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Judith McNaught S Last Enchanting Bestseller, Until You, Was Hailed As Brilliantly Done And Completely Entertaining Ripe Plot Twists A Fine Supporting Cast Ocala Star BannerNow, With Than Fourteen Million Books In Print And Seven New York Times Bestsellers, Judith McNaught Brings Us Her Latest, Most Enthralling Novel Remember When When Multinational Tycoon Cole Harrison Approached Her On A Moonlit Balcony At The White Orchid Charity Ball, Diana Foster Had No Idea How Extraordinary The Night Ahead Would Be The Most Lavish Social Event Of The Houston Season Had Brought Out American Aristocracy, Texas Style, In Glittering Array So, After Losing Her Fianc To A Blond Italian Heiress And Reading About It In A Sleazy Gossip Paper, The Lovely Diana Felt Obliged To Make An Appearance If Only To Save Face And To Bolster Her Company S ImageFoster S Beautiful Living Magazine Was Her Family S Success Story, And Diana Knew That, Single, Childless, And Suddenly Unengaged , She Was Not Living Up To Its Lucrative Image Of Upscale Domestic TranquilityA Woman Of Gentle Grace And Kindness, Diana Deeply Valued Her Privacy And Her Dignity, Both Of Which Were At Risk That Night Among Certain Rumor Driven Socialites And Now The Pride Of Dallas Billionaires, Cole Harrison, Was Closing In On Her With Two Crystal Flutes And A Bottle Of ChampagneThe Tall, Lithe Former Stableboy Couldn T Negotiate His Way Out Of A Contract With His Crusty Uncle, Cal He Had To Bring Home A Wife, And Soon, Or See Cal S Share Of The Business Cole Had Created Go To An Undeserving Relative A Man As Coolly Analytical As He Was Arrestingly Attractive, Cole Decided That His Bride To Be Should Be Rich In Her Own Right, Meltingly Beautiful, And A Woman Of Impeccable Character Diana Foster It Was The Perfect To Their Respective Dilemmas, And, After A Lot Of Champagne For Diana And Some Skilled Persuasion From Cole, Their Lips Met In A Long, Slow, Bargain Sealing Kiss Neither One Dared Imagine That A Match Made In Logic S Heaven Might Be Headed Straight For An Unexpected, Once In A Lifetime Love 4.5 Kenapa ya suka kisah ini Suka Cole lebih dari Matt ngeeeeeSuka kisah Diana Foster mungkin sebab dah mula kenal dia dari buku sebelum ni,Simple Gifts Just Curious Miracles Change of Heart Double ExposureSuka ada kesinambungan kisah Corey dan Spencer,Yang kurang mungkin kisah ni lambat pick up Cole sangat misteri kesabaran diperlukan disini.P S Saje je x nak genapkan bintang nanti tak adil untuk Royce. There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others When that happens, you do it Listen to your instincts and ignore everything else Ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the complications, and just go for it A good read but not as gripping as other McNaught books I have read Loved reading about their younger life.The stars came out, one by one Brooding, rich, self made millionaire Quiet, loyal, heroine Self made in her own right.A nice read, but nothing mind blowing. Prvi dio romana prati likove 80ih godina kao jo jako mlade, a drugi 15 godina kasnije U fokusu je svakako ljubavna pri a sa par dramati nih porodi nih doga aja koji su esto bili pokreta i radnje i koji su odredili sudbine nekih likova Ipak, neki od njih su lo e obra eni, o nekima bih voljela znati malo vi e, a posebno ta se sa njima doga alo u godinama koje nisu date u romanu Autorica nas je 15 godina kasnije dovela pred svr en in ne objasniv i kako je sudbina likova krenula ba u pravcu koji je kasnije dat glavna junakinja Diana mi je bila najbolja u romanu, a njen odnos sa Corey koji se prote e kroz itav roman mi je bez obzira na ljubavnu pri u ipak najbolji stoga ovom romanu dajem ocjenu 3. Rate 4.5 stars rounded to 5 just because it s Judith Book OverviewSteam 2 10 I m not sure I even recall the sex scenes, definitely not memorableStyle romantic suspense contemporary romanceHero 8 10 A very typical hero from Judith successful, wealthy businessman think Matt in Paradise Heroine 5 10 I loved Diana as a child but her adult character did not appeal to me There s something about this book that I can t put my finger on Going into it I had plenty of doubts about whether or not I was going to enjoy it Mainly I was worried that it was going to another one of those weird books from Judith that make you wonder if she really wrote it because it s that much a difference in quality with her other books So that didn t happen with this book but strangely I just can t say I loved it There s no doubt that I liked it, truly it started out fabulous I adored the beginning of this book and it was definitely reminiscent of the beginning of Paradise for those of you who found that too long then you might enjoy this one better because it does move much quicker I simply loved Diana s character as a teenager and I definitely found myself developing a connection with her The way she was different to the other girls and her friendship that s all it ever is in the early part of their lives with Cole had me very excited about what would happen in the future The telling of the childhood story is what I call the honeymoon period and it always works for me when it comes to the development of the characters Then in classic Judith style she leaves us with something nasty.Obviously we know that fast forward 17 years everything is completely different The adolescent Diana I came to love was gone replaced by a boring, successful