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She's no lady Danna Carpenter is town marshal And a darn good one Even if she has to handle saloon brawls and rustlers alone Who needs deputies anyway? All right she’d welcome the help if any of the men in town would offer it When a bank robbery goes bad she has no choice but to accept the help of a city slicker He’s on a uest for revenge Chas O'Grady came West in search of cattle rustlers and found himself on the trail of a killer one who took everything from him Crossing paths with the pretty marshal was happenstance but he can't leave her deputy less when she’s facing such grave danger Everything changes when Chas and Danna are stranded together in a snowstorm The town council forces a marriage And attraction turns to something Will Chas give up his uest for revenge? Or will he lose the woman he loves forever? MARRYING MISS MARSHAL is a Wild West marriage of convenience story This book was originally published in 2011 by Harleuin's Love Inspired Historical series line It has been re edited and now includes an extended epilogue

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    Marrying Miss Marshall has a great combination of action danger and romance I listened to this book through Audible and I had a great time following what was going on in the lives of Danna and Chas I have enjoyed listening to this narrator before and I enjoyed most of her telling of the story A couple of scenes where she had to read in a voice where a man was yelling were not really to my liking but those were only a couple of times and otherwise I very much liked the narrationThis was a fun and enjoyable book There are many misunderstandings between these two main characters The guilt that Chas carries impacts many of his decisions And the lack of self confidence that Danna sometimes deals with in regards to how she feels as a woman keep her from understanding how others view herI thought the author did a good job of creating many twists and turns in the story and the way she tied everything up at the end was very nice A sweet western romance45 starsI received a complimentary copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest reviewThe review of this audio book will post on my blog tomorrow 1142016

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    I wish I could give this book than 5 starsMarrying Miss Marshal is such a delight I loved it Fast paced but one of the sweetest love stories I’ve ever read Which is surprising when the heroine is a tall strong willowy girl who is tough enough to stomp out a bar brawl ride straight into a cattle stampede to save the male hero and then go after cattle rustlers and murderersAuthor Lacy Williams is brilliant in the way she fills out the characters Danna Carpenter and Chas O’Grady the tenderfoot detective that comes into town Nothing stereotypical about these characters but fully complex human beings with all the longings of any man and woman It’s not just that Danna wants to fill the shoes of her late husband the Marshall she wants all that entails the life of a woman—love children learning how to be feminine As the reader we feel those emotions through both her and ChasThis debut author has a great career before her Her writing is wonderful a voice that is soft at times but packs such an emotional punch

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    A fabulous debut novelAs marshal of a rugged Wyoming town Danna Carpenter had her hands full especially since no one will serve as her deputy Then citified detective Chas O’Grady comes to town and offers to team up with her if she’ll help him tack down a gang of cattle rustlers But Danna and Chas rustle up than cattle thieves and two loners discover that being alone isn’t so inviting any Lacy William’s fabulous debut novel is a perfect rollicking romance set in the Old West From the heart pounding beginning to a heart tugging ending Marrying Miss Marshall will have you crying and cheering all in a span of a few chapters An unconventional independent heroine clashes with an overprotective hurting hero and in the process saves a town Lawmen rustlers stampedes an ugly old dog and a romance that brings tears to your eyes Marrying Miss Marshall has it all

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    This fast paced love story contains Interesting and complex characters including a strong heroine in an unconventional situation well thought out plot sweet romance proving again that opposites can attract and accurate time period descriptions of the wild west Grammatical errors in the Kindle version were distractingThis book is able to stand on its own and builds up to a remarkable HEA Would recommend to readers who enjoy this genre

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    In a Man's WorldGreat story of a woman with every disadvantage making her way in a man's world DeAnna is headstrong and smart but she keeps tumbling into trouble Luckily Chas is there to bumble his way around helping her The two fight the attraction but it can't be helped that they're perfect for each other Great clean read Interesting story lots of twists I appreciated that the main characters were believable likable and flawed I loved the epilogue

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    Danna Carpenter doesn’t understand why the town council of Calvin Wyoming elected her Marshal after her lawman husband died They show her no respect and don’t support her efforts to catch a gang of rustlers To make matters worse city boy Chas O’Grady arrives in Calvin and Danna has her hands full keeping him from getting hurt in his attempt to hunt down a murderer Just when she’s getting used to O’Grady being her deputy their relationship becomes complicated and much personal Marrying Miss Marshal is chock full of excitement From the opening scene of a life threatening stampede to the last outlaw apprehended Lacy brings the action And just when you think it’s safe to relax she introduces complications between the Marshal and her Deputy like a forced marriage of convenience and a mysterious journal from someone in Miss Marshal’s past Lacy has gifted us with two intriguing protagonists and a lively town full of interesting characters I hope to spend time in Calvin Wyoming soon

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    This book reminded me of shuffling a deck of cards together in that it was the perfect melding of a highly unlikely romance with a murderous conspiracy The author fits these two dramas together in a perfectly knit story of love survival revenge and redemption Widow Danna Carpenter struggles as she inherits her role of town marshal from her murdered husband City slicker Chas O'Grady is from a patrician Boston family and is hunting down cattle rustlers when he is overtaken by a stampede but rescued by Danna Danna was a child bride tough primitive illiterate but highly intelligent and totally unaware of her own femininity Chas sees through all of that and this ultimate odd couple know they need each other to solve two terrible crimes that are somehow connectedAlthough innocent of any wrong doing they are declared compromised during a snow storm tracking bank robbers together and are forced into a marriage by the town council The approachavoidance chemistry between these two is scintillating and smoldering Can they solve a complicated murderous conspiracy that involves tragedies from both of their backgrounds before they end up murdered themselves? This mystery artfully combined with a most unusual romance had me drawn in from the very first page

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    Not really my cup of tea The romance wasn't inappropriate but very centered around physical attraction The characters were sometimes confusing and I was never sure which side of them was going to come out in any given scene There was enough backstory given that I thought I should be able to understand them but I never felt like I connected or really cared And the writing style just wasn't my preference Nothing I can point to and say this was bad it just wasn't what I was looking for

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    I wasn't a fan of the idea of a Miss Marshal concept which seems historically accurate but it was actually well done so than I expected I liked both Danna and Chas and I felt the plot progressed well and was interesting if a little confusing at timesI felt that the writing was amateurish especially the description Danna and Chas's relationship was a little juvenileIt was pretty clean There were a few kisses The townsfolk accuse Danna and Chas of inappropriate relations based on the fact that they camped out alone together while searching for the bad guys nothing actually happened A mention of childbirth Some mild violenceOverall not an amazing book but it wasn't terrible More personal preference than anythingThis is a Goodreads and Only ReviewKellyn Roth Reveries Reviews

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    Great book I love the country background and the Out West story line