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First He Gave Her A Wicked KissAzure Eyed Alanis Was By Far The Most Exquisite Treasure Ever Claimed By The Black Pirate Known As The Viper, But His Motives Went Deeper Than His Silken Promise To Ravish The Feisty Yorkshire Heiress Commanding The Waters Of The Caribbean Was His Means To An End Reclaiming His Birthright And His Blood Debt Against Those Who Had Betrayed HimThen He Gave Her Nights Of Wicked PleasureComfortably Betrothed To A Nobleman, Alanis Never Imagined The Heady Emotions Involved In The True Games Of Seduction Games This Blackguard Seemed To Thoroughly Enjoy Playing With Her Swept Up Into An Adventure That Soon Revealed A Gentleman And Kindred Spirit Beneath The Ruthless Veneer Of A Privateer, Alanis Began To Soften Towards Her Enigmatic Captor, As Her Pride And Her Heart Fell Under His Erotic Spell

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    If you love sexy historical romances with a lot of history woven into the story, you will LOVE this book This book offers a thrilling, passionate romantic adventure set in time when Louis the XIV, the Sun King, reined France The war between countries sets the background The story follows Eros the Viper , a dark and dangerous pirate with a mysterious past, and Alanis, the beautiful and intelligent granddaughter of a powerful English Duke It takes you on an incredible Indiana Jones type journey through many countries, and introduces you to many great secondary characters It is fast paced, highly passionate and seductive, and at times utterly heart wrenching A very satisfying ending too LOVED IT

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    4.5 stars, an excellent read with a really great story plot I purchased this on for 2.42 four years ago and finally read it Sorry I waited so long as it was a great book and I really enjoyed it This book has got a lot of meat to it Adventure, action, and wonderful history, which I love, along with a great love story If you love those elements in your stories as well I highly recommend this one, don t miss it

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    Eros, also known as the Viper, is the most notorious pirate and privateer of the Caribbean No one knows who he really is and he is wanted by the law Now he has a mission, to save his beloved sister from Lucas Hunter, viscount Silverlake, who hunts him Eros has abducted his betrothed Alanis and wants to exchange her for his sister There is just one problem with his brilliant plan, his sister does not want to be saved for she and Lucas are in love To help his sister he takes Alanis with him, he did not want to part with this stunning and feisty beauty anyway He finds himself enchanted, not only because she is beautiful but because she offers him true friendship and a challenge he cannot resist She stirs up feelings and emotions in him he thought were long gone, but can he really trust her for he has been betrayed so many times in his life Alanis, the granddaughter of the Duke of Della, wants to escape her dull life in England and has sailed to Jamaica to surprise her fianc and to set a wedding date She had not anticipated to be abducted by Eros or that her fianc never had the intention of marrying her Now she is at the mercy of this seductive pirate and if only for her impeccable reputation she cannot give in to him Yet he arouses all these feelings inside her and she finds herself irresistible drawn to him But each time she reaches out for him he pushes her away, can she truly love and help Eros if he does not trust her with his past or tell her his secrets that torment himMy Wicked Pirate is the first novel of Rona Sharon and without a doubt it is an impressive debut Rona Sharon is a gifted writer for she is capable of keeping you hypnotised from the first to the very last page This stunning pirate story will make you devour all 432 pages in a heartbeat and it leaves you baffled at the end for you do not want it to end With her outstanding writing skill she takes you on a fabulous journey around the world without leaving your couch With this story you will travel the world from the exotic shores of Jamaica and Tortuga to Algiers and Agadir with their Arabian 1001 nights vibe to sophisticated Italy, decadent France and haughty England The plot of this story is really superb, it is exciting and thrilling, it has depth and it is drawn up brilliantly The couple and main characters that will accompany you on this journey are Eros and Alanis Eros is this real complex man who struggles with any form of intimacy due to his past, he has been betrayed, his birthright was stolen from him and he considers himself a cursed man who does whatever it takes to reach his goal and have his revenge Alanis is this beautiful and spirited lady who wants to escape her dull life in England, she is bold, outspoken and in pursuit of her own happiness Their relationship develops slowly from a physical attraction into something much meaningful and their interactions are snappy and sizzling hot Alanis to Eros and vice versa No gentleman would dare speak of such matters I never professed to being a gentleman Too many taxing restrictions I, tesoro, am free to do as I please, including undressing unwilling females , he drawled, mentally licking his chops She gave him a disparaging look You may roll that lolling tongue back into your mouth You may not be a gentleman, but I am a lady His grin broadened into a full blown smile All the interesting.There are many secondary characters, all different and unique, adding even debt to the story and most of them are necessary to understand the character development of Eros, because his life is the pivot on which everything hinges Some of these secondary characters like Sanah, Nasrin and Sallah and even Eros sister are uplifting, while others such as Taofik and Cesare will give you the creeps This variety of supporting characters makes sure this story is a fast paced read and that it does not get tedious.The pirate genre is a difficult genre to tackle, but with My Wicked Pirate Rona Sharon has succeeded to pen down a breathtaking and deep touching tale With characters larger than life and witty banter this emotional gripping story is definitely a must read I cannot wait to read her next novel.Don t miss out on this fabulous journey

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    Whoa THIS is quite an epic drama You re swept along and exhausted with all the adventures Highly recommend.

