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Seven Years Ago, The Atargatis Set Off On A Voyage To The Mariana Trench To Film A Mockumentary Bringing To Life Ancient Sea Creatures Of Legend It Was Lost At Sea With All Hands Some Have Called It A Hoax Others Have Called It A Maritime TragedyNow, A New Crew Has Been Assembled But This Time They Re Not Out To Entertain Some Seek To Validate Their Life S Work Some Seek The Greatest Hunt Of All Some Seek The Truth But For The Ambitious Young Scientist Victoria Stewart This Is A Voyage To Uncover The Fate Of The Sister She LostWhatever The Truth May Be, It Will Only Be Found Below The Waves But The Secrets Of The Deep Come With A Price

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    I would like to preface my review by stating outright I fucking loved this book.My feelings for this book are still very much on that point on the spectrum of wonder where awe turns into dread, or dread becomes awe I read this at night because as it turns out, I like suffering but with a nice soundtrack I m just sayingthere are too many stories of mermaids sitting on rocks in sexy poses braiding their hair and not enough of them luring men to their deaths and I m glad this book is propagating the latter So, what s this book about In 2015, The Atargatis a research vessel headed to the Mariana Trench on a scientific expedition supervised by Imagine, an entertainment company known for its horror movies, to look for mermaids sailed off the map, leaving in its wake a murky narrative and a gruesome footage that bespoke a new and unsettling certainty the so called lovely ladies of the sea exist, and they are out for slaughter Seven years later, Imagine Entertainment sends another ship The Melusine to set sail for answers, a desperate ploy they hope will secure the company a legacy that is built on than mediocre science fiction movies and rumors of a massive maritime hoax.Hired to accompany the Melusine into uncharted waters, are a bunch of scientists who unperturbed by the fact that the vanishing of The Atargatis does rather minimize the bounds of chance spoke of their adventure ahead with its unguessable horizons with the fervor of untested warriors who had nothing to lose, nothing to gain, nothing they desired any, except to make their lives into a work of art Victoria Tory Stewart is a bisexual graduate student studying acoustic marine biology and the grieving sister of a member of The Atargatis crew whose heart had always been fixed to avenging the death of her sister like a compass point, and who is hoping that this voyage would spell an end to any hope, however remote, of her sister returning home and finally grant her closure Olivia Sanderson autistic lesbian geek goddess and Imagine Entertainment news personality who has come to a point with her ambition where she could either give it up or give up everything else, and has chosen the latter Dr Jillian Toth a marine biologist and a siren expert whose burden of guilt and shame would not permit her to accept the fatality of a mission that was born out of her own research and studies, without at least going herself to face the flesh ripping monsters of the watery deeps Theodore Blackwell the physically disabled representative of Imagine Entertainment and estranged husband of Dr Toth to whom The Atargatis s fate wasn t the kind of truths you could trade and walk away from, not when his boss s reputation hinges entirely on his ability to secure this mission s success Deaf identical twins Heather and Holly Wilson, one of whom is an organic chemist and the other the owner of a deep water submersible who had channeled all her yearning into an impossible dream finding the bottom of Challenger Deep I would have personally thought The Atargatis s fate rather an object lesson in proving that some things are better left undisturbed, unknown, and forgotten but to this motley crew and everyone else on board, death was a pale phantom of the exquisite vastness of pleasure that is the privilege of trading temporary mortal life for the greatest benefit of science To them, this mission was their destiny come at last to retrieve them.The inclusive diversity is only one of this book s many strengths Into The Drowning Deep packs a winning formula, by frightening, enthralling, disturbing and intriguing the readers all at once Eerie and disorientating, spine chilling but imbued with gallows humor, this terror tale spills realistic, likable characters tumbling towards a future filled with uncertainty and doom where they have no home but the unforgiven sea and no people but each other, and raises many questions that are cognitively taxing to swallow.In spite of the horror movie flicker that mingles with the atmosphere, this is an energetic book that starts at high velocity and never lets up The plot races along, but never leaves the reader behind Time slips away unmarked, making it one of those just one chapter experiences There is so much emotion rushing under the skin of every moment The parenthetical asides give such greater poignancy at all the right times, making you pay attention to everything you read and ramping up small moments into a real bang I was antsy and uncertain throughout, a pendulum swinging between fear and dread, as if I was feeling the same weight of hungry eyes on me and the sense of having to be wary as the characters I was also ever walking a knife edge between adoration and animus when it came to the characters but they were all so fleshed out and real that I still felt the pinch of pain in my stomach at every loss and trust me, there are many Although this book is low on romance the characters are far preoccupied courting trouble with the deadly creatures of the watery deeps than with each other there s a f f romance blossoming between Tory and Olivia and it s so wholesome it made my heart sing Also, seeing Dr Jill and Theo goad each other into new lows was fun to read and I m kind of rooting for them to gather the tatters of their broken marriage into a semblance of a relationship, maybe.Trying to read this book at night right before bed was definitely poor decision making on my part but this is the kind of story that hooks you from word one and never lets go, not that I wanted it to anyway I also spent an unhealthy amount of time reading up on mermaids and watching documentaries with my mind pushing at the limits of understanding to encompass the concept of all the worlds layered like pages that exist in a section of the sea that many have labeled Here Are Unknown Monsters.And boy am I glad to exist on dry land.BLOG TWITTER INSTAGRAM TUMBLRbuddy read with Elise

