan pembuktian saintifik. Colorless green ideas sleep furiously Chomsky no se content con revolucionar la historia de la ling stica una sola vez, sino que lo hizo tres veces y, a sus 90 a os, todav a est a tiempo de hacerlo una cuarta La que produjo este libro fue sin embargo la primera revoluci n chomskyana, y podr a arg irse que la m s importante de todas La nica forma de cuantificar adecuadamente la importancia de Estructuras Sint cticas es compar ndolo con las obras ad nicas de otras ciencias este libro es, para la ling stica, lo que fueron The Sceptical Chymist para la qu mica, De revolutionibus para la astronom a, El origen de las especies para la ciencia evolutiva Como todos estos trabajos represent , m s que el avance en una determinada l nea del saber, una manera enteramente nueva de comprender el fen meno que trataba Parad jicamente, dado su t tulo, signific el fin o algo as del estructuralismo y el comienzo de todo lo dem s tanto de las corrientes propiamente chomskyanas, como de las antichomskyanas desde 1957, hay que ser una cosa o la otra Su influencia lleg incluso a sentirse en otros campos, como la computaci n y las neurociencias Estructuras sirvi tambi n para catapultar a Chomsky a un estrellato bastante peculiar, y que lamentablemente el autor us para hacerse o r con respecto a temas muy fuera de su campo de expertise Bueno, si Newton pas los ltimos dos tercios de su vida dedic ndose a la alquimia y a las profec as b blicas, bien le podemos perdonar a nuestro Chomsky sus incursiones en pol tica internacional. the linguistic revolution begins until he changes his mind and then it begins again until he changes his mind an well, we ll get there eventually these things take time. JohnsonNoam ChomskyThe theories of the world s best known linguist have become rather weirdMar 26th 2016in Thrilling I have no formal background in linguistics and so was completely unable to situate Syntactic Structures in its proper historical or argumentative context, but I found it lucid, engaging, and completely convincing. I ve never read a work of Chomsky s that was well thought out and methodologically sound From his political writings to his linguistic concepts, he seems to favor grand, unsubstantiated ideas I have written a fuller account of my disappointing experiences with Chomsky s work here. The book where it all began It s a relatively clearly written book, and very useful in reviewing higher concepts about what we do when we work in transformational grammar The chapter on syntax and semantics is especially lovely that one gets 5 stars.