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Long ago brave men and women failed to put down an ancient evil Now it threatens to ruin the world once again unless the heirs of those that fought before can stop it Dalefic the Scourge above all feared the potential resistance of the Silverthran family In them ran the power to not only stop his lust for conuest but also force evil out of the world of Vistari and seal it away forever Caught up in this struggle are two young sisters Micah and Katyde The last of the Silverthran bloodline the hope of all races rest in the two girls and the dangerous magic they have the ability to call upon Separated from each other both sisters slowly grow into their power unaware that the other still lives Micah struggles with her attraction to Erilynn a young female elf who is a lover of women Will evil prevail or can the Silverthran sisters survive and put an end to Dalefic and his minions? This novel is a compendium of the first nine volumes of The Revenant of Silverthran

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    Good fantasy story I won it in a contest and it was a good read