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    It was beautiful, in its own terrible way So many monsters are. It has been a YEAR and I still have not stopped thinking about how great this book was and how much I love it and how much I want to reread it every day of my life, and someday soon I m going to make all of you read it with me and then we ll REALLY be nailing it Into the Drowning Deep is all the best of the horror genre tense atmosphere, creative horror, interesting characters, fantastic writing, and something going on beneath the surface I had this book marketed to me as bi girls try to survive killer mermaids, and I d definitely call that accurate Perhaps the biggest strength of this book is how tense it is I ve seen one or two reviewers complain about the slow pace or about nothing happening until the end, but to be honest, I found this book the opposite of slow Between flashbacks and ominous quotes and the tone, there s sense of terror pervading Into the Drowning Deep from page one You know something is going to happen You just don t know exactly what And then you wish you didn t know view spoiler Trigger warnings for a couple of really terrifying scenes and minor body eye horror hide spoiler

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    Did you really think we were the apex predators of the world Dr Jillian TothAAHHH How can I write a review to do this book justice I don t think I can convey just how glorious of a storyteller Mira Grant AKA Seanan McGuire is The way I feel about her writing is similar to how diehard Stephen King fans feel about his work she could publish her grocery list and I would pay top dollar for it Grant McGuire is by far one of the most underrated authors of our time and I want to shout from the rooftops just how amazing she is If you haven t read the prequel novella Rolling in the Deep yet, no worries It s 100% not imperative that you do so before reading this one, as there is ample back story and filling in on what happened to the Atargatis prior to the events of this novel Personally, I enjoyed reading the prequel first, as I wanted to experience the events as they happened instead of it being relayed to me second hand if that makes sense Whatever way you choose, you will not be lost, left behind, or confused if you decide to jump in right here The story is still excellent and will hopefully blow you away as it did me when I devoured it Around the boat, the sea is getting lighter, like the sun is rising from below The camera continues to roll The cameraman continues to run A thin fingered hand slaps across the lens, and the video stops The screaming takes longer to end, but in time, it does Everything ends.Obviously we know going in that this book is about another group of scientists and specialists heading on an expedition to prove disprove the theory of mermaids being the real deal Unfortunately again , these folks are taken by surprise by the monsters that they find I don t want to give anything away, but here we have the same intricate details from Grant Her writing is the very definition of science fiction , as her fiction has so many scientific facts to enhance the credibility of the story I almost forget this is fiction and not a documentary on the Discovery Channel There were a few really nice twists and turns that caught me off guard, and one major turning point of the story blew my mind so wonderfully that I m still thinking about it as I type this While we receive enough closure in the end, I felt the finale was left open enough for another entry if she so chooses to write it, which pleases me greatly Muahahaha Highly recommended for fans of fantasy, science fiction, and just plain weird and dark takes on classic stories I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley Book 2 in my Nebulous November reading challenge

