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Delaney You got a last name to go with that? he askedShe gave him a cool stare Not one that I'd care for you to know Fired on Christmas Eve Single mom Delaney Anderson might've lost her job as maid for the huge Double Cross Ranch but she still has her dignity Until she has to return to the ranch to find her lost wedding ring No big deal With the well attended Christmas Ball happening no one will notice her A bombshell in a little black dress Rancher Cash Trudeau notices Delaney the moment she walks onto the ballroom floor He can't deny the instant attraction that sizzles between them or that she's giving him hot and cold signalsCash has no idea who she is or that he fired her Can Delaney help it if she has a taste for revenge?Three couples One unforgettable Christmas The Snowbound in Sawyer Creek series includes these books Soldier Under the MistletoeThe Nanny’s Christmas WishThe Rancher’s Unexpected Gift

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    Delaney the widowed maid and Cash the guy who 'fires' her on the day of Christmas Eve? Really? Who does that?But maybe it wasn't that cut and driedCash is having a bad day and Delaney is feeling rushed to get away to prepare the house for Christmas for her and her son But after Cash gets mad at her for an accident she finds she has lost her wedding ring somewhere in the house So she dresses up and crashes their family Christmas Eve party to try and find it Not only does Cash not recognize her but he is totally attracted to her his mystery ladyI wanted to like this uick little Christmas romance and Cash does totally redeem himselfBut what started out great became very rushed til a decidedly HFN endingThen there is a promised epilogue given separately but only if you join the author's email listReally???I am getting pretty sick and tired of these shenanigans from authorspublishers whoever

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    The Rancher’s Unexpected Gift is book 3 in Snowbound in Sawyer Creek series Delaney Anderson just wanted to get into the Annual Cattleman’s Christmas Ball find her lost wedding ring and get out before anyone recognizes her Because she was fired from her job as the maid earlier that day Cash Trudeau owns the Double Cross Ranch with his sister where the Cattleman's Christmas ball is being held He sees this beautiful blond bombshell Delaney walk into the ballroom And he immediately decides he needs to meet her He has an instant attraction to her but is getting mixed signals from her This story is filled with relational tension compassion and relational trust Delaney makes an appearance in the second book of this series That same scene is in this book but from Delaney’s perspective verses Amber’s I love when a writer has the same scene and some of the same characters cross over into the other books of the series This series is about three couples during one unforgettable Christmas In highly recommend this novella as well as the whole series I have truly enjoyed all three books

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    I loved the first two books in this series so I had a feeling this one would be just as good and it was I really enjoyed having perspective from a guy's point of view when it came to his falling in love almost from the first moment he met Delaney at the Cattlemen's Ball Cash didn't recognize Delaney when he saw her at the Cattlemen's Ball because he had fired her earlier that day when she was cleaning his office and he got angry You'll have to find out how it all went downI simply fell in love with Delaney's son He was so precious Everything Delaney does is for her son and she doesn't feel eual to Cash because she cleans houses for a living and Cash is uite wealthy She doesn't want her son to get hurt by starting a relationship that will effect her son only for it to end and then have her son be hurt Plus he has a health issue that is very important to deal with Cash is so wonderful with him I just loved the way this whole story went and the interaction between all 3 characters

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    3 4 starsI purchased a copy of the clean novella The Rancher's Unexpected Gift Snowbound in Sawyer Creek Delaney and Cash by Lacy Williams and this review was given freelyA fast paced Christmas Eve and Christmas Day attraction at first sight start of a romance covering the same time frame as book 2 and starting at the Double Cross ranch with an awkward first meeting the afternoon prior to the Ball Struggling single mother and house cleaner Delaney Anderson is overwhelmed with the loss of her job her son's unpaid medical bills the loss of her wedding ring and another Christmas without her husband Johan when an attack at the Trudeau's Christmas Ball spurs a protective instinct in Cash and the hope of both a Christmas miracle and love for both Delaney and Cash Trudeau

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    Just the sweetest romance from Christmas miracles to sometimes good things do come true for hard working stiffs hallelujahDelaney want a sweet woman you will just fall in love with her putting everyone feelings ahead of her own She is precious Jace was heartbroken and going through the motions when he stumbles onto an angel Things go topsey turvy n he has some damage control but in the end his groveling makes it all worth it Looking for a feel good modern day fairytale Fairytale captures heart like Cinderella then this book is for you Clean romance only steamy kissing Violence 0 sex1More reviews check out the blog my2centsbookreviewscom

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    Sweet seriesI have got hooked on this series Cash grew up with money and loving family when his parents are killed in accident he has hard time coping until he meets Delaney who grew up poor with one parent She loses her Mother and then her husband and then her son is diagnosed with cancer she works hard as housekeeper and loses her wedding ring at Cash's ranch that is what brings them together Can't wait to see what happens to them

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    Cash and Delaney Can love come from a rather awkward first meeting and a hostile second one? I have so enjoyed this series and the covers are WOW Sparks fly and Cash is not giving up no matter how Delaney acts Really liked how all three books crossover without repeating itself This author makes me feel

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    A sweet Christmas readDelaney is a single mom and her son Evan is going through chemo She is fired by Cash Trudeau on Christmas Eve She leaves her wedding ring behind and goes back to get it Grab your copy and see what happens when Cash really sees Delaney for the first time

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    Good short storyA discouraged mom with a sick kid encounters a ranch owner A good clean story with some amusing momentsThis is one of 3 stories interrelated yet Can be read independently

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    SweetThis was a very sweet a story I love Christmas and I love the snow and I love the fact that Jesus is the reason for the fact that we celebrate Christmas I would have enjoyed it if it had been indepth