Read kindle Mysteria Author David Hayes –

The author uses language beautifully to engage with the reader, he can make you laugh, cry or give you a frisson of fear I totally recommend any of his works. Be Prepared To Be Spooked, But Also Be Prepared To Expect The Unexpected These Are Written To Come At You From An Entirely Unexpected Direction There Is Than A Touch Of The Gothic And Macabre About These Stories In Fact They Are Steeped In It They Are Flesh Crawlingly Delicious, And A Treat For Devotees Of The Paranormal This Is A Collection Of Short Stories They Are Long Enough To Grip The Reader, But Brief Enough To Be Read In A Tea Break Or On A Train But Why Not Treat Yourself To A Good Spook Fest, And Read Them In The Comfort Of Your Armchair As The Rain Patters Against The Windowpane, And The Wind Howls Its Mournful Tune Well, You Get The Idea Read It Wherever You Feel Most Comfortable Or Uncomfortable Just For Good Measure, I Have Also Included A Handful Of Stories And A Poem From Other Authors Who Are Friends Of Mine You Will Find These Scattered Throughout The Book At Random Intervals So If You See The Story Title, And Then A Name, This Will Be A Story From One Of My Friends, So Watch Out For Bernie Morris, David Clarke, Ann Perry And Lesley Hanson See You On The Other Side