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    Great Book..read a long time ago, but got it again for my kindle so I can do a reread and see if I still love it7 ll.

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    4.5 so much than just a romance

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    For any Historical Romance reader, My Wicked Pirate is one you ll love to sink your teeth in and receive full satisfaction upon closing this historical treasure And this is why The characters are diverse and distinctive from one another with Alanis and Eros leading the story While Alanis is hungry for adventure, seeking the freedom to pursue this and see the world, Eros The Viper is a complicated, pensive, remote, multilayered man that deems himself irredeemable He taunts the vested leaders of the world as a Pirate and when their paths cross a plot is set in motion that runs deep and will keep you focused on the desire to unravel both Eros and the plot Because Alanis is very transparent in her wants and needs but is confronted with a man that intrigues her, makes her feel, provokes her but above all let s her experience life in all its facets While Eros intercepts the ship Alanis is on it is evident from their first encounter that they set each other on fire, their very nature s creating a vigorous spark set out to consume The verbal sparring between them is quick, sharp and full of whit only adding to their incredible dynamic as a couple Though Alanis is set for her fianc a situation unfolds that gives her a choice, as her choice is made we get to visit Jamaica, Isle de la Tortue, the Kasbah of Algiers, Agadir in Morocco and Italy The author easily conjures images of exotic places creating a fascinated canvas of an interesting time period It does not distract from the plot or the personal trials and tribulations of the crucial characters but it adds a backdrop that enhances the feel of Eros turbulent past and Alanis desire to see the world.Secondary characters like Giovanni, Niccolo and Greco from the crew aboard Eros ship, Alastor, prove to be a welcome addition with their somewhat playful side Moreover, they have been with Eros for a long time as well as Sanah, whom I got to meet in Algiers Though Eros calls himself a loner, it is friends in many places that refute this and speak of to this man then the harsh cold inner nature he displays at times All the characters had meaning and purpose in this story, from the grandfather of Alanis, to the fiend Cesar It is with Rona Sharon s elegant prose and poignant writing style that gives the characters an emotional laden charge that reaches out to the reader and it did not miss its effect on me While the conspiracy thrives and drives Alanis and Eros to new directions, My Wicked Pirate is above all a Romance novel And though this story is gradually set up the growth of feelings benefits from this, it feels natural, real and in the end delivers on the promise of all consuming feelings that blaze from the pages I slowly savored the journey of this amazing couple I emotionally empathized with them creating a stupendous final that had me tearing up and finally feeling like I conquered it all right alongside them.The plot entails various courts, that of The Sun King of France, Queen Anne of England and torn up Italy with its Princes Without revealing then I already did Rona Sharon managed to give this time period a lush, vibrant feel with political intrigue and at the same time making it all about Eros and the woman who chose to love him The intertwining of the past and present gave both Alanis and Eros a chance to grow and to overcome obstacles It made me root for them every step of the way When I pick up a Historical Romance novel then this is the kind of story I love to read Complicated characters that reveal a mysterious layer at a time and a complot that holds me spellbound to the pages with intrigue and madcap adventures With the grandest adventure taking place in this tale is the journey of Love with the capital L The one that makes hero s out of men when they forsake all goodness and what makes women courageous and bold when the heart speaks so clearly With 400 pages of historical delight Rona Sharon has set the bar high in this genre Quote Eros The Viper He glimpsed at his bed, then recaptured her gaze Humor and challenge twinkled in his dark eyes What exactly did you have in mind rough ravishing or prolonged pleasure I m game for both diversions Quote Eros The Viper Don t make me chase you, Eros whispered softly in her ear I m endeavoring to behave like the perfect gentleman Do not tempt the beast in me Quote Alanis about ErosThe man fascinated her He had the mannerism of a Lord, the reputation of the Monarch of Hell, the body of a Greek god, the handsomest face, and when he was not pillaging he attended balls at Versailles 4,5 stars

