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The Celebration Isn T Supposed To End In Tragedy The Night Of Their High School Drama Group S Cast Party Starts Out As Fun For Sisters Amy And ErinTheir Lives Come Crashing Down When Amy Takes The Car To Get Food And Has A Horrible Accident Erin And Her Family Pray For Amy To Awaken From Her Coma But As The Monitor Bleeps And The Respirator Hisses, Amy Lies Somewhere Between Life And DeathErin And Her Parents Must Find The Courage To Accept The Fact That Amy S Life Support System Will Never Bring Her Back When She Dies, Can The Family Give Some Meaning To Her Senseless Death Can Amy S Dying Become The Hope For Someone Else S Living From The Paperback Edition Sister in a coma, eventually dies. So shouldn t have finished this book while in a Graves induced depression lol This book was a very good insight into how teenagers deal with tragedies and what follows them Organ donation is a very special topic for me I believe everyone should be a donor if it can prolong or make someone s life better and normal why wouldn t you do this one selfless last act If people would take their heads out of their butts and look at all the good they could do for others I think the world just may be a decent place again I urge everyone to become a organ donor Sign up today for tomorrow is never promised to anyone. a novel involving teen dealing with a sister s acceptance of brain death and organ donation of her sibling.see this and than a hundred other organ donation transplant related books many with my personal reviews at Somewhere between life and death by Lurlene McDaniel is a wonderful book about two sisters Erin, the older sister, and Amy, Erin s little sister They are sisters, but Erin envies her sister She wanted her sister s life To have Amy have to cover for her one time, or to have Amy get in trouble for something she did But most of all she hated that her sister had a boyfriend in which she wanted Erin liked her sister s boyfriend a lot, but knew she could never have him He loved Amy way too much to ever love Erin that way But what she hated most of all was that Amy always talked Erin into doing stuff for her, or letting her get away with stuff But that all changed one rainy night when Erin let Amy borrow the car and she gets into a horrible car accident Amy ends up in a coma, and now Erin and her parents, the Bennett, must wait to see if she ll live or die This fiction novel was my second book of Lurlen McDaniel I ve read This book point of view was third person, and the tone was basically sad and depressing But that didn t stop the book from being wonderful The author s purpose in writing this story was to show that life is short and you need to live it out while you can You can t act all stuck up and not do anything because you ll never know when you or someone close to you will leave you I can really fell that is the purpose of this book You could tell that the mood, or tone is sort of sad because the story is mostly picture in the hospital And this would be a powerful, inspirational book for anyone whose went through this or hasn t yet experienced it It s really important to be familiar in how to handle this if it happens to you This book can easily be compared to the other book I read, Telling Christina Goodbye Both includes someone that someone really cares about getting into an accident and ending up in a coma and or dying Hopefully the next book I read by her isn t that bad So I would recommend this book to anyone It could touch anyone and I an going to continue to read her books So far she s a pretty good author. I have always loved Lurlene McDaniel books and now as an adult I still love them Somewhere between life and death by Lurlene McDaniel, is a great and interesting book It is about a girl named Erin, and her little sister named Amy Amy is not like the Erin, she is messy, strange, and doesn t care what people think about her On the day of Erin s dance recital, they had an after party When they ran out of sodas, Erin was supposed to go get some drinks, but Amy convinced her to let her go instead Instead of coming back, Amy ran into a pole Now she is in a comma, and Erin feels responsible Her whole life is turned up side down, in just that one incident Then when they start doing the test, she is going lower and lower each time After a certain period time, they ask if her heart stops, do you want to let her die if her heart stops Then they say that she is brain dead, and want to take her organs out, and do a transplant The whole family has to agree, but Erin will not agree to it Everything is falling apart in her life, she has started to think about her, and how she treated her The reason why she wrote this book, is to let people who are in this situation cope with the fact, that just because you want someone to be all right, doesn t mean they are going to get better This book is a great example for moving on and really expresses that, anger, sadness, and guilt that some people have when they know deep down inside that they need to let that person go, but don t want to It has such descriptive and powerful words, and really connects with the reader I feel that everyone should read this book, because it will help people who always say that they understand, but have never been through anything like that It would give them a since of how they are feeling and what they are going through It would help them connect, and comfort other people they care about, or don t care about It truly is an eye opener to the other side of all the decisions that are made when a loved ones fait is in your hands. this book was another quick read, I m the beginning two sisters Amy and Erin was arguing about how Amy was never on time for anything the two sisters was so different Erin was the responsible child, who wanted to peruse a professional career as a dancer, on the other hand her younger sister Amy was the class clown literally, Amy was the one who took it one day at a time she was always up to help someone but that all changed when Amy talked Erin into letting her drive Erin s car to get drinks for the cast after party of one of Erin s dance shows it was raining and Amy lost control of the car and crashed into a tree she wasn t wearing a seat belt and sustained head trama while Amy is on life support you learn a lot of Erin and Amy s relationship and about Amy s boyfriend Travis who was none too loyal while she lay in a vegetable state once Amy was pronounced brain dead, which was my favorite part because organ donation was mentioned, Erin lost control, her parents lost a child, and Travis never came and seen Amy I would recommend this to young adults, there is a lot of interesting information about organ donation in this book I really enjoyed it. Why was I surprised when this story turned out to have such a sad topic The book begins off really nice and light I can tell that Erin is bugged by her sister at times but she loves Amy Erin can t help but feel some of the things she feels but when everything ends in tragedy, Erin is heartbroken For the longest time, she blames her sister s death on herself If only she d done this or if only she d done that This book is not for the faint of heart because there s a lot of gory and sadness and anger in this book I got a good feel of what it must be like to lose someone we love Somethings did get better but it was all so sad Overall, I felt really bad for Erin She s had so much going on and her sister s death didn t make anything better. Somewhere Between Life and Death Death Sisters Family Rating 2.5 5 stars I like to call this book the Babysitter s Club book of Dying Teenagers The focus of the novel is not so much character development or plot but how the death of a family member Two sisters, Amy and Erin, are at a dance recital one night when Amy, who has just gotten her license, goes out for sodas She gets in a car accident and ends up in a coma in intensive care Now Erin must deal with the tragedy and the feelings she has for her younger sister This book wasn t too badly written, but it was definitely on the basic side of technique and talent The writing was aimed at getting a visceral reaction from the reader than anything else It did that, but it was also very predictable and somewhat clich d I could see teenage girls liking this book however, so I don t think it should be discounted entirely, but it is definitely one of those books you want to use a stepping stone, not the final object.