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    NOW AVAILABLE There were appetites to be sated, no matter how cold the water became, no matter how strange the sea turned As long as there were bellies, they would need to be fed As long as there was life in the sea, there would be teeth.i read Rolling in the Deep a couple of years back, when it was presented as a one off novella, and it blew my mind it was all the things i loved about mira grant s writing from her newsflesh and parasitology series in style and atmosphere, but it also featured killer mermaids, which everyone knows is a surefire way to make a book awesome.moby dick with killer mermaids SO MUCH BETTERwhen i heard she was planning to return to these creatures with a full length novel, i was overjoyed and it totally delivers it s everything that was fresh and original about the novella, only on a much grander scale that is not a fish pun unless you like that sort of thing it s just across the board this book is about three times the size of the novella, the boat in this book is much larger than the novella s atargatis b c jaws meme is troof , and it is carrying twice as many passengers as the mere 200 lost in that first mermaid finding mission and the boat itself, well, as the beleaguered captain phrases it we are on the maiden voyage of an untested research ship built to the specifications of an entertainment corporation what could go wrong on such a vessel one of the things i praised over in my review for Rolling in the Deep was the number of different scientific disciplines featured in that story, and how grant spent time expounding the slant of each scientist s contribution to the enterprise in tasty little science nuggets here, there s even of that a noah s ark of any and all possibly relevant hard and social scientists, plus big game hunters and media types add to this mira grant s representation bingo approach to featuring diverse characters, and you have a broad variety of perspectives and storylines and experiential variation across the personal and professional spectrum mermaid food.because mermaids don t care about your educational background or if you re deaf or bisexual or japanese australian or in chronic pain or are a dolphin.The Atargatis had found the mermaids because the people on the ship were made of meat, and the mermaids had empty stomachs that they wanted to fill That was how you found things, in the sea Be delicious That was all you ever had to do.there s just something about her writing i find comforting, despite the guarantee that at least one character i like will not live through any given story the fact that i can count on someone i like being killed off is an ironic testament to the dependability of her work, with its checklist of constants that doesn t feel like her revisiting the well, but like how your best friend knows what will make you laugh.i love that each section of her books opens with her signature two pages of character quotes, usually excerpted from interviews or lectures or books research they ve written, where terrifying facts are delivered in very dry tones Do I think they found mermaids Yes Of course I do.And I think the mermaids ate them all.i love that we can always count on at least one character to carry on the angry righteous tradition of newsflesh s georgia mason Luis looked at her worriedly as he unlocked the car You re making the scary face again Which one The one that says you re going to burn down the world if that s what it takes to get what you want i love the resigned fatalism They were still miles from home, adrift on an uncaring sea, and the worst was yet to come The worst was always yet to come.and i love that she always manages to carry a torch of humor through all the monster filled gloom there are plenty of funny moments here, most notably a perfectly timed deadpan delivery of a t.s eliot quote that was so unexpected, i literally barked with laughter tl dr it s perfect mira grant smart and funny and scary and dangerous and surprising watch your butts spoiler alert this book is to come.wait, did this always say 1 in the title the prospect of getting to read even mira grant penned killer mermaid novels makes me giddy oh my god, i am so freaking happy right now this book is my reward for another crummy week ohhh, a COVER this makes me want it even MORE come to my blog