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    THIS WAS THE MOST INTENSE AND FULFILLING BOOK I HAVE READ THIS YEAR IT MADE SUCH AN IMPACT ON ME AND I AM SPEECHLESS A STORY LIKE THIS IS HARD TO COME BY AND I AM GLAD TO SAY IT IS A KEEPER The author has written this story in a way that you feel like you are on an adventure, sailing from one place to another, encountering perils and falling in love with the characters This story goes way beyond a love story It is the story of a fallen prince.OUR HERO is the said prince, and he captivated and mesmerised me from the moment he was introduced, his character so compelling and complex So mysterious with a hint of danger you just cannot resist peeling the layers beneath He is the tortured hero in this story with a dark past that he slowly reveals to Alis throughout the entire story before divulging the entire truth He has truly been though shit and I am so glad he found our heroine, and the only woman in the world who has the power to heal him, love him and change him Their meeting was instant awareness but not insta love They got to know each other while being attracted in a good way and not like how most romances are written There is tension and mystery that pulls you in to read Not to mention, the entire mating dance of seeing how Alis tames the viper for good One thing I loved about him is how he often portrays a young boy who is in need of love because he has abandonment issues and often he says mean things to Alis but in actual fact, he is obsessive and possessive of her, basically he cannot live without her but is retaliating because he has never been in love and is afraid to be hurt again But trust me, I have never seen a hero with so much issues and this man takes the cake OUR HEROINE is the granddaughter of a Duke and she was to marry her old childhood friend LUCAS also a pirate hunter but ends up marrying Jasmine, Eros s sister She is very intelligent and what caught my interest during their first meeting when he kidnapped her, was their bantering that was so intellectual, perceptive yet humourous, it just makes me respect her and love her She loves wholeheartedly and it only takes a strong woman to stand beside Eros and not to give up on him She isnt the average HR heroine and that s what makes her the best OVERALL it really was intense and I think if it was a movie, it would be EPIC Its not just about being a pirate or some lofty Duke, its about reclaiming one s identity and of course the power of love I always knew that a book that is 300 pages long is always worthy to read although it has a very complex background All the why I feel so satisfied at the end Truly I felt this all the way to my bones It is a pity this author only has 3 published works so far I would love to read of her ingenious complexity.

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    Lady Alanis is on a ship headed toward her fiancee one she hasnt seen in years, but is nonetheless dedicated to marrying him However on the journey, her ship is attacked by pirates, with their leader the well known Viper Who usually attacks fleets not single ships However he has a ulterior motive for attack Alanis s ship He believes his sister is captive by her fiancee no less, so he plans on making a trade Eros is a tormented man, that is the lost prince of Milan, who lost his birthright when he was young, and he lost his family believing that his own mother betrayed him and his father When Eros meets Alanis, he finds her to be so different than any other woman he has ever known He finds himself softening toward her at times, and trusting in her, when the list of people he trusts is small When he finds out that his sister has fallen in love with Alanis s fiancee He agrees to take her to various places around the world, before returning her to her grandfather the Duke of Della Both Alanis and Eros are drawn into a adventure of a lifetime As they endeavor to return Eros s birthright to him, will result in a wave of adventure, passion, love, and a voyage that will bring two souls into a exciting and thrilling ride.When I first looked at the cover of this book, I knew that I would want to read it I love historical romances involving nautical scenes, filled with romance and adventure I wasn t disappointed with this, and it was one adventure after another I never got bored, not one bit This being the first I have read anything from this author, and having never heard of her, I was a bit nervous when I started, but as I got into it, I started to relax and let myself be drawn into the compelling story Eros is a captivating,handsome yet deal with a inner torment of his past He knows how to survive, despite all those that are out for his head He finds himself drawn to the beauty Alanis, and learning the meaning of trust and true love Alanis is a courageous, witty young woman, who really just wants to travel the world When she meets Eros, she is drawn to him, not knowing why He has a jeckyll hyde personatilty There are times when he is tender to her, and other when he is furiated with her I really fell in love with Alanis because she stands up to Eros, she challenges him constantly, and she also finds herself falling in love with him Both these characters are definitely too different, but somehow they connect and learn to trust 100% in one another, surrounding them is danger at every time, but also a love that strengthens I loved how well its emotionally portrayed, I felt so drawn in by the story and the way that the author writes, there were times where it felt so real There were a couple times in the book that it didn t flow as well as the rest, but apart from that it was a very enjoyable read.

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    Alanis sailed to Jamaica in order to meet up with her fiance, whom she hadn t seen for 3 years, in order to light a fire under his butt and get their marriage started But enroute, her ship is seized by Eros, who plans to use her as collateral to get his sister back from Alanis s fiance They connect and both acknowledge that there s an attraction, but neither is there a future for them The exchange doesn t go as planned, and Alanis, longing to be free and see new sights, agrees to an adventure with Eros, no strings attached Through their adventure, the two fall in love, but Eros and his past will chase them from port to port in a big way This was a long, intense and very involved historical romance No fluff here The characters are very well developed and their romance is one of growth, where the two characters really get to know each other, really come to accept each others faults and weaknesses and they love each other anyway Eros is pretty tortured and described as having a dual personality That really comes across in the way he blows hot and cold But it worked very well because it put Alanis on edge and made it harder to fall for him I think I was intrigued by him as well because the author doesn t really present his POV very often and when she does, it doesn t reveal much about his feelings, only his reactions toward events Eros doesn t monologue which means his feelings remain a mystery, which holds us in suspense about whether he s going to risk it all for Alanis I didn t initially like Alanis at first, especially since she had a tendency to frustratingly change her mind quite suddenly and not explain herself But she was extremely loyal, clever and persistent The end got pretty angsty But it was view spoiler separation angst Alanis pretends to abandon Eros and he goes on to fight his war and spends 6 months apart from her Both are miserable, but he keeps her on pins and needles at their reunion, which seemed so unnecessary to me It drew out the suspense, sure, but I just wanted the suffering to end hide spoiler