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Her ship is gone her crew is captured and notorious mercenary Androma Racella is no longer the powerful Bloody Baroness but a fugitive ruthlessly hunted across the Mirabel Galaxy The bloodthirsty Queen Nor now rules most of the galaxy through a mind control toxin and she’ll stop at nothing to destroy her most hated adversaryAndi will risk anything even her precious freedom to find a cure Stranded with her unlikely ally Dex on the unforgiving ice planet of Solera their plan to infiltrate a black market city proves dangerously irresistibleBack in Arcardius Nor’s actions have opened Mirabel to invasion As Andi’s crew fights to regain their freedom Andi and Dex discover a threat far greater than anything they’ve faced beforeOnly by saving their mortal enemy can the crew of the Marauder make one last desperate strike to save the galaxy—unaware that a shattering centuries old secret may demand the most wrenching sacrifice of all