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Syreeta Mercer, A Successful Lawyer From Atlanta, Lived Her Life As Daddy S Little Girl, And She Wouldn T Have Wanted It Any Other Way She S Known Only One Man As Her Father, But Two Weeks After Laying Him To Rest, She Is Startled By The News That This Might Not Be Her Truth And Everyone Else S Lie Against Her Mother S Wishes And Warnings, Syreeta Embarks On Her Own Search That May Result In Harm Than Good, Revealing A Reality From Which She Has Been Protected Is She Better Off Leaving Well Enough Alone Jelani Graybourne Was The Man Of Many Women S Dreams He S Lived A Successful, Mistake Free Life, Until He Met The One Mistake That Was Samantha Wells She S Made Promises She Always Kept Now, She S Back, And Unlike Her First Time Around, Loving Jelani Might Not Be The First Thing On Her Mind If She Has Her Way, Her Plan Could Topple The Foundation On Which The Graybourne Brand Is Built Jelani Was Able To Avoid Her Ruin Once, But Could He Avert Her Devious Plot Again Is There Someone Else With An Equally Malicious Intent Received a free copy to read and review I think this book is a solid 3.5 stars It took me a long time to read this book and not because it wasn t good, I just picked the wrong time to start reading It also started out on the slow side in my opinion It picked up about a fourth of the way in for me But I am finally finished I had not read book 1 in the series and was told that it wasn t necessary to follow along with this installment I didn t have much trouble following along but I did feel like I wanted to read book 1 to get insight on what led to this point I don t know if it was from knowing this wasn t book 1 or not but I felt a little void, like something was needed to fill some gaps There were minimal grammatical errors and an instance where a name was changed but it was changed back in later chapters I am not sure where the new name came from I had to go back and make sure I wasn t tripping, lol There was no shortage of drama and I only seem to recall a couple relationships that could serve as a bright light in the messiness They however weren t the main focus After the revelation of who was behind the exposing of skeletons, I was curious to find out the reason for some things put into play that were not explained If there was no reason it didn t seem important to put it in the storyline I will try to go back and read book 1 to see if the void I felt is filled Overall well written and grabbed my attention I was hesitant to read it because I m not big on romance but it seemed to fit into the drama category, so I m glad I didn t write it off. This was a different read for me, but I read an ARC This is a deep family drama that is full of surprises and satirical like sarcasm from the key players They have money and they have good tastes and they have the chutzpah to say what they want and mean it I recommend to anyone that like that new Dynasty Show. DramaI don t know what I d do if I found out that my dad You have to read this to find out.