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Maverick ducked through the doorway and found her at the back door shrugging into a coat Right over her fancy party dress She looked like a little kid playing dress up He blinked and it was a woman who looked back at him with soft eyes Cash was gonna kill him if he didn't un screw this up One night Make it count Mallory Trudeau can manage a five hundred acre ranch She just can't seem to break out of the Friend Zone with Sam Maverick Dunlop She knows he thinks of her as Cash's little sister but that's going to change tonight It's just one night Evade and retreat The Cattlemen's Christmas Ball is one in a long string of reminders that Maverick doesn't belong in Mallory's world He's got thirty six hours to report back to his military base He can make it that long without giving in to the forbidden attraction he feels for Mallory He just wasn't counting on the mistletoe Three couples One unforgettable Christmas The Snowbound in Sawyer Creek series includes these books Soldier Under the Mistletoe The Nanny’s Christmas Wish The Rancher’s Unexpected Gift

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    This was a cute story that I read in one sitting

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    Soldier Under the Mistletoe is book one in Snowbound in Sawyer Creek series Mallory Trudeau only wants one gift this Christmas Maverick Dunlop Maverick knows his best friend Cash Trudeau's baby sister Mallory is off limits He just needs to stay strong for one night and then he will be back with his fellow Marines; far away from any effects Mallory may have on him Soldier Under the Mistletoe was a delight to read This is a sweet romance where I fell in love with the characters their story and the scenery A ballroom in the Double Cross Ranch house a large heated barn a pickup truck snow falling outside and a huge beautifully decorated Christmas tree is what made me fall in love with the wonderful scenery All three of these stories will take place during one event the Annual Cattleman’s Christmas Ball held at the Double Cross Ranch I can't wait to read the next two stories in this series I highly recommend this book Especially if you love a sweet romance with a cowboy a heroine and a ranch wrapped up in a short story

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    This is a great first book in a new series by Lacy Williams I love her books and this one is no exception I loved the hero Maverick Dunlop He has had a terrible upbringing where it would be hard to know how to love someone but he wants to so badly The only example he ever had of love growing up was in his best friend's family when they let him spend time in their home and soak up normalcy but he always had to go back to the nightmare house he lived in He went off to the military to get away as soon as he was out of school Then there is the heroine Mallory Trudeau She wants to be taken seriously as the part owner of her parents' ranch along with her brother AND she wants Maverick to look at her as a grown up I loved watching these two grapple with their feelings Mallory thinks things should be so easyshe loves Maverick and so they should be together She just doesn't understand how Maverick's past influences his present As a mom I wanted to give Maverick a big hug and tell him he's great just the way he is I can't imagine the way he grew up and all he dealt with Do yourself a favor and take a peek into Mallory and Maverick's love story You'll be glad you did

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    I really like the premise of this book Mallory wants to take over the ranch Her brother’s best friend Sam Maverick yearns for a life of freedom in the military How can they overcome their desire and compromise enough to make it work with each other? Not to mention the brother Will he let his best friend and sister have a future together?It’s kind of like a Hallmark movie except one of the good ones I do feel like it ended way too abruptly though the author continued it in a second rendition which I did not like uite as much And the mistletoe seems like it should have played a big part in the story but there was no mistletoe Rather Mallory kept playfully insinuating that they should kiss under one But as far as short stories go I enjoyed reading it Although I feel like Mallory was one dimensional Sam was written very well a fleshed out character with believable motives spurred by a horrific pastI love that this is a clean wholesome romance with a cute love story and great romance scenes The author definitely left a mystery in regards to the brother Cash and his mystery woman I am interested in reading of this author’s work