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    ARC provided by Hachette in exchange for an honest review. Ships kept on disappearing Since the start of man s relationship with the sea, ships kept on disappearing So assume the mermaids have never forgotten about us We wrote them off as legends as soon as they were no longer knocking on our front door This is such a hard review to write, but I suppose three star reviews usually are I just feel really torn on this one I loved so many aspects of this, but ultimately I feel like this just wasn t a book for me I still encourage anyone who is intrigued by the synopsis to pick it up, especially if you like horror with science Are mermaids real Yes Are mermaids friendly No Into the Drowning Deep is technically about killer mermaids, but it s so much than that It s about society and how we don t take care of the habitats we are inhabiting, let alone the ones we aren t It s about how we view animals as lesser, and we are supposed to use them as a means to further education and technology without ever getting emotionally involved It s about how humans do horrible things to our planet that is 71% covered in water, and one day it might be time for someone else, besides humans, to say enough is enough.Ultimately, this book stars a cruise like ship, that is traveling to a place in uncharted territories to the Mariana Trench, where a tragedy happened many years ago On this ship, we get to see the crew and learn their backstories on why they were chosen for this expedition where they will once and for all find out if mermaids exist This book has so much good the writing was so lush and beautiful in Seanan McGuire Mira Grant s signature way This book is smart, and I actually learned quite a few things about aquatic life This book is queer, and I was living for every aspect of this budding F F romance the entire way This book is filled with action and is so fast paced This book has some amazing moral discussions that I think a lot of humans would benefit from thinking about When someone kills an American citizen, we don t say, Oh well, we killed one of theirs last week we re calling it even, she said We declare war We sweep civilizations off the face of the globe They won t care that they started it They re only going to care who finishes it, and to be honest, I m not sure it s going to be us As for what didn t work for me this book is honest to God scary I mean, for the most part the characters are trapped in the middle of a dark ocean, cut off from society, facing ocean dwelling creatures that, up until this point, have only been in fantasy I ll admit, I m a baby I didn t like to read this book at night which is when I do most of my reading and I didn t like to read this book alone I m sure many of you will pick this book up and laugh thinking about how I couldn t handle the spookiness, but it s the honest to god truth on why I didn t enjoy this novel as much as I feel I should have Content Warnings Gore, a lot of blood, violence, death, and things in those similar veins Overall, and like I stated above, I still completely recommend this book I can still see what an amazing and powerful book this was, while also just knowing that it wasn t for me And I ultimately hope you guys still pick this one up, because it s unique, haunting, and so very powerful It was beautiful, in its own terrible way So many monsters are Blog Twitter Tumblr Instagram Youtube Twitch

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    I knew Seanan McGuire Mira Grant had it in her, somewhere She takes the promise she had shown in Feed, her creature inventiveness from Discount Armageddon and weaves them together with the horror atmosphere from Every Heart a Doorway to create a terrifically scary tale News flash, Victoria we know you re looking for the little mermaid who can give you back your sister s voice You re not going to find her Victoria, or Tory, is a marine biologist, working summers for the tourist cruises through Monterey Bay, California been there and spending the rest of her time and money researching the sounds of the ocean deep Her older sister, Allie, was the videographer for an exploratory ship put together by Imagine Entertainment aka Dreamworks to look for mermaids, and was never found Everyone on the ship was slaughtered or missing, and the bits of found footage showed fanged mermaid like creatures hunting the humans down and eating them The world remained skeptical, however It s seven years later, however, and a representative from Imagine approaches Tory and her research partner, Luis, with an invitation to be part of a second discovery mission.I wasn t sure exactly where the story would head, but at about 20% it occurred to me that it was Jurassic Park, ocean version It even included two big game hunters everyone loved to hate They had traveled the world, taking their prey from every environment, every ecosystem They had bribed, bartered, and trespassed to line up the perfect shot, creating their own Noah s Ark of ghosts As soon as I met them, I felt sure they were the characters we were going to love being eaten, as the ghosts from all their big game hunts took revenge.The locations are beautifully realized In fact, for the first bit of Tory s introduction, I felt I was reading a blog post about Monterey, California But the world building is a tad odd The set up for the story is done in 2015, but the majority takes place in 2022 There is supposed to be a greater divide between the wealthy and the poor, climate change is taking a toll, but drought has been solved with solor powered desalination plants It s an odd juxtaposition, because in one moment it feels so very now as to possibly be last week, and then the next there are momentary references to advanced technologies we haven t reached quite yet Her partner, Luis, has a crazy amount of family money which he has used to help develop new technologies and lab equipment that they use for their research.But you know what Who cares about little world building oddities Its fun It follows many classic horror tropes and yet the reader remains deeply invested Tory is developed well enough to be both driven and kind, and her friend Luis is the epitome of the distracted, awkward scientist There are two deaf women and their translator sister, all of whom have difference science specialties and focus deepsea pod pilot, chemist, language specialist , so you just know that sign language will play a role somewhere Olivia is a personality and videographer who has been hired to document the trip The representative for Imagine, Theo, has a chronic pain syndrome that he treats with an intriguing mixture of marine neurotoxins, and I ll be honest I totally expected that would play a role as well His estranged wife, Jillian Toth, is one of the reasons for the first expedition, as her life s work as a biologist has been to prove mermaids exist She s a fascinating, determined character, full of guilt about the first expedition.Her career was a shipwreck At least is was a shipwreck that she had, thus far, managed to survive That was than she could say for the ones who d sailed upon the Atargatis. But the guilt, ah The guilt was the reef upon which her marriage had crashed Which leads me, not incidentally, to one of the things that Grant McGuire is finally getting right for such a prolific author who likes to see the unseen and counter expectations we finally have a female cast that feels developed and well rounded And while a romance is brought into it, it s a queer one, quite possibly the first in all her thirty five ish books Olivia, who was staring down the barrel of a lifetime of nightmares, assuming her lifetime extended past this place, this ship, this damned and doomed voyage, said nothing The writing is solid It is often very evocative, but occasionally Grant gets a little carried away and will use some florid imagery and dialogue that doesn t make sense It is easy to forgive her, but it is the kind of thing that prevents it from being a truly remarkable book Grant also made infrequent but completely annoying use of the full parenthetical paragraph Seriously get a better editor At over four hundred pages, it is one of Grant s longest works to date and while I enjoyed the science, it could have used some trimming.What was also quite fun for me was the science geek setting and the creature opposition There s a lot of interesting description of oceans, mammals, sea life, etc packed in here, but it s usually Mary Roach level of discussion rather that very technical concepts There are a couple of spots it gets a little technical, particularly when Tory is explaining her research using sound to map ocean life, but most of it is accessible The device of the videographer allows for low level explanations.All that said, I d highly recommend it to anyone who happens to have an interest in oceans and urban fantasy, although view spoiler I m still kind of pissed about the dolphins hide spoiler

