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He was a wingman who needed a wingman One dance Now he’s upside down The Cattlemen's Christmas Ball was supposed to be business as usual but single father Jace Cantrell’s world just got turned on its head How is it he never noticed just how beautiful his son’s nanny is? A magic makeover Amber Moore has harbored a secret crush on Jace for months A dress that cost than a month's wages might be enough to turn his head But will a girl with a past like hers be enough to keep him?Jace isn't the only one who notices Amber When a friend asks him to play Cyrano he finds himself stuck between friendship and an undeniable attractionThree couples One unforgettable Christmas The Snowbound in Sawyer Creek series includes these books Soldier Under the MistletoeThe Nanny’s Christmas WishThe Rancher’s Unexpected Gift

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    The Nanny's Christmas Wish is book 2 in Snowbound in Sawyer Creek series Amber Moore's Christmas wish is to have her boss Jace Cantrell to notice her as a woman at the Annual Cattleman’s Christmas Ball But at the same time she doesn't feel she is good enough for him She loves his son Bo then just as his nanny She can't imagine living without Bo or Jace in her life So she also doesn't want to ruin a good thing and lose her job Jace Cantrell absolutely notices that Amber is than his son's nanny; she is a woman Especially in that dress she is wearing How could he have not noticed her as than just his son's nanny before? But he can't act on his feelings because she is the best thing that has happened to him and his son since his wife died And he can't take the chance of losing her The Nanny’s Christmas Wish starts off with the same conversation between Mallory Trudeau and Amber in A Soldier Under the Mistletoe but from Amber's perspective not Mallory’s I absolutely love when authors do this; nicely done Lacey Williams This book is filled with humor wit and tender moments Lacey Williams did an excellent job of building these characters I have fallen in love and want of their story I highly recommend reading this novella Especially if you love a sweet short romance filled with humor wit and tender moments

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    A sweet holiday readAmber has been the nanny to Jace’s son Bo for a year and a half During this time she has fallen in love with Jace and cares for Bo like he’s her own son While at the Cattleman’s Christmas Ball Jacetries to set her up with his friend Will Amber’s Christmas wish come true or will Jace always see her as the nanny If you’re looking for a sweet Christmas readthis certainly fits the bill

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    As someone who waited for a fella to notice me I can relate to Amber's waiting and wanting Jace to notice that she is than just a nanny The emotional highs and lows that Amber experiences at the Cattlemen's Christmas Ball as she hopes for Jace's attention are at times amusing and heartbreaking Jace it seems only wants to set her up with a friend However there is a snowstorm on the way a young boy making mischief and some Christmas magic that may just open Jace's eyes to see Amber beyond a comfortable employment status and into a very comfortable family status This has turned out to be my favorite novella in the series

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    The sweetest short story for that awwwh feeling that makes your heart growJace a widow raising his son and defending from custody battle hires a nanny to make his troubles go away He doesn't see the trouble brewing Amber on her own with nothing but determination brings a heart over flowing with love and Go the boy she nanny of has cemented himself into her heart Can't believe the rollercoaster emotions these two go throughviolence0 sex1 clean romance just kissesMore reviews or ideas what to read check out my blog my2centsbookreviewscom thanks

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    2 5 starsI purchased a copy of the clean novella The Nanny's Christmas Wish Snowbound in Sawyer Creek Amber and Jace by Lacy Williams and this review was given freelyA fast paced easy to read which starts out rocky but ends happily This Christmas Eve and Christmas Day excerpt is set in the same time frame as the Christmas Ball in book 1 Mallory's friend Amber Moore the live in nanny to the grieving widower and rancher Jace Cantrell's son Bo gets all she longs for at Christmas

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    Actually a 45 star rating Amber is crazy about her boss Jace Will he notice her a than his son's nanny? Bo is adorable A dress a dance and playing matchmaker is enough to open Jace's eyes to what has been right in front of his face A sweet and sometimes humorous romance with just the right amount of angst well some misunderstanding Love this author Will these two take a chance on love together? I would like to see Chuck get his own book

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    Novella 2 about the nannyThis is a second short read in series It’s Christmas Eve at the Cattlemen’s Ball and it’s snowing hard I like a group of stories like this that involve a variety of characters in the same time and space This one concerns the widowed neighbor and his nanny

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    Good short storyA girl who grew up in foster care longs for a family She had always wanted to be part of a family She got a job as a nanny She learned how to care for the boy as she wentA good clean story

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    Sweet storySuch as sweet short story about a man name jace who need a babysitter for his son Bo Amber is hired She secretly is in love with Jace but he does not notice her Be short sweet story Love it

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    Great readWould have given it 5 stars but it was too short But it was definitely a good read This is the first book i have read from this author so I'm going to check out the rest of her books Hopefully they are just as enjoyable