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Brooks S Clunky First Naim Butler Contemporary Romantic Thriller Has Strong CharactersThe Well Developed Relationships Among The Characters Propel The Story Until The Addition Of Suspense Very Late In The Book Publishers WeeklyNaim Butler, A Rainmaker, Has Perfected The Art Of Sentencing Mitigation, As A Partner With Manhattan Power Firm, Baker And Keefe He S The Kind Of Captivating And Accomplished Man That Therapists Vent Too His Bachelorhood Is Turned Upside Down When An Old Flame, Sinia Love, Drops A Seventeen Year Old Son Into His Lap Forcing Him To Balance This Revelation And His Budding Romance With Brandy Scott Professionally, Naim S Assigned To Prove A Man S Innocence Of Murder Is Filthy Work Itself, But Catastrophic When An Envious Lover Of Sinia Love S Sets Out To Kill Him While Hiding Amongst The Glitterati Of Manhattan S Upper Crust

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    Received an Advance Reader Copy for a pre publication review when I read it.A Butler Christmas is the journey of did wrong, paid the price, did right, grew and succeeded in spite of And, was much in spite of but so goes life This novel is our introduction to Naim Butler because clearly, he s just getting started therefore, there must be to come I am so looking forward to reading of him Naim Butler is an ace in sentencing mitigation and a partner with Baker and Keefe, one of the most prestigious law firms in Manhattan He s successful, personable and fine as a great wine His life is progressing and on the steady rise when he learns that he has a 17 year old son, Marco They meet and establish the foundation of what type of relationship they will have.Naim meets Brandy Scott in a very fortunate situation for her and romance blooms This to the disdain of Marco s mother, Sinia Love, a definite in spite of, whose dismissal of a paramour ignites another bomb in Naim life This novel is chucked full of systemic paths that are entwined to create a dramatically engage read.Mr Brooks has penned a tale that draws you in and blankets you in a cocoon of curiosity and awaiting what s next I didn t want this story to end and I am definitely awaiting .

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    Nate Butler is a man with a colorful past He spent a little time in federal prison and used that time to motivate himself to overcome his obstacles He was in a relationship but the relationship ended once he went to jail Fast forward seventeen years and Nate is doing outstanding for himself He went to college, got a degree, garnered a position tailored just for him and financially he doing well He owns a property that is worth millions, great job, yet he is single until a chance meeting changes his perspective Everything is good until he learns he has a 17 year old son, named Marco who is something of a prodigy He is outstandingly smart and mature for his age Also, add that there are forces and people working in the background who don t want to see Nate succeed any They are looking to murder his career and if not his career, him Nate has to stay ahead of the game in this fight to protect his name, career, and new found son Will he succeed Brooks penned a good legal suspense novel that I am rating four stars Brooks gave us a background look into a different world we don t see other than on TV and made it realistic Kudos to the author.Format KindleReview Copy Supplied By Publisher

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    Finally, a book that inspires men to succeed and work hard It was truly a pleasure to see a black lead character that was smart and dedicated to being a law abiding citizen despite an early adulthood arrest.A Butler Christmas centers around, Naim Butler and his son, Marco Naim is a mitigation specialist that works with federal defense attorneys to present mitigating factors to judges to help craft sentences for defendants The author s overarching point is that although someone commits an offense, perhaps as a society we should look to correct the circumstance leading to the crime, as opposed to simply locking up men and throwing away the key This is true for men of all races, albeit this book having an African American lead While Naim is working hard he has forces that don t want to see him advance in his profession He has some allies, but are they working to help him or their political agendas This is a true legal crime thriller.On the romance side, Naim is pursuing a relationship with Brandy Scott, a New York Times editor Their commitment is budding along smoothly until Brandy receives an e mail about Naim s past crimes And you won t believe who sent it to her.And, then, there is Marco, the prodigal son Despite not knowing Naim until he s 17 years old, it s quite apparent based on his school work ethic, his extra curricular activities, and his acceptance to four ivy league schools that he is Naim s son They both work hard and work to be on top of anything that they do It s in the genes The DNA.In the end, this is a must read It has all sorts of glimpses of hope and redemption, but most importantly, the bond between father and son is a model that should be duplicated in homes across America.

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    An excellent romance with a dash of mystery Just an exciting read that I enjoyed It was refreshing to see AA characters in the positions that Mr Brooks placed these main characters Ready to start book two.

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    Read an ARC won through Library Thing and I have to say this was an excellent book Full of family drama, but it was tastefully done, sorta how James Patterson writes urban themes in his Cross Series The author s spin and subplot centered around the criminal justice system was eye opening Kudos I recommend this.

