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BOOK SEVEN OF THE RAVENWOOD COVE COZY MYSTERY SERIESIt should be the happiest time of Amanda's life but when a televised cooking competition turns deadly the bride becomes part of the mystery Romance and weddings brings out the best in people but it's also true murder brings out long lost hatred and hidden secrets When it seems like everyone is lying Amanda has no choice but to try to discover the truth Paperback and audiobook versions coming soon Clean language mild PG rating because hey there's a dead guyor maybe gal in it

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    After reading a few books in the Ravenwood Cozy Mystery series last year I purchased the rest from last fall I'm closing out all books on my TBR that I currently own so on July 1st I have nothing in my owned ueue and can begin picking out new reads for the second half of the year Don't worry I have plenty in line 1200 on my TBR and about 20 I've agreed to read at some point this year This week I'm focusing on Carolyn L Dean and the 7th book in her series Rocks Roses RiptidesI find Dean's style charming and easy to read usually in less than 90 minutes Her books are light and fluffy with a bit of fun sentiment romance and small town investigation While I thought the last book I read in the series was a little too simple this one stepped it back up I was very happy with the mystery investigation and outsiders coming to town for a TV reporting segment Add in a few TV on air reporters camera guys assistants and other staff you've got tons of suspects when the not so nice female reporter suddenly falls face first into a cake she's sampling as part of the segment Poor Ruby Amanda's friend who's trying to win the competition did she suddenly turn bad? Was it someone in town with connections to the TV reporting crew? Or was it someone in the crew backstabbing their leader?Amanda tries to stay out of it but she's smack in the middle especially when she's almost kidnapped to help cover up the crime She's too good for that but she has to find a way to escape Her wedding is about to happen in the next few days she can't be a corpse bride right? Of course she makes it but the story keeps you guessing until the end Kudos to Dean for making this one of the shiners in the series so far Although it covers outsiders than insiders of Ravenwood there are lots of other side stories to keep our favorite townies in the mix I can't wait to start the the next one and see if married life will agree with Amanda

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    Wanted I enjoyed this latest book in the series but it ended too soon Good characters as usual and I do get a kick out of the townsfolk This plot wrapped up too uickly for me and without much investigating

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    Life at the CoveThis author did well This book is the last of the 7 book series of Ravenwood Cove Each one is a stand alone The main theme is about an owner of the Inn at Ravenwood She solves mysterious happenings at the Cove It is a small town that she brings to life This author brings to life all the main characters and their woes and their happy times I especially liked the spunky 90 year old widow

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    I really have enjoyed this series This is the last of 7 stand alone books The characters have been well developed and this town has grown continously with personal stories great friendships new stores and intriguing twists and turns being added to keep interest I feel the earlier books were written with development and attention to the crime This last book felt like the end was in sight and an important wedding was just a passing thought The crime itself was never in the forefront but rather referred to only occasionally After a wonderful start to a fun series I felt that Carolyn Dean ran out of steam and was anxious to finish the last two books and dive into her next series I am looking forward to her next adventures and perhaps better editing

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    RocksRosesand Riptides I don’t believe there are any clues in this book to help the reader try to solve the mystery as to why the killer killed the reporter I’d have preferred to have clues and red herrings interspersed throughout rather than a contrived conclusion with no clues A story should be laid with clues hidden throughout to at least give the reader a fighting chance to solve the mystery I started with 5 star ratings at the beginning of the series but I can’t give this one than a two no matter how charming the story may be Plus there are many errors and also redundant information about each character to fill the paragraphs If the same info given over and over were cut out the entire book would probably be less than a hundreds pages

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    A nice ending?Amanda is busy running her inn and planning her wedding when one of her guests a demanding TV reporter in town to cover a bakeoff collapses and dies while on the air Amanda and her friends uncover many secrets while finding out who killed the reporter Her production crew are suspected and the killer is eventually uncovered The story ended with Amanda's wedding to James the police detective but the author promises adventures lie in store Nice fast paced story

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    Plot not as good as the others but the lives of the characters saved thisFabulous Okay a few really obvious proofing errors but nevertheless a terrific read Not so much for the mystery which was so so but the continuing story of the lives of the characters When a news team come down to do a piece on the winner of the Cake Bake Off no one expects to see one of the presenters die on screen Alright the killer was a surprise but there were still unanswered uestions Like who got the money who gave the necklace etc Plot wise not the best in the series

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    Having read and enjoyed all of the other books in the series I was looking forward to this one and was very disappointed It seemed that the author was tired of the series and just anxious to get it finished by deadline and out of her way There was little plot development after an interesting beginning and the big wedding was mostly just glossed over Lots of typos also Other titles in the series are worth a read this one not so much

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    CharmingRocks Roses Riptides is a delightful cozy mystery that will make you smile The town is charming a place you wish truly existed The characters are uirky but endearing It's so nice to see a couple like Amanda fiancé James that are best friends mesh so wonderfully The murder have me guessing a bit surprised as to who why And the ending was beautiful

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    GreatI enjoyed this mystery The lives of the characters continued Happy that Amanda and James married with all their friends present There's always a murder which gets solved but they always end on a happy note Thank you for the story Anyone who likes to read a great story would enjoy this Stay well and please continue writing