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    14 In one way this was good for a novella because the main characters had a long relationship prior to the start of this story so it wasn't love at first sight I was enjoying it and was thinking that I would give it a good rating but then it leaves the story hanging at the end In order to get the next part of the story one must sign up for the author's newsletter So I did that and read the bonus story I was surprised at the status of the relationships of other characters from this book since they were well advanced beyond the ending of this novella Then I got to the end of that bonus story and saw that the story from this novella still didn't end In order to get of the story one has to buy Soldier Under the Mistletoe 2 from the author's website And I have to wonder if the story ends there Does she end that novella with a cliffhanger?So I looked at the Snowbound in Sawyer Creek series page and noticed that the free novella that starts right after this one ends is numbered 35 instead of 15 I scanned the descriptions of books 2 3 and saw that they are the stories I missed by reading the bonus story Well it did say in the EXCLUSIVE INVITATION section of this ebook Find out what's happened with each of the SNOWBOUND couples one year later I just didn't stop to think about what that meant since I was eager to find out what happens with Maverick and Mallory and clicked on the link to subscribe I didn't realize that the Snowbound collection has those other novellas in it that come before the bonus story Why would someone send you from the end of the first story to a story that takes place after two additional stories? I went to the author's website and saw this in the ABOUT ME section I’m the kind of reader that cracks open the book and reads the end first Yep I want the spoilers That explains it She thinks spoilers are a good thing She probably thinks that reading the spoilers will make readers want to buy the stories that led up to those spoilers she gave Well this reader hates spoilers And I won't be buying those stories

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    I received Soldier Under the Mistletoe as part of a Goodreads giveawayOn the night of the Cattlemen's Christmas Ball Mallory Trudeau once again lays eyes on Sam Maverick Dunlop her crush since childhood Mallory is all grown up however and running the family ranch alongside her older brother Maverick meanwhile intends on getting in and out of town as uickly as possible before returning to his military base He certainly has no intention of involving himself with his best friend's little sister despite the attraction between them particularly when he has so little to give Can Mallory convince him to give them a chance even though their time together is short?This was okay but too short to really get into any sort of narrative depth it's novella length and ends on a cliffhanger I would have liked the story to unwind a bit rather than being so rushed though I did like that the story did end somewhat ambiguously though undoubtedly they'll get their happily ever after as it rang true rather than having some ridiculous circumstance allow them to be together forever immediately

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    1 4 starsI purchased a copy of the clean novel Soldier Under the Mistletoe Snowbound in Sawyer Creek #1 With Companion Seuel Soldier Under the Mistletoe 2 and Christmas Ever AfterMallory and Sam by Lacy Williams and this review was given freely This is a complete story in four segments A poignant story of loss hope love and healing divided into four segments with some action and suspenseful movements self examination glimpses of two other romances and some local conflicts which spans about five years and involves the Trudeau siblings their life long friend Marine Sam Maverick Dunlop and the Double Cross ranch in Sawyer Creek Texas As the ranch's 40th Christmas Ball is about to start tomboy former Vet Student and ranch owner Mallory Trudeau laments the loss of her parents while plotting how to win over and keep the love of her brother's best friend victim of childhood abuse now Marine Sam Maverick Dunlop Contains the negative undercurrent of child abuse

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    A short story but a big heart of anticipation and loveMaverick flying solo and surviving has been his mode along with his best friend A boy that went through hell n know a man that needs to learn his worth Mallory learn the art of friendship and the first aid of loving someone enough to be true and loyal can make this girlfriend the happiest woman alive Violence 3 cruelty of bullies and their destruction to harm others is hard to stomach often survivors feel broken but they really are stronger and can appreciate all the goodness that others take for granted Sex 1 kisses is all that passes but the heart will be filled with this storyVery short story good for 1 2 lunch breaks More reviews my2centsbookreviewscom check out my blog Thanks

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    I rarely give 5 stars but I absolutely loved this book I can't wait for book 2 3 Mallory and Maverick have secretly liked each other for years She has decided that tonight she will be brave and let Maverick know she is interested I mean who doesn't use mistletoe as an excuse He doesn't think he is good enough for her but is having such a difficult not giving in to his attraction These two are perfect for each other I thought the author did a great job developing the plot and characters and making their love story believable I was hooked and just have to read the next in this series I would also love a seuel to this book gotta read