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    When I sat down with Rahiem Brooks , A Butler Christmas, I was hoping the pages of his book would take me away on a brief holiday escape I put the Christmas tree up, made a cup of hot cocoa and pulled on my fuzzy socks, ready to see where the words would carry me.After a brief prologue, the story began with an attractive Naim Butler jogging along a city street in New York Within the first few pages, he gallantly comes to the rescue of a damsel who has enough confidence to think that she doesn t need saving With that scene, the author had me hooked I wanted to keep turning the pages and see where that relationship went.Brooks kept me waiting though, as he dove into the main relationship of the book, that of Naim and the son he never knew, Marco With the introduction of his son, Naim also is forced to confront his relationship with the boy s mother.A Butler Christmas isn t just about the complicated relationships of a man who has built a successful life after spending time in federal prison Somebody also has it out for Naim, and he has to figure out who that is as the threat comes very close to home, making him realize that there is much at stake in his life as his family and personal ties grow.For me A Butler Christmas delivered Mission accomplished It took me away to the city and enjoying the view from Naim s multi million dollar home I never found the story predictable, and had to keep turning the pages to see where we would go from that first jog along Central Park Brooks writing style is not over wordy and kept a good pace.I give A Butler Christmas a very festive four stars From the very beginning I was anxious to interview the author, Rahiem Brooks, and find out just how he was able to portray such an accurate reflection of our justice system The book was a good mix of mystery and romance, which kept me intrigued throughout My romantic side would have liked to have seen a little bit of Naim and his new lady friend But, overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

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    Great read Family intrigue New love And murder What can you ask for

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    Naim Butler is the kind of man that should be teaching young boys how to grow into men After a few arrests, while living in Chicago, he s convinced to move to New Orleans to attend Tulane University He is then recruited by a New York law firm and off to New York he goes, growing into a sophisticated and special man What he doesn t know is that he left than family and friends behind in Chicago and seventeen years later, during the Christmas holiday, the best gift arrives at his front door.I was impressed with this story and think that it is a must read for young men of all colors and anyone that likes a good mystery The family drama is beautifully written Naim is the perfect picture of picking yourself up and never quitting I can t wait to read the next book in the series.

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    I received a free copy of this book for LibraryThing s Early Reviewers program.I overall liked this book The main character, Naim, is pretty likable, but overall lives a really unrealistic, albeit glamorous life I was not a huge fan of his son, Marco, who had a really odd transition in meeting his father and really lacked humility Marco was way too perfect to believe Between the two of them, things, went wrong but they both seemed to be untouchable I did really appreciate the suspense aspects of this novel, although got a bit fuzzy in the end with the er, Doctor I mean Professor.For the romantic relationships, I was totally confused by Naim and Sinia s relationship As the book begins it seems that they re already together in a sense, but this is never explained He treats her like crap and she s a mess I really liked Naim s relationship with Brandy, but it seemed too good to be true The beginning of the relationship seemed like she was going to eventually blackmail him, but then she never did and just became a steady, supportive girlfriend and all of the suspense died I did like Marco s relationship with Amber and it was believable The prologue of this book, where the President wants to pardon Naim for the BAR exam or whatever, it was really suspenseful, but came to a head in the middle of the book, and I found the political aspect of this book confusing It would have made sense for the political storyline to exist mainstream in the story, but it totally took a backseat.The biggest problem I had with this book were typos I read a ton, and seeing typos in a novel that I m assuming is already on shelves is the sloppiest thing I could think of I also found a lot of question marks where Is seemed that periods should be, and vice versa Super confusing For those reasons, I wouldn t recommend it to a friend, but I don t regret reading this book I read it on my kindle Thank you

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    Does the path you re meant to travel stop when a bad decision is made Or are like the Phoenix, formed in the fire and destined for greatness, once consumed For Naim Butler, he was most definitely formed in the pits of fire From dire circumstances, Butler s life choices were a product of his environment However, that wasn t the end for him, one could call it just a prelude After turning his life around, Butler became the first non practicing partner at the law offices of Barker and Keefe, a prestigious law firm in Manhattan Life for Naim Butler was exceptional A fury of events including finding out about his now seventeen year old son, Marco and the chance meeting of Brandy Scott sets a change of pace for Butler And once again, just like a Phoenix he rises to the occasion and is determined to be the kind of father He wished was a part of his life.Great books are formed by details they present It s all in the details, and Brooks made sure not to leave them out Combining his love of a mystery with a hint romance, Brooks is definitely one to watch This introduction to Naim Butler is one I didn t want to end right away The flow and pace were steady enough to keep the reading experience engaging while pulling you deeper into the world of Butler I am looking forward to seeing where this series will go Five Starswww.coffeebreaksandbookmarks.com