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Everyone knows a rancher in possession of a large spread needs a wife Lacy Williams is a USA Today bestselling author of the acclaimed Wyoming Legacy and Cowboy Fairytales series About Cowboy Pride First impressions count Liza Bennett has two missions in life keep the family’s shop afloat and ensure her shy sister finds love Sparks fly when she meets rancher Rob Darcy at a town dance but when she overhears him insult her she vows to put the man out of her mind Rob Darcy is instantly attracted to the vivacious Liza but a lack of social graces and the promise he’s keeping ruin his chances of winning her Once jilted Janie Bennett is appropriately gun shy of falling in love again But she doesn't seem to be able to help herself when she meets charming Nathan Bingley Bingley desperately wants a wife and family of his own Can he trust that Janie returns his feelings? When Janie is injured in a spring storm she and Liza are seuestered on Nathan’s ranch Hearts and emotions get tangled but will first impressions prove true or false? Cowboy Pride is a Wild West version of Pride and Prejudice with dual love stories

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    I read this because it's the Big Library Read and I like participating in those I regret doing it this time This was supposed to be a western retelling of Pride and Prejudice And it was Though lots of things were removed no Mary Collins is already married and the naming is weird Darcy is Rob Rob DarcyHe was Fitzwilliam Darcy Doesn't it make sense that he would be William or Bill rather than Rob?But beyond that the writing is simplistic and inane there is no evidence of spellchecking much less copy editing and all personality of the characters is from the actual PP that the reader then projects onto these cardboard marionettesReally disappointed in this one

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    A cute little re telling of Pride and Prejudice as a western The nice thing about this story was that it was told from four different perspectives those of the Elizabeth Jane Bingley and Darcy characters I enjoyed reading from all of their perspectives getting a sense of the budding romance from all sides It was uite amusing and definitely added to Williams' own definitive take on Austen's work I will say I did come across a plentiful amount of typos which was a bit jarring but I won't let that count for too much as this is definitely on the lighter side of reading meant to be enjoyed for its plot than for it's skilled writing style Williams also had a way of over using specific adjectives in describing some of her characters almost to the point they seemed like epithets Darcy is described as highhanded so many many times it almost becomes comical But again I let this pass because this is a romance if the romance is good I'll let it slideAnd the romance was good though it did seem at times a bit contrived Almost any PP retelling I readwatch comes across like this however because you know what's going to happen and like with this book you can map it out down to the chapter While this was a bit off putting Williams puts in enough changes of her own aside from just changing the scenery and time period to make it okay I did like the little pieces she added to make it her own and I definitely could tell that this story was lovingly writtenAll that aside it's a decent book and a good summer read uick light and an easy romance to fall in to I enjoyed it as it only took me two days to finish I just swept through it I would definitely recommend to Austen lovers

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    3 starsI read this book because it was chosen for Big Library Read and as such I was able to download it and read instantaneously Big Library Read BLR facilitated by OverDrive is a reading program through your library that connects readers around the world with the same eBook at the same time without any wait lists or holds If your library uses Overdrive for their e books you can read this title between now and July 23 2018This book is a cute CowboyWestern adaptation on Pride and Prejudice The author took some liberties with the characters Mary oh poor Mary doesn't exist in this and plot lines but all in all it's not a bad read I do like the backstory the author gave Janie on why she's shy around Bingley she had a bad experience in a prior relationship but I also felt the Wickham storyline just popped up out of nowhere he is literally in like one scene before he runs off with Lydia 80 pages later so that plot line doesn't feel as importanturgent as it does in the original This book is okay but not GREAT as far as PP adaptations goThat said it was an enjoyable lunch break read this week I will probably not read it again but it entertained me on my lunches this week so I'm happy I read it

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    The plot was interesting A westerncowboy take on Pride and Prejudice I liked the idea but now have a hard time rating this The editing is horrible If you are going to copy Jane Austen please at least make an effort However I did like all the different viewpoints depicted in this book From the Jane character the Elizabeth character Bingley and Darcy Of course the names are changed I also like most of the changes the author made to fit the story into a western Unfortunately the character relationships fall a bit flat and there is little emotional engagement

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    I usually participate in the Big Library Read even though so far most of the books have been somewhat disppointing I also can't seem to pass any Austen adaptation so when I saw that the latest BLR was a cowboy version of Pride and Prejudice I had to read it Unfortunately Cowboy Pride does not possess any of the magic that makes Austen's novel such an enduring classicWe all know the story though there are some notable changes Liza and Janie Bennet are daughters of a leather goods store owner Nathan Bingley has just bought a ranch near the town and his friend Rob Darcy who owns an even bigger ranch in another town is visiting him and his half sister Janie and Mr Bingley fall in love almost immediately but cause each other heartache because of their uncertainties and inability to talk about their feelings Meanwhile Liza and Mr Darcy also feel an immediate attraction towards each other but have a much rockier start mostly because of his tactlessnessOn the whole this book is an altered and abridged version Pride and Prejudice Lydia has been rendered to a mere plot device Kitty only gets a passing mention and Mary has been omitted from the story altogether Mr Darcy's sister Danna is a female marshal whose story has apparently been told in the first book of Lacy Williams's series and nothing like Austen's Georgiana Lady Katherine de Bourgh has been completely replaced with another character whose interference feels rather far fetched The only thing Mr Collins shares with the original character is his name and the fact that he is married to Charlotte who in this version was married from the start and had no previous relationship with LizaI don't really mind changing things in adaptations as long as the changes make the plot work better in the new setting and don't make the heart of the original story disappear Unfortunately this adaptation just doesn't feel compelling It does not have enough of the original's spirit to make it feel like another Pride and Prejudice but the plot is similar enough to make it entirely predictable and the writing is simply not good enough to weave a magic of its own it seems that the proofreading was either skipped entirely or at least done in a hurry It's not by any means the worst book I've read or even the worst adaptation but it is rather bland

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    This was a Big Library Read a national program through the library app overdrive You would think that they’d pick a very good book This is a Pride and Prejudice retelling and those can be excellent when done correctly so far the web series Lizzie Bennet Diaries is ueen over them all Sadly this was not even close to good It’s as if Steven Moffat wrote the book It starts off well but then uickly you realize all the interesting stuff is happening offscreen and the boring stuff is the focus Which is a shame because it had potential

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    Normally Westerns aren't really my thing and I really disliked the last two Big Library Reads I tried to get through but I'm glad I read the description of this one and realized it was a Pride and Prejudice retelling And I'm even glad I read it It was uick; I spent less than a day on it but it was also adorable and entertaining My library doesn't have the other books in the series but I've reuested them because I'm really curious about the side characters the earlier books follow

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    Very pride and prejudice in some ways it was better than Austen There was no Mary which is good Plots were similar but different

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    I read this in one sitting I mean come on it is a uivk 252 pages but it was also good Imagine Jane Austin's characters on a ranch in the American West and yoy get the picture The book honors some of the best moments while making some changes that are good and help the story along Rob Darcy and Liza Bennett struggle with feelings for each other while trying but failing initially to bring happiness to Janie and Nate I liked the story a good retelling

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    This was a cute and uick readA bit of a jumble not going to lie but I do appreciate the Williams' take on a western retelling of Pride and Prejudice She kept the spirit of the main characters and story fairly intact and interwoven between both her and Austen were moments that felt were from the 2005 film of the same name directed by Joe WrightWilliams definitely did some changes to better fit the western world and took liberty with some characters which I will admit that I appreciated her take on Mr Collins and his arc but it also streamlined and shortened the storyWhile listed as #3 in the series this could be read alone which is what I did as this part of the ongoing Big Library Read