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    Jesus Christ I ve never been so on edge reading a book ever in my life Oh my god I m gonna have nightmares for DAYS.

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    DNFed at 28%.Nothing, NOTHING happened, boring as hell I fell asleep at the end of each chapter I am not kidding.This one is just putting me a perfect reading slump.

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    Occasionally you read something so good, and slightly alotly, dear lord, alotly terrifying that you have to berate yourself for all those 5 star reviews that you ve been handing out, Willy nilly I take them all back This was, is and will still be the one book that scared the ever lovin shit outta me in 2017 Mira Grant can science She can convince me that the moon is made of bleu cheese, and I need it for my salad Twice I started to Bing mermaids sirens, but I managed to stop myself Absolutely ridiculous.yet she had me questioning I d done this before a few years ago when a book had me asking myself..self, could Bigfoot be real That way lies madness Not that I believed, but there are some forums out there that are powered by some crazy mutherf This book had me questioning, what if I ve swam in the ocean, and it never concerned me Now Eh, it may take me a decade or so to get over it This is the best thing Mira Grant aka Seanan McGuire has written since her Feed trilogy Ahgood times My thanks to Orbit books, Netgalley and the author for allowing me to read this BEST BOOK THIS YEAR, for the price of a review.

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    Tory Stewart s sister was lost when she was aboard the ship Atargatis The whole ship was lost and there were video clips of what looked like Mermaids destroying them But they were always discredited as being an hoax.Now the film company that sent Tory s sister out on the quest to find mermaids is sending another crew out This time they are collecting all the super smart scientists and have built a disaster proof ship That always turns out so well Tory agrees to be on the ship and maybe have answers to what exactly happened to her sister and as an extra bonus she will get to find out if mermaids really do exist Sounds pretty decent doesn t it And it is Mira Grant did her research on this book, it s believable enough that I got sorta claustrophobic several times I m scared shitless of stuff in the ocean anyways so this was totally the world of nightmares for me She took the reader into the world of the Marina Trench and even made me stop reading several times to look up stuff I like when a book makes me do that.Then toss in some mythical creatures and it s totally my jam These aren t the sweet little singing type of mermaids either These suckers will eat your face off That s a win from me.The book is extremely read able and the things that kept me from going all fangirly were few The repetition was the biggest thing I don t have to be told the same thing over and over I might not be the smartest cookie around but I usually get it after a bit The length for the book really felt like it wasn t needed There were so many characters that I couldn t be bothered with getting attached to any of them I just wanted the critters to eat them all So I m rating this book as middle of the road I liked it and will probably read another one of this authors books but I m gonna let other people cut in line before me Mermaids might be there to eat our faces anyways Booksource Netgalley in exchange for review