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NINTH book in the Ravenwood Cove Cozy Mystery series It’s tough enough to try to make a living in Ravenwood Cove but when a fancy new tea shop shows up and starts to compete with the existing shops in town its abrasive owner definitely isn’t making any friends The first annual Spring Fun Run is on everybody’s minds but a grisly discovery puts some of the most respected people in Ravenwood high on the suspect list and suare in the path of deadly danger

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    If you're new to the Ravenwood Cove Mysteries there are currently 10 published by Carolyn Dean They are usually 100 pages each considered novellas and are very lighthearted and simple whodunits The books are often about the relationships between the characters the lovely Oregon setting and the everyday things people go through in lifeIn this caper a new tea shop opens in town Will it take over the current coffee shop? A few residents are worried especially when the owner begins to spread bad news about his competition Who dares move to a new town and tries to hurt the citizen? Amanda will figure it out except the poor guy dies from an allergy attack even while trying to get his epi pen to work What happened?I enjoy seeing Amanda's marriage and relationship with her husband She is also getting close to a new person in her life that has ties to her past I won't spoil it but it was a bit of a shock to see where this story went It's been over a year since I read the first few books so I can't be sure if history was changed a little Either way it makes for good tale and I look forward to the next one Light simple and fun you can read them in an hour and just have a relaxing adventure

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    Enjoying this cozy mystery seriesI like this mystery series taking place in a small town on the Oregon coast The characters are fun and believable Looking forward to the next installment There were a few misspelled words this time

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    great readi love the series charming characters great descriptioms adorable commmunity nothing too gruesome a relaxing read hope she is planning to write

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    The past and present collideStory line was okay Not as good as some of her other books Story line was a little short could have used a little danger

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    This is a novella length entry in the series that at the beginning shows a lot of promise You know early on who will probably die; it's just a uestion of when where why and by whom And as the story proceeds you get a sense that several important changes are coming to our main protagonist's life which could provide some very very interesting additions to the seriesHowever be aware that while the story moves along at a good pace and is well plotted there are areas where the author brings specific information to light but does not follow up leaving the reader hanging And I don't mean like a hook for another book I mean that the author just doesn't complete the thread of the sub plot Also this novella has serious editing and proofing problems Characters are called by one name in one paragraph and a different name three paragraphs later Words are misspelled or left out entirely Sentences alternate between present and past tense within the same paragraph and sometimes within the same sentence In addition there is at least one situation where an entire scene is played out in a chapter only for the author to have the main character two very short chapters later have an internal dialogue that implies that scene never occurred Talk about being jerked out of a story in a state of confusionJust because of human nature some proofing mistakes are to be expected but the sheer numbers and types of errors in this work really killed my enjoyment of the book

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    EnjoyableThis series really holds my interest and I enjoyed reading them What I haven't enjoyed are the misspellings wrong words used sentences in the wrong order and miserable punctuation It seemed to get worse with each book If there is a proof reader I would find a new onend If it's computer driven then I would find a human proof reader These errors disturb the flow of the story

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    Like an old friendIt is like having an old friend coming to visit The visit was too short though There were a lot of grammatical errors and misspellings towards the end of the book I did love the story though Keep them coming Carolyn

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    I have read all the previous books in this series It's time to a review I like detective and suspensei ful books I don't like every gory obscene detail ground into my face I am aware of reality but I choose to see it from a it from a Christian point of viewChristian point of view Carolyn Dean has that ability Also I love Oregon's beaches Oh how I would like to inherit an inn on an Oregon beach Looking forward to the next bookI have read every preferring book in this series I like detective and suspenseful books I don't like every gory obscene detail ground into my faceI am aware of realitybut I choose to see it from a Christian point of viewCarolyn Dean has that ability Also I love Oregon's beaches

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    Tea for two or will it be a tea party Another good solid cozy The plot for this was stronger and had a surprise ending A new tea shop has opened in town The only problem is the owner who is a nasty piece of work However no one expected him to die at the annual Mutt run The list of suspects is growing with the information being uncovered about the deceased Who actually did the deed? Who is the shabby stranger that is staying at the Inn Nice to meet up with the characters again

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    A Real TreatAnother enjoyable Ravenwood Cove mystery Amanda is just settling down to married life the changes it brings She’s busy running the inn when unfortunately another death occurs in her sleepy little town Lots of twists turns while Amanda tries to find the killer sort out her own family secrets There are a few editing errors that I hope will be corrected with an update but really don’t distract from the overall enjoyment of the book