businesswoman who still showed glimpses of the compassionate girl from 17 years ago but I don t know why her adult character didn t inspire much empathy from me Cole has obviously become the handsome ruthless businessman that seems to mark Judith s contemporaries It s impossible to dislike him He was almost exactly like Matt from Paradise but that s where this book can t compare There was none of that world shattering love and passion that I found in Paradise and Perfect There was no real anguish and no real happiness Of course there is a crisis corporate world disaster that threatens to tear Cole and Diana apart but they re love never was grand enough to provide that kind of happiness to the ending I am glad that this book still exhibits the sophistication of Judith s writing and her old style, but maybe two extraordinary contemporaries is all we will get from her Any other contemporary she does just doesn t seem to compare. Creo que uno de los principales m ritos de este libro, y de la autora por supuesto, es lograr que de un conflicto argumental muy simple, haya logrado una novela de m s de 500 p ginas en que el inter s por su lectura no decae en ning n momento Por el contrario, es casi imposible parar de leer y saber c mo seguir la historia, la cual encanta precisamente por su simplicidad y sentido de la realidad La autora recurre a una impecable descripci n del mundo de los negocios y lazos familiares, a trav s de recuerdos y situaciones que traspasan un sinn mero de emociones y sentimientos En este sentido, creo que el nico pero del estilo narrativo es precisamente que no deja nada a la imaginaci n del lector, preocup ndose de que no quede ninguna duda de lo que realmente quiso decir en cada frase. I was a little skeptical reading this book considering the low ratings but as soon as I finished the first chapter, I knew this was one I would not be able to put down I was right Judith McNaught s Remember When was simply amazing Think of it as a modern Cinderella story with a twist Actually, make that a huge twist with a round a bout and many U turns.Cole Harrison is a stable boy turned multi billionaire and after years of working to get on top, his world takes a wild surprise when his uncle gives him an ultimatium get married and produce an heir or lose the other half of his business Unsure of whether his uncle will go through with his threats, Cole decides to inlist his old friend, Diana Foster, in his scheme.Diana Foster who seemingly just got ditched by her arrogant pig headed of a fiance for an Italian heiress, decides to take part in his scheme, to save face not only her family s business but her family as well What she doesn t know is just how attractive and persuasive her old teenage crush could very well be.A must read for all romance lovers. 3,5 para ser mais exacta uma leitura compulsiva l se c mta facilidade e c mt vontade de saber o k vai acontecer Apesar de ser descritivo, n ma ante, mas peca por tem um final a correr , contradit rio c resto do livro. I have observed that a lot of people dislike this book But I guess I can t help it I really do love this book Every page of it Would you believe that I did finish this book in just two days I am totally in love with its plot It reminds me so much of Paradise Well, I did notice that Matt Farrell was mentioned in this book To be honest, I love romance books especially those that involves corporate CEO s I don t know but I m sure that I m a sucker for those kind of stories I especially like Cole Harrison He did remind me so much of Matt Farrell They were both HANDSOME, SEXY, and SMART Their life story were also the same From rags to riches type of story He s every girl s dream On the other hand, Diana Foster is every man s dream girl Smart, sexy and very alluring She maybe rich and beautiful, but she certainly possess a pure heart Unlike Meredith in Paradise, they are completely the opposite Cole and Diana are perfect for each other The story maybe a little drag but it definitely is romantic I love the way that they were connected in the past Their friendship and companionship in the past really did miracles with their future What I also like about Diana is he definitely love Cole with all her heart I mean she really did ignore nasty rumors about him That s kind of new since almost all of Mcnaught s heroine experienced paranoia This story definitely broke the tradition about misunderstanding between the hero and heroine By the way, Dan Penworth is a jerk He definitely is On the other hand, Corey s love story with Spencer Addison is really romantic They definitely love each other so much I envy their relationship with each other I would love to read their story on a different book I sure hope that the author will do a sequel featuring Spence and Corey s love story Jessica is definitely a bitch and a whore HAHAHA I really wanna say that Hmmmm What else Oh, I like the way the Fosters live Can I be a part of your family Hahahah There s so much to love about this book I sure hope that other ladies who loves to read romance would give this book a try There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others When that happens, you do it Listen to your instincts and ignore everything else Ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the complications, and just go for it Robert Foster 3 I loved reading this book Ms McNaught has duch a way with words I think I could always guess when an extrapt is from one of her books.