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A cute beach town in the gorgeous San Juan islands a cozy cottage a sweet tasting job at the bakery and a handsome and charming friend Claire should be blissfully happy but when someone drops dead after eating one of her scrumptious desserts everyone seems to be pointing at her as the main suspect Is it bad luck or is someone out to get her? Rated PG because there's a dead body in it no bad language or sensual scenes

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    Gertrude Park is a mean spirited and verbally vicious old woman who uses her anger her words and her money as deftly as a street thug uses his fists In her opinion nothing any one does is ever done well enough This attitude not only applies to shopkeepers and service personnel but to her own children and grandchildren No that’s not exactly correct — the males can do no wrong but the females are in her mind worthless just because they are female And she never hesitates to remind them of that fact particularly every Friday night during dinnerSo on Friday morning when Mrs Park enters the bakery where our main character Claire works to pick up her special order cake for that evening’s family dinner everyone in sight knows what will happen It happens every week so Claire and her boss know that the woman will come in call Claire all kinds of nasty names and complain viciously about last week’s “disaster” of a cake in front of all the other customers until the boss gives her a discount on this week’s cake Well this week’s special cake is the last one that Claire will have to bake for Mrs Park And this week is the last time that she will have to endure Mrs Park’s vitriol And it is not because the boss has had enough and tells Mrs Park to take her business elsewhere like others have done It is because Mrs Parks dies that evening immediately after eating only a few bites of the cakeThe uestion for the police becomes not only one of WHO put the cyanide in the cake but one of WHEN it was put in the cake — during the baking process or after it left the store Since “WHEN” is the deciding factor between jail and freedom for Claire her personal hunt for the murderer is on For the Brightwater Bay collaboration “A Sweet Spoonful of Cyanide” is the 3rd short novella in the series And it is the smoothest and best written of the three so farIt is not clear in this series whether one two or all three of the co writers Carolyn L Dean Beth Byers and Angela C Blackmoore work on each story But this particular entry is a clear improvement over the other two The actions of the main character as well as those of the three major secondary characters are much believable The dialogue is smoother and the logical processes evidenced by the main character and her significant other are clear reasonable and without hand wringing overtonesAnd the results of long term favoritism and sexism as well as the results of long term verbal and psychological abuse of children minor and adult by a parent is described in emotionally clear and accurate tonesWhile there are some obvious grammarical and proofing errors throughout the story there are actually considerably less of these than in the previous two entries of the series And they were not so glaring that they ripped you out of the story while you tried to determine just what the author was trying to sayOverall a good clean short read with a plotline to which many people will be able to relate

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    A sad taleMrs Park was the meanest woman in town But when she mysteriously dies a cake that Claire baked for her was poisoned Though Claire and Mrs Applegate are cleared as suspects Claire decides to find the culprit What she finds is how miserable Mrs Park's children were because of her And the murderer sadly is well justified Engrossing and fast paced a uick read

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    I enjoyed this book better than the 2nd in the series because there were less typos grammatical errors The story was good I enjoyed getting to know the characters better I only have it 4 stars because there was one confusing error where instead of saying “Gelen’s husband“ it said “Mary’s husband” Since there are 3 authors writing this series the proof reading should be better That said I am looking forward to the next book in the series

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    Almond Delight Cake with poison This book is better developed then the first in this series It is all about family and the feelings of the bonded group can hold the group together or rip your feelings to spreads until someone can't take anyThe merry go round of hate had to stopand it did The hard waydeath

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    Good little mystery seriesThis is the third story in the series taking place in a NW small town in Washington state Despite a murder story involves folks who work together and enjoy life

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    This is not one of Carolyn Deans best stories I enjoy the characters in this series and realize cozy mysteries are not very intense by design but this one was obvious and predictable from early on The editing was so poor it actually distracted from reading

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    Anything for familyThis one brought tears to my eyes Really enjoyed the story Makes you realize just how much family and friends means to a person Could be a stand alone but much better if read in order Looking forward to reading the next book

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    Another Good ReadI loved the story line the vivid characters amidst Brightwater BayThis book is recommended for those that are Cozy Mystery lovers

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    GreatLove this series A murder occurs and their are a lot of suspects The author does a great job in describing how horrible the woman murdered was

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    another interesting visit at Brightwater Bay