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SECOND book in the Brightwater Bay Cozy Mystery seriesClaire’s a newcomer to the picturesue town of Brightwater Bay surrounded by the ships in the small fishing harbor and seemingly friendly townsfolk But while the scenery of the San Juan Islands is soothing to her soul her new life is anything but peaceful When a body is found handcuffed to a crab trap Claire once again finds herself embroiled in a deadly mysteryWill she discover the secrets hidden in the town or will she become the next body buried in the deep waters of Brightwater Bay?

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    One by the seaand one in the seamurder x 2I have 4 stars because the book just ended with Deputy's wife in the air What happened to the lovers? The book wasn't finished I have read most of Carolyn Dean's books except the one before this one I will read it too Just fun stories in a little village by the sea I think these would be popular with women than men

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    Fun and gamesA solid cozy The plot is a good one but just needed a bit oomph Her stay is now official She has a job a place to live and possibly a new boyfriend During one date they witness the retrieval of a man's body Perhaps their idea of investigating is not the brightest as it leads to car ramming a break in threats a broken marriage and heartache The characters been just a bit work to really be believable But a solid read nevertheless

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    Good mysterySettling into Brightwater Bay Claire is enjoying getting to know the town and its people when she is pulled into another murder As she is figuring out who did it she uickly becomes the target of the killer as well as an overzealous journalist Some plot twisting but nice how everything is resolved

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    Another Good Cozy MysteryAnother Good Cozy Mystery filled with suspensetwists and turnsThe well crafted story is filled vivid characters interacting in Brightwater BayThis book is recommended for cozy mystery readers

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    Everything is not as it seems It's worseI really enjoy this author and her cozy mysteries Good clean read for any age Some editing errors Looking forward to the next book Recommend this author

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    A budding romance danger and a mysteryA month into her stay in Brightwater Bay she encounters another murder victim the brother of the previous murder victim And a newspaper reporter makes her sound like a villian

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    Great bookLots of excitement and a real page turner Carolyn Dean has a wonderful flow with this series Be sure to read the entire series

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    A good little mystery seriesThis is the second in a mystery series taking place in the Pacific NW A uick read for a rainy afternoon Looking forward to the next

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    Cozy mystery series book 2 My guilty pleasure A little mystery friendship and fluff😊

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    really enjoying the series